Monster Paradise

Monster Paradise

Monster Paradise
Chapter 1642 - The Virtual Realm Cabin

Chapter 1642: The Virtual Realm Cabin
“Is there any way to bring in items from the material realm?”
That was the main reason why Lin Huang had brought Xiao Hei into the virtual realm this time.
“After putting together the situation in the virtual realm and the information that the Gate of All Realms shared, it shouldn’t be a problem.”
As soon as Xiao Hei finished speaking, a card rapidly began to coalesce on Lin Huang’s right palm.
He picked up the card and looked at it. “A Virtual Realm Cabin Card?”
Lin Huang checked the information on the back of the card.
This was a cabin that could exist in the virtual realm. The duration of its existence would depend on the cabin’s interior capacity, how many items were placed inside, and the influx of Origin Energy.
With an influx of Origin Energy, the smaller the capacity of the cabin and the fewer the items, the longer the cabin would be able to exist.
Anything from the material realm could be stored in this cabin, except living beings.
Naturally, this meant living beings from the material realm, excluding Lin Huang’s virtual body.
“Why is there a restriction on living beings?” Lin Huang could not help asking when he saw that particular caveat.
“Without this restriction, the Origin Energy required to build this cabin would be at least a hundred times more than what’s currently needed.”
Lin Huang nodded once he heard the explanation. “I think that’s a pretty good restriction.”
In truth, he had not given this much thought earlier; he was just asking a casual question. In reality, it would not affect him significantly whether or not the virtual realm cabin could contain living beings from the material realm. Moreover, even if the cabin were able to contain living beings, they would not be able to leave the cabin and enter the virtual realm.
“Does it require a lot of Origin Energy to maintain the cabin?” Lin Huang asked again.
“As long as you don’t make the capacity of the cabin too extreme and store too many items inside, the daily consumption is practically negligible.”
“That’s good then.” Lin Huang could finally be at ease.
He did not ask Xiao Hei about how to use the cabin, as it was clearly stated on the information on the back of the card.
In one move, Lin Huang teleported to a nearby planet that had not been damaged. He then crushed the Virtual Realm Cabin Card in his hand.
A second later, the card turned into countless golden points of light that rapidly formed into a small cabin in front of Lin Huang.
The exterior was the default form of the card and could be altered by the card user.
However, Lin Huang did not want to bother thinking about a concept, so he left it on the default setting.
The cabin looked as if it had less than ten square meters of surface area. This did not bother Lin Huang; he pushed the door open and went in.
Upon entering, he realized that the interior was even smaller—probably only six or seven square meters. The cabin could only hold one bed and a set of tables and chairs at most, and it would already be thoroughly cramped inside.
This even reminded Lin Huang of the house on Earth he had rented with a few others after graduating from university back in the day. The partitioned room he lived in back then was similar to the size of this cabin.
Lin Huang looked around. There was nothing in the room at all except for a stone floor, four snowy-white walls, and a triangular roof.
He made some mental calculations. The highest part of the roof was approximately 3.5 meters. If he were to calculate using the surface area of the interior, the maximum capacity of this cabin at present was no more than 25 cubic meters.
He did not increase the capacity of the interior, nor did he alter the structure of the house. He merely opened the door and left.
From what he saw, the current surface area was fully sufficient for his needs.
If it were not enough, he could still change it when the time came. This was also a unique characteristic of the virtual realm cabin. The interior capacity of the cabin, its structure and exterior appearance, as well as the interior decorations, could be changed at any time.
“Let’s return to the material realm and test this function then.”
Lin Huang had barely finished speaking before the Gate of All Realms opened a Virtual Eye.
He stepped into it. When he reappeared, he was already in the material realm.
However, his real body was not on the Pfister Star but on the barren planet where his virtual body had arrived earlier.
After returning to the material realm, Lin Huang checked the time immediately. It was exactly the same as when his virtual body had left the material realm. Not even one second had passed.
He turned around and looked in the direction of the virtual realm cabin.
The Virtual Realm Cabin Card within his body that had become blurred and out of focus was suddenly illuminated by points of light. A moment later, the form of the Virtual Realm Cabin Card that he could see gradually began to solidify into being. It was exactly the same as the one in the virtual realm.
Not only could he see it, but even his Divine Telekinesis could perceive it.
However, he knew that it was a projection of the virtual realm cabin into the material realm. As the user of the card, only he could perceive it; others could not.
Lin Huang pushed the door open and went in right away. The interior of the house was exactly the same, with no changes whatsoever.
He retrieved a storage ring from his storage space. After placing some items in the ring, he put it on the floor. He turned around and left after opening the door.
“Let’s go to the virtual realm again,” Lin Huang told the Gate of All Realms.
Very soon, a Virtual Eye appeared before him. His virtual body consolidated immediately, which he then stepped into.
After passing through the Virtual Eye, Lin Huang’s virtual body appeared in the virtual realm again.
He glanced at the cabin nearby, then pushed open the door and went in again.
Upon entering the house, he saw the storage ring on the floor right away. He picked it up and sent his Divine Telekinesis into it. Nothing was missing inside.
Lin Huang then tried taking out the items in the storage ring one after the other.
Divine Crystals, god sequence relics, minerals, herbs, monster carcasses…
He was able to retrieve every item he had brought from the material realm without being restricted by any of the virtual realm’s rules at all.
Lin Huang even tried absorbing a Divine Crystal. There were no issues at all.
At this point, he was finally sure that the virtual realm cabin functioned perfectly.
“It’s like a cabin in which time has stopped. If I have sufficient resources and cultivate inside for over a hundred million years, not even a second of the material realm’s time would pass!” Lin Huang thought the virtual realm cabin was the most valuable treasure in cultivation.
Of course, the caveat was that he would not be interrupted by any Voids.
However, according to the memories he obtained from the Apocalypse Dragon Python, most of the Voids in the virtual realm could only move around within a specific area. They could not distance themselves from a particular region.
This was just like the Apocalypse Dragon Python that could not go too far from the Battlefield of the Dragon Abyss. He could only move around a few nearby star zones at most. Furthermore, he could not leave the Battlefield of the Dragon Abyss for too long, or he would be teleported back by force.
Lin Huang had some speculations about this unique characteristic of the Voids.
It was possible that the Voids were unable to leave the place where they had died or the place where their corpses were in the material realm.
However, such a restriction was not absolute.
According to the Apocalypse Dragon Python’s memories, some powerful existences could break such restrictions. However, Lin Huang gauged that the only ones who could do that would be super powerhouses above lord-level.
Therefore, he was not worried about being disturbed when he cultivated in the virtual realm cabin. After all, the only Void nearby—the Apocalypse Dragon Python–had been killed by him.
If he were truly so unfortunate as to encounter a Void that could break this restriction, he would just have to admit defeat.
However, if that did happen and worse came to worst, it was only the destruction of a virtual body. Besides, the Gate of All Realms could currently create three virtual bodies per day.