MMORPG: Martial Gamer

MMORPG: Martial Gamer

MMORPG: Martial Gamer
Chapter 1570 - There Must Be Light

Chapter 1570: There Must Be Light
Illusionary spell!
Wang Yu came to a sudden realisation when he saw this. He realised that he was trapped in an illusionary spell.
Illusionary monsters in <<REBIRTH>> were extremely rare but exceedingly disgusting. Low-level monsters could alter the map to trick players while the higher-level ones could create characters similar to players to attack them.
Regardless of whether it was high or low level, they were never easy to deal with. Even disgustingly good experts like Wang Yu had his fears for monsters capable of altering the map. After all, Wang Yu was afraid of nothing except for getting lost…
The Holy Light Spirit was even more horrible as he knew how to clone himself. Even though it was merely an illusion, the damage done on the players was real… Who would have expected such rare creatures to appear in the God’s Tower?
After the illusionary spell was gone, the God’s Tower regained its original look.
The four Holy Light Spirits merged back into one but what caught Wang Yu’s attention was the enormous black mouth filled with sharp teeth behind the Holy Light Spirit. Under the light shone from the Holy Light Spirit’s eyes, it looked incredibly terrifying.
If Wang Yu hadn’t stopped himself from being tempted, he would have truly become one with the Holy Light Spirit by now.
It was true that frightening darkness was hidden behind the light.
After Wang Yu broke through the illusionary spell, the Holy Light Spirit was clearly not pleased as he shouted to Wang Yu, “Warrior, you need a holy light to guide you through the route ahead of you. Quickly come and merge with me.”
“F*ck your mother!”
Wang Yu pointed his middle finger at the Holy Light Spirit as he turned and went up the stairs.
From the way he entered the God’s Tower, it wasn’t hard to tell that this God’s Tower was different from the regular scenes.
Scenes of the past required players to surmount all difficulties along their way while this God’s Tower was testing on the players’ ability to respond.
If violence was the player’s only solution, they wouldn’t be able to enter the God’s Tower, let alone deal with this Holy Light Spirit.
Therefore, ignoring the monsters here was the best way to deal with this situation. This was because the Holy Light Spirit’s autonomous attack capability was extremely weak so if a player ignored him, he wouldn’t be able to harm the player.
Soon after, Wang Yu arrived at the second level and he was dumbfounded.
How should he describe this? The first level was light, dazzling light while the second level was darkness, boundless darkness.
He couldn’t even see his five fingers when he extended his arm, let alone find a way out of here.
Most people were visual beings so in an environment without light, it was essentially turning them blind where one could only move inch by inch.
Even a top martial artist with six exceptional senses like Wang Yu would feel slightly helpless when sight was taken away from him.
After all, Wang Yu’s incredible perception also required the target to look at Wang Yu for him to sense it. In gaming terms, it was more of a passive skill…
This second level had no light at all and there was not even a single monster ahead of him. Everything ahead was dead and Wang Yu’s perception was completely unable to be put to use…
Without his sight and perception, almost half of Wang Yu’s six senses were useless. As for taste, Wang Yu wasn’t a dog so it wouldn’t be of much use to him here.
Helpless, Wang Yu shouted out loud as he attempted to learn from Spring Halo about echoes.
After Wang Yu shouted, the voice seemed to be swallowed almost instantly without releasing any feedback at all.
It seemed like even hearing would be useless here.
After a brief moment, Wang Yu took out a torch to light it up but the system warned Wang Yu, “This scene does not fulfil the conditions to light up!”
Wang Yu was startled when he saw the notification. What kind of scene was this? It was so dark yet no torch was allowed… One could even light up a torch back underwater at Atlanta…
It was always going to be a mistake for a player to try and talk logic to the system. After all, the system was the biggest in this world. Whatever the system says, it has to be true. Only Wang Yu would try to argue with the system using common sense.
Before the darkness ahead of him, Wang Yu was frozen to his spot as he did not dare to move forward by an inch.
He had no choice because even with all six senses, Wang Yu could get lost easily, let alone in a circumstance where he couldn’t even see himself.
After standing there for some time, Wang Yu sighed and muttered to himself, “The system really knows how to play the fool. At the very least, they should provide me with vision, right? If only I could use the torch or at least a light…”
“Torch, light?”
Wang Yu suddenly stopped talking.
Even though he could not use his torch, there was a light bulb that was emitting light all over the place just one level below… Since he claimed to be an eternal holy light, he should be able to overcome the darkness here.
At the thought of that, Wang Yu turned and hurried back down.
The Holy Light Spirit seemed to have expected Wang Yu’s return as he stood near the staircase with a welcoming expression. He extended his arms like a cross and said, “Lost child, I knew you wouldn’t abandon light. Come to me, become one with me and you are god!”
“God your head!”
Wang Yu snorted disdainfully when he heard the Holy Light Spirit’s words.
Merging with a disgusting spirit like that was equivalent to betraying his own spirit. Wang Yu was never going to do anything like that.
Since this was an intelligent NPC, Wang Yu decided to perform the money magic as he took out a big bag of gold, “Follow me and these will be yours.”
However, the Holy Light Spirit chuckled coldly, “Clueless mortal, are you trying to corrupt the noble holy light with money? If you want me to leave with you, you only have one option and that is to merge with me.”
“Is that so?”
Wang Yu pouted his mouth and asked, “Is the holy light eternal?”
“Of course!” The Holy Light Spirit answered proudly.
“Then I have no other worries!”
Wang Yu nodded satisfyingly as he took out a rope from his bag and walked swiftly over to Holy Light Spirit. It didn’t take long for him to wrap the ropes around the Holy Light Spirit and eventually tied a dead knot.
“You… what are you doing?”
Seeing how violently Wang Yu tied him up, the Holy Light Spirit was indescribably shocked.
“Haha!” Wang Yu smiled cheekily, “Since you don’t want the money, this is my only way!”
Following which, Wang Yu dragged the rope by holding one end of it.
“Aiya, you despicable sinner!”
Following Wang Yu’s pull, Holy Light Spirit almost fell to the ground as he tried his best to fight back while trying to maintain his balance.
No matter how high the Holy Light Spirit’s IQ was, he was still merely a level one monster. How could his strength be compared to Wang Yu’s?
Wang Yu pulled once more and the Holy Light Spirit fell to the ground as he was dragged up the stairs like a dead dog.