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MMORPG: Martial Gamer

MMORPG: Martial Gamer
Chapter 1524 - Can’t We Just Kill It

Chapter 1524: Can’t We Just Kill It
Of course, Wang Yu was not a completely senseless fella. He knew that Exceptional Beauty was expressing goodwill by doing so so he waved his hand and said, “You can just use it. I have no use for it.”
Everyone was surprised when they heard this. Prairie Fire even walked over and said, “Brother Bull, this is a high-level monster zone. The monsters from here onwards are going to be increasingly difficult to deal with and the monsters here are all dragon-type. They will be at least twice as hard to deal with as other monsters out there of the same level. It will be hard to kill them without using the medicine.”
“It’s okay!”
Wang Yu smiled faintly as he revealed his Dragon Slayer title above his head.
Everyone became speechless when they saw that.
This fella was truly full of surprises. The title of a Dragon Slayer was much more effective and useful as compared to the medicine.
In front of a Dragon Slayer, any advantage that a dragon monster had compared to other monsters were not present which made them even easier to deal with. It was no wonder Wang Yu had such an easy time on their way here.
When Exceptional Beauty realised that Wang Yu was not interested in her medicine, she kept it back in her bag disappointedly.
After giving out the medicine, the squad proceeded.
Wang Yu found out from the quest tab that Prairie Fire’s goal was the Giant Dragon Castle.
Giant Dragon Castle was located in the centre of Dragon Island surrounded by monster zones. Even though the Giant Dragon Plain was a level 80 zone, the rest of the places were filled with over level 100 monsters. The Giant Dragon Plain was considered one of the safest routes.
There were mainly two types of monsters in Giant Dragon Plain. One was the evolved young dragons called the large young dragons. The other was the evolved ground dragon called magical ground dragon.
The large young dragons were relatively easy to deal with. Other than the bigger size, they were merely slightly stronger than the young dragons.
Dazed Pupils swung her ice totem towards the ground and everyone received the ice attributes BUFF. Under such circumstances, the large young dragon was merely a thicker health opponent and was not a concern.
However, this magical ground dragon proved to be more difficult to deal with. Ground dragon merely had thicker health but magical ground dragon had dragon scales which gave it a fixed magic resistance ability. It also had an impressive immunity towards control skills.
After being BUFFed by the ice totem, Elder Sister Li’s ice magic control effects improved tremendously. Even so, she was still unable to control the movement of the magical ground dragon.
Moreover, the magical ground dragons live in a group… One group of them consisted of about seven to eight dragons. Running together made them almost as defensive as a tank.
The more terrifying thing was that this group of dragons was proficient in magic spells. Because they had the dragon race bloodline, these dragons’ long-range magic spells were not any weaker than the players.
Fortunately, Prairie Fire managed to get Wang Yu’s help. Otherwise, they would most likely have been annihilated after meeting one wave of attack from the magical ground dragons.

The map in <<REBIRTH>> was created according to the proportion of monsters.
Dragons were born massive so this Giant Dragon Plain was much bigger than any plain in Brave Continent.
Following the direction of Prairie Fire’s quest, they avoided all the monsters they could on the way. If they couldn’t avoid it, they would fight and after walking for one and a half hours, they finally managed to reach the centre of the plain.
Evidently, Dragon Island was excessively broad…
Of course, despite exhausting so much time, the squad morale was still pretty high.
Working with females was bound to be tiring but Wang Yu finally understood why Prairie Fire chose to have all-female players as his teammates. In fact, even looking at a flower vase warms the heart and delights the eye.
This was unlike the b*stards from the Quan Zhen Sect. If he got them to spend over an hour just killing monsters on Giant Dragon Plain, they would have killed each other over meaningless arguments before they could finish killing.
The experience and drop rate of killing monsters of higher levels than them were pretty satisfactory. Moreover, they were faced with dragons and in a Western Fantasy system, dragons represented wealth…
Ground dragons were still dragons and whether or not they were rich, just the scales and bones of the dragon were enough to make everyone happy.
These were good materials for equipment and they could fetch high prices even if they chose to sell it in the market.
It was no wonder many treasure-seeking squads would come here even while they were only in level 50. The potential benefits here were far superior as compared to any other place.
After rushing for yet another few minutes, there was no change in the scene but the number of monsters in the area decreased significantly.
Everyone became more vigilant after realising this.
Everyone was all considered experienced experts after playing the game for such a long time.
The idea of a food chain existed even in the game and for the monsters. There were only two possibilities why the number of monsters decreased so dramatically.
The first was that the players managed to clear all the monsters in the region and they had yet to respawn in time.
The second was that there was some powerful monster nearby which made all the other monsters afraid of coming close. Such a powerful monster was usually a BOSS and in very rare cases, an intelligent NPC which was even more frightening than a BOSS>
Everyone knew how tough this Giant Dragon Plain was and not many players could enter so deep into the plain. Therefore, it was unlikely that players could have cleared this area.
This meant that there was only one explanation left. That there was a formidable BOSS or NPC around.
When the ladies thought of this, they asked Prairie Fire, “Prairie Fire, are we going to bypass by going one big round or walk straight through it?”
Everyone loved meeting a BOSS but whether they wanted to challenge a BOSS depended on their strength.
This was the Giant Dragon Plain and not the Brave Continent. Looking at how difficult the ordinary monsters were, there was no doubt that the BOSS here was of another level.
Level 80 monsters meant that the BOSS must be at least over level hundred…
Level 100 was an entirely new realm of strength.
To deal with an ordinary non-elite BOSS, over a few hundred players were needed and that was under the condition of having enough replenishments on hold.
Otherwise, a thunderous skill would only result in -1 damage. No matter how players there were, it wasn’t going to hurt the BOSS.
Prairie Fire’s squad was not big and even with the newly included Wang Yu, they only had seven players. Wouldn’t offending a BOSS be equivalent to being sent back home?
There was no resurrection point on Dragon Island and if they died, they would end up back in Sky Dragon City. The teleportation fee was not a concern but they wasted so much time to reach where they were. Everyone did not wish to walk that path once more.
“Detour…” Prairie Fire looked at the map and said, “Detour is possible but there is a lake in front of us. We might take some time…”
“Oh?” A depressed Wang Yu asked, “How far?”
“About the same distance from earlier.” Prairie Fire tried to compare.
Wang Yu nodded, “Since that is the case, let’s not detour.”
“Why not?” Prairie Fire responded, “It is highly likely that a BOSS is blocking the way ahead of us.”
“BOSS?” Wang Yu was taken aback.
“En!” Prairie Fire nodded with force hoping that Wang Yu would back out of this situation.
Who knew that Wang Yu actually became excited as he said, “Can’t we just kill it then?”