Monster Factory

Monster Factory

Monster Factory
Chapter 352: Plan to be Annihilated Before It Begins

This work report was the longest since the company was founded.
There were also the Legal Department, Purchasing Department, Publicity Department, Personnel Department, and Finance Department, all of which had corresponding expansion plans.
Ye Qing had listened to the reports carefully and then reviewed these plans according to his own vision.
The meeting had lasted until 3 pm. At the end of the meeting, the managers had left in a hurry. They had a business to do.
Ye Qing was going to take a look at the construction site opposite, and all the underground buildings of Monster Industrial Building had been poured. At present, there was a large area of four floors available. Because civil air defense works did not need to be renovated, they had naturally a large number of room intervals. For the time being, they were set as the product research and development department and the product outsourcing delivery office.
The negative four floors are located on the ground floor, and the interior space was constant temperature and humidity, and it was a newly built building. The various water and electricity settings were very complete and suitable for new server clusters.
If the office environment was not too bad, now the floor area of the building alone was enough for all employees to settle in, and one person could play badminton in a large room.
The construction site was opposite the Blue-sky building. Ye Qing went to the first floor and chose to walk there.
This was a bustling commercial area, and many people come and go on the road. Ye Qing had just stepped down the stairs of the building, and four young people approached the building while talking to themselves.
All four young people wore black suits, walking like crabs, with the expression that everyone owed them five million.
Young people should be more energetic, and naturally, no one liked them like this. Ye Qing had turned his head away and didn't look at them.
"Hey... On which floor is the Monster Heavy Industry on?" When Ye Qing had passed by them, the guy in the middle had spoken like a leader.
"You haven't studied ideology and morals. Don't you know how to use words before asking others?" The four young men in black suits were shorter than Ye Qing, so Ye Qing looked down.
It took a lot of effort from the leader, and then he swore back by his mouth: "I think you came out of the building, and you definitely know which floor."
"Ninth floor." Ye Qing reached out and patted the guy's shoulder, saying in a serious tone: "Remember when you talk to others next time, be gentle."
The irritation turned to anger, and these people were stunned for a long time, but still did not muster the courage to brutalize Ye Qing. On the one hand due to Ye Qing's gas field, on the other hand, this was the city center. When the people were climbing the stairs, they often looked at Ye Qing. Perhaps they felt Ye Qing had eaten some small, shriveled food.
Ye Qing had called back to the company and had asked the security guards to greet the four young men in black suits. The company currently had a total of fifty security guards. At least half of them were veterans, and a few were field veterans who had served for more than five years. Regardless of their purpose, these young people would be entertained by the security guards waiting at the elevator entrance.
These others were just Yan Feixin and his friends from the Swift Ant Network Company.
Monster Heavy Industry's move to expand production capacity had allowed them to throw in all the money they made in the past few years and owe hundreds of thousands of debts.
Yan Feixin almost couldn't stand up and climb, and several of his associates were not much better, because they all invested in the money in it.
The first time an order was canceled, Yan Feixin had planned to swallow it. After all, Monster Heavy Industries was a very large company, and they could not afford to mess with them.
And when the order was canceled, they did not lose a penny of capital. This time is different, the loss was so big that they wanted to jump off the building.
Yan Feixin and the other associates had turned around all night and in the morning together, they felt that since it was difficult to swallow this breath, it would be better to come to the monster heavy industry side to try their luck.
The Monster Heavy Industry had a great cause, but it was only a private enterprise, and it was not a military base that people should not enter. Yan Feixin had planned for a long time and then drove them from Liangjiang City to take a stroll around here to see if the blind cat could touch the dead mouse.
If the plan he had in mind could succeed, it would hurt the Monster Heavy Industry.
Their lungs had exploded in the past two days, especially when they had arrived at the Blue-sky Building. They also saw that Monster Heavy Industry also bought a large piece of land in a prime location and was ambitious to build a skyscraper.
In this comparison, Yan Feixin was even angrier. Naturally, his attitude of speaking was just like taking gun medicine, and he was angry with everyone.
If the young man he just met had not just been awed by his aura for some reason or met him on the ground of Liangjiang City, Yan Feixin would have beaten this guy.
"See you later... When a staff member asks your details, you try to talk as little as possible let me say." As the elevator went up, Yan Feixin had explained to the people around him: "This trip is mainly to observe the situation, and they are not everywhere. Aren't they expanding the production capacity everywhere?"
"We pretend to be a salesman in a foreign electronics factory. Let's talk about it first. We can talk about what cooperation is better. If not, we will go back and plan slowly. Anyway, we are good at making fake information."
"But... but we don't look like serious employees, do you?" A colleague had estimated he was wearing a suit for the first time and awkwardly pinched his necktie: "If we let the guy who just met downstairs to help us. We will talk about co-operation to ensure the staff of Monsters was convinced."
Yan Feixin was also envious of the young man's behavior, but he snorted.
This time, Yan Feixin had prepared a few fake materials and packed a few of them into salesmen in foreign electronics factories. The idea was to sell electronic parts at low prices or to help foundries.
The blind cat touched the mouse, and Yan Feixin couldn't think of another way.
Ding Dong, the elevator reached the ninth floor.
Yan Feixin had taken a deep breath and tried to hide his angry expression as much as possible.
The elevator door was opened slowly, Yan Feixin was about to sell his feet, and the expression on suddenly had stagnated.
Outside the elevator, a group of security guards wearing navy uniforms and holding electric batons was looking at them with smiley eyes.
This was the security guards, and it was simply the flag-raising guard of honor who had changed clothes.
Yan Feixin glanced at it. The group of security guards outside the elevator had a height of at least one meter eighty, either a tiger's back or a lean body, but when they had met his eyes he felt like they were looking at a leopard.
What anger, what to look for, Tongtong was scared to Java.
"I'm... sorry, we... we're going to the thirteenth floor." Yan Feixin was sweating wildly and had stammered his hands to press the elevator door closing button.
The elevator door closed slowly. Just when Yan Feixin thought he could reach the 13th floor of the other side of the light, a strong big hand was caught the elevator door.
The elevator doors had popped open to both sides again, revealing Yan Feixin's pale faces.
"Since coming here is fate, why bother to leave?" Wu Yuexiang, a security team leader who had served in an ace field army for more than five years, had walked into the elevator with a smile: "Let's go, I invite people to go to have tea in the security room.”