MMORPG: Martial Gamer

MMORPG: Martial Gamer

MMORPG: Martial Gamer
Chapter 1525 - Ground Devil Dragon

Chapter 1525: Ground Devil Dragon
Wang Yu’s way of thinking was essentially different from ordinary players.
Ordinary players had played the game for such a long time such that they knew about the pros and cons of a BOSS. They knew when to avoid a BOSS and not challenge the BOSS blindly on every occasion.
However, in Wang Yu’s head, a BOSS represented a high drop rate and it was his habit to challenge every BOSS that he met.
This couldn’t be helped because it was determined by the level of one’s strength…
After all, it really didn’t matter how good a BOSS was. In the end, Wang Yu would still be the better one…
Wasn’t Dragon Emperor Dales impressive? In fact, there might not even be another monster stronger than Dragon Emperor Dales throughout the entire continent, let alone Dragon Island.
However, even a vicious opponent like that did not stop Wang Yu from provoking it. As for all the other BOSSes, Wang Yu only had one choice.
Seeing how excited Wang Yu became after hearing about the BOSS, Prairie Fire quickly reminded, “It is likely to be a level 100 BOSS.”
“Is that so?”
“Might be even higher but definitely not any lower!” Prairie Fire replied firmly.
“That’s great!”
Wang Yu got even more excited as he replied emotionally, “A BOSS like that will certainly drop many good items.”
Prairie Fire was finally speechless after hearing that. After a long while, he replied helplessly, “But there is a chance that we cannot defeat it…”
“What a joke!” Wang Yu waved his hands, “How would you know that if you don’t try?”
“Do we really need to try?”
Even the others were startled by Wang Yu’s words.
Is this person crazy? Regardless of how impressive he was as a player, he was still merely a level 60 player. They only had seven players and he wanted to challenge a level 100 BOSS? Does he not know what death is?
“Of course we have to try! Our Quan Zhen Sect has always been like that!” Wang Yu responded as if this was inevitable and right.
Wang Yu wasn’t wrong because the Quan Zhen Sect had always been fearless towards any quests because they had a superior powerhouse in Wang Yu. Up till now, there hadn’t been a matter that they did not dare to do in the game.
The reason why Wang Yu could be in cahoots with this bunch of fellas from the Quan Zhen Sect was mainly because their extremely daring and fearless characters matched Wang Yu’s temper.
One should try everything, especially in a game. At the very most, they would merely die once…
Because of this mutual influence on each other, Wang Yu was able to become increasingly bold while the rest of the Quan Zhen Sect could afford to become increasingly arrogant…
“Really? What does everyone else think?” Prairie Fire found it unbelievable so he hurriedly turned to ask the ladies for their opinion.
“Don’t ask me. I am a Tank and I’m only concerned about defending from a monster!” Fruit Crusader waved her hands.
“Don’t ask me. I am a Lich Doctor and I’m only concerned about using my stake!” Dazed Pupils copied.
“Don’t ask me. I am a controller and I’m only concerned about controlling a monster!” Elder Sister Li also learnt from them.
“Don’t ask me. I am a secondary and I’m only in charge of helping others!” Heavenly Fragrance casually walked to the back of everyone else with her umbrella.
Prairie Fire looked depressingly at Exceptional Beauty, “If you dare to say the same, I will truly be annoyed!”
“I am in charge of the damage output. Who should you ask if not me?” Exceptional Beauty rolled her eyes.
“So what is your call?” Prairie Fire asked.
Exceptional Beauty’s face blushed as she replied, “I trust Brother Bull!”
“I…” Prairie Fire almost spat out blood at how unopinionated these ladies were.
Just what kind of people were they?!
Since he was the minority in this squad, Prairie Fire had no other choice but to say, “Forget it. Since this is the case, let’s just continue moving forward.”
The squad continued moving forward.
Indeed, it didn’t take long for a massive lake to appear in front of everyone.
At this point, there were no longer any other ordinary monsters around.
Evidently, the BOSS had to be here.
“Eh? What’s that?”
Just as Prairie Fire was looking around frantically, Dazed Pupils pointed somewhere as she cried out, “That place is glowing gold and they look like jewels!”
The moment ‘jewel’ was mentioned, the rest of the ladies had their eyes lit up.
Wang Yu and Prairie Fire were speechless.
It seems like both women and dragons have the same attributes…
Prairie Fire was an extremely cautious fella so he hurriedly turned to look at where Dazed Pupils pointed. When he finally saw the item Dazed Pupils pointed at, his face turned green.
How was that a jewel? They were obviously monsters.
Those monsters had four limbs on the ground and it looked extremely similar to the magical ground dragon back on Giant Dragon Plain. The only difference was that on these monsters was a layer of magical scaly armour which was dazzling with colourful radiances.
Looking from afar, they really did look like sparkling treasures.
Such a setting could easily lure greedy treasure hunting squads over. Evidently, the designers had thought this through and really knew how to tempt the players.
Prairie Fire’s cold sweat dripped down his forehead as he checked out the monsters and sent their attributes to the chat.
Ground Devil Dragon (LV 80) (Elite)
HP: 1,000,000
MP: 1,000,000
Skills: [Mother Earth Roar], [Magical Dragon Trample]
Talent: Dragon’s Aura
Background Description: The bodyguard of Golden Young Dragon which was strengthened by the enchantment of dragon language. Ground Devil Dragon possesses incomparable strength and is extremely terrifying.
“Elite monster!”
Prairie Fire and the ladies grew anxious when they saw the attributes of Ground Devil Dragon.
Even though this Ground Devil Dragon was merely an elite monster, its health was 1,000,000…
Everyone had witnessed the Dragon’s Aura on their way here. It was a talent unique only to dragon-type monsters capable of debuffing the opponent’s attributes significantly.
Everyone was merely at level 60 which meant to say that in front of a level 80 Ground Devil Dragon, all of their attributes would decrease by 20%.
Of course, Wang Yu had the title of Dragon Slayer… so he wouldn’t be affected by Dragon’s Aura.
However, the two skills that Ground Devil Dragon had were problematic.
[Mother Earth Roar] and [Magical Dragon Trample] were clearly ground-type magic.
Ground-type magics were the hardest type of magics to deal with. Not only was its defence high, its offensive capabilities wouldn’t be weak too. Moreover, once it was executed, players wouldn’t be able to dodge it at all.
After all, the majority of players wouldn’t be able to leave the ground when they fought. As long as their feet were on the ground, ground-type magic was a nightmare for players.
Without mentioning such AOE magic spells, players at this stage wouldn’t even know how to deal with a supporting skill like Earth Elemental Technique.
It was fine if there was only one of this monster here. With Wang Yu here, everyone was more than confident of taking it down. However, there were actually four of them in front of everyone.
“Why are you all just standing down there? Let’s start attacking!” Seeing how Prairie Fire kept quiet after seeing the attributes, Wang Yu couldn’t help but remind him.
“Start attacking? Are you sure?” Prairie Fire was slightly dumbfounded.
Even after seeing the attributes of the monster, how could Wang Yu still want to try?