Monster Factory

Monster Factory

Monster Factory
Chapter 367: Interesting things

Chapter 367: Interesting things
During that night, when the heavy rain continues raining, covering the entire Longxi beach with a misty mist. Two angry miners are carrying a five-axis machining center fixed by a metal platform, shuttling back and forth between the cave and the warehouse. As the searchlights on the top of the barren mountain were all turned off, and the rain screen and the night gave them the best cover.
"Give me a steady walk. These are precision machine tools. If you bump them, you have to readjust them." In the rain screen, a Master Craftsman was riding on the neck of the angry miner and shouted back and forth to command.
In the office, Ye Qing is designing a brand-new security electric baton with another Master Craftsman. It should have the good fighting ability, and the arc penetration should be strong, at least could penetrate through the winter clothing thickness.
This... It's too easy!
Basically students of the University of Electronic Science and Technology who were listening to the class a little seriously could do voltage amplifiers by hand.
To increase the power of the amplifier, and to add the original technical pulse in the attacking part of the electric baton and adding metal saw teeth that can pierce the clothing and can penetrate the winter clothing and can also reverse the soul of the criminals.
Electric pulses can disturb the motor nerves of muscles. As long as you take a note, your muscles will not tremble freely, causing pain like cramps.
The stick body uses high-strength elastic composite material, which is the kind of material used to make the protective layer of the robot's hands. Not to mention being a stick, no problem like a hammer.
Ye Qing gave the parameters, and the master craftsman made the design, which was useless for half an hour. The sketch of the new electric stick was drawn, and then the master craftsman made for small-batch manufacturing.
At this time, all the five-axis machining centers have been transferred to the underground base.
Ye Qing tilted Erlang's legs and hummed gently to check the ranking of Monster Factory.
With the addition of these batches of equipment. Today, Monster Factory had occupied the eleventh position in the manufacturing rankings.
As long as he goes ahead one more and will overtake the 10th China Pacific Steel Group, the Monster Heavy Industry will be promoted in the fifth stage.
China Pacific Steel Group is a well-known steel group in the whole country. The self-built thermal power station and warehouse terminal are the most basic. They also own multiple mining rights abroad and have an ocean-going fleet specialized in the transportation of minerals.
Now, the difference between the scores of the Monster Heavy Industry and its manufacturing industry is only more than 200,000 points.
Three days later, Ye Qing was confident to surpass it and upgrade successfully.
With the sound of rustling rain, Ye Qing returned to the company early the next day.
This time Ye Qing didn't drive by himself, but let a giant laborer who obtained a driver's license act as a driver. After returning to the company, the first thing is not to let Yun Shi come to make coffee but to ask the network manager Ji Ke and the security team leader to come to his office.
The heavy rain turned small, waiting for the two of them, Ye Qing looked quietly behind the window.
At present, the main part of the Monster Heavy Industry Building has been built on five floors. Although it was still very small compared to the buildings with twenty or thirty floors next to it, it won't take long. The own building in front of Ye Qing would be raised to the tallest building nearby, and finally, became the first in Shanghai.
The average cost of building a building was 30 million yuan a day. If we counted the raw materials and energy consumption of the factory, the giant heavy industry would have to spend hundreds of millions every day. This was just a fixed expenditure, and those that were not fixed were scarier.
The sales of ionizing purifiers and robots were so hot that Ye Qing had earned tens of billions of yuan in just half a month.
After all, it took Ye Qing only six months to catch up with the old industrial groups. It has gone for decades, or even for hundreds of years, without blood.
Sometimes Ye Qing was thinking about what it would be like to take out the money and learn those rich second-generation losers?
The knocking on the door interrupted Ye Qing's speculation. Ji Ke and Wu Yuexiang pushed the door in and reported to Ye Qing about the progress of the incident yesterday.
Yan Feixin and his associates have been sent to the Public Security Bureau by the security team, together with the signal blocker and their oral materials to the police.
"There is no news from the police for the time being. I have a comrade in the Criminal Police Team. He told me something like this. Without causing property damage, the few small characters would be shut down at most for a few months, up to one year. And the company behind the scenes with only one email may only be classified as unfair business competition, which must be based on finding out who the other party is."
"I also read the email." Ji Ke was quite helpless: "There is no clue in it, it is just a very ordinary 163 mailbox. We can't even determine whether this email was sent from a domestic or foreign."
"Last night I tried to use that guy's tone and sent an action report to the past, but I haven't received a reply so far."
"No clues are also expected things, don't be discouraged. As the company grows, it is normal to encounter these things." Ye Qing smiled disapprovingly and asked Ji Ke: "Can the server run? Are you going to make a rule?" In the future, all electronic data will be backed up every day and stored in a physically isolated database."
"It works very well." Speaking of the new server, Ji Ke renewed his confidence: "Boss, since our server is running, all robots have been successfully connected to the network and there are many robot customers. Have uploaded images of the images they took while using the robot."
"I previously compiled a small program in my computer that can display their approximate location on an electronic map based on the location of the robot. I looked at it last night and found a very interesting thing and very interesting people."
Interesting person?
Ye Qing asked Ji Ke to take a look at the software so that he could also infer which places were the main customer gathering areas of the company based on the location of the users.
Ji Ke rushed to the office to fetch the computer, but in less than a minute he returned again empty-handed and said embarrassedly: "Boss, the computer seems to have been pulled by me over the server room. I took it in the past."
After more than ten minutes, Ji Ke returned to the office with his silver-grey notebook.
After opening the small software, he wrote himself, after a short period of loading data, and an electronic map of China gradually appeared with red and green dots like sesame seeds in all regions of the country.
The red was the approximate location of the guardian robot. Each red dot had a corresponding thin line connected to another green dot. Those green dots were the position of the guardian robot's operating equipment. The interesting thing about this was the small dotted line connecting these two.
According to common sense, after buying robots. The users should naturally not let the robot be too far away from themselves, but these dotted lines indicate the opposite fact.
These distances between the guardian robot and its control equipment could be described by thousands of mountains and rivers.