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MMORPG: Martial Gamer

MMORPG: Martial Gamer
Chapter 1378 - Defeated After A Spurt Of Energy

Chapter 1378: Defeated After A Spurt Of Energy
Sanguine Alliance dashed into Saga City wanting to get the upper hand, but what they saw next left them completely shocked.
Saga City was already empty because Black Dragon Guild had ordered a retreat while Sanguine Alliance gathered.
After being ruled by Black Dragon Guild for such a long time, the players in Saga City did not dare to go against their orders. All of them had been forcefully shifted to Yamatai City.
Sanguine Alliance was embarrassed by the circumstances and did not know how to respond.
All the players from the top to the bottom were boiling with anger, their emotions condensed into one single word.
This word encompassed all the resentment, anger and unwillingness to accept this situation.
This feeling was just like being addicted to reading a good book when the author decides to stop writing right when the main character was about to make a comeback. Everyone should know this sullen feeling.
If the author backed out, readers could still find the author to complain, but Sanguine Alliance did not even have anyone to vent their anger on.
Vent it on the soldiers? They would not dare to do that.
Destroy the buildings? What a joke! After the Saga City players left, this city truly belonged to Sanguine Alliance, so why would they destroy their own property?
Looking at the empty city, Sanguine Asura scolded, “F*cking hell! These cowards probably knew that we are coming for revenge so they ran away. They should be relieved that they ran fast enough. Otherwise, they would have been slaughtered by us.”
Sanguine Stormbringer responded, “Why did they back out though? This is not right!”
“Bullsh*t!” Sanguine Asura said while rolling his lips, “Why won’t they retreat when they know that we are coming? Are you wishing that they are here instead?”
Sanguine Stormbringer was tired of Sanguine Asura’s ignorance at this point so he turned to talk to Sanguine Warflag, “Boss, I think we should retreat as well. Let God Bull come help us. Otherwise, something bad will definitely happen!”
“Retreat? Are you kidding?” Before Sanguine Warflag could say anything, Sanguine Asura started talking again, “Are you really a part of the Japanese? You are asking us to retreat when they have already left their own city? So you do actually want us to give this city back.”
Even though Sanguine Asura was foolish, his argument gave others no way back. Looking at the situation now, Sanguine Stormbringer’s suggestion to retreat would only make him suspicious.
After the both of them fought, Sanguine Warflag started looking at Sanguine Stormbringer suspiciously, “You are behaving weirdly today, Stormbringer.”
“You are suspecting me too?” Sanguine Stormbringer was stumped for words at Sanguine Warflag’s reply and stepped a few steps backwards, showing a shocked expression on his face.
“!” Sanguine Warflag denied, “But I will not retreat! Even if I want to, our brothers here won’t allow that! I have to listen to our people.”
Leaders were indeed good at throwing the responsibility to others.
Sanguine Stormbringer was about to say something else when Sanguine Warflag interrupted, “This is our main city. Since we are here, let’s settle down and claim our city!”
Sanguine Warflag walked towards the City Lord’s Mansion as he spoke.
Sanguine Alliance players started dispersing to get themselves familiar with the new environment.

At the Black Dragon Guild headquarters in Yamatai, Lava Teeth brought the report to Black Dragon King’s office.
Black Dragon King was a short Japanese as he looked incredibly stern.
Black Dragon King pointed to the seat beside him when he saw Lava Teeth enter and said, “Please take a seat!”
It was the first time Lava Teeth came into close contact with Black Dragon King, so he sat beside Black Dragon King awkwardly.
“Have you shifted the people?” Black Dragon King asked calmly after Lava Teeth sat down.
“Yes! I brought them all to Yamatai!” Lava Teeth nodded and asked with confusion, “But I have one matter that I don’t quite understand.”
“Say it!” Black Dragon King prompted Lava Teeth to ask his question.
Lava Teeth asked, “Why do we have to bring the commoners with us?”
“Hehe!” Black Dragon King smiled and continued, “Very simple. I did that to lower their loftiness!”
“Lower their loftiness?” Lava Teeth continued, “What does that mean?”
Black Dragon King explained, “The Chinese had a saying that goes “Being defeated after a spurt of energy” the Chinese must have prepared for war to be able to take over Saga City. We just have to deny them of their opportunity of a war and they will let their guard down. When we attack at that time, they will fall.”
“So what you mean is?” Lava Teeth’s eyes lightened.
It was clear from Black Dragon King’s tone that he did not intend to let Saga City go.
“That’s right!” Black Dragon King nodded, “Ask your men to start preparing. A real man should fight for things that he lost!”
Lava Teeth got excited at what Black Dragon King said.
Lava Teeth thought that he lost Saga City and would not have any other chance to make a comeback, but Black Dragon King gave him a chance to prove himself. This almost moved him to tears.
“You can go! Wait for my orders!” Black Dragon King said as he waved his hand, “Don’t disappoint me this time around!”
“Y… yes.” Lava Teeth went out of the office excitedly.
Right after Lava Teeth left, Black Dragon King received a message that said, “Boss, the Chinese had taken over Saga City!”
“Got it!” Black Dragon King replied, “Continue looking out for them. Tell me when they leave the city to train!”

In Twilight City, Quan Zhen Sect had already conquered a few dungeons and Wang Yu was still worried for Sanguine Warflag.
Wang Yu was a righteous man. It was okay if he did not know that Sanguine Warflag would be in trouble, but now that he was aware, he did not feel good.