Monster Paradise

Monster Paradise

Monster Paradise
Chapter 1703 - : Distorted Memory

Chapter 1703: Distorted Memory
Lin Huang squinted slightly after hearing Zos’ story.
He then questioned the remaining three half-step Lords.
Two among the three of them were like Zos. They were founders of the Myriad Tribe Palace. They knew about the whole thing from the beginning to the end.
The two’s narratives were virtually identical to what Zos had said.
However, Lin Huang frowned and fell into silence after hearing their stories..
The reason being the stories they narrated were completely different from what the Emperor’s Heart said.
The Emperor’s Heart told Lin Huang previously that gravel world No. 4815162342 was Lin Xin’s God Territory fragment from her past life.
The reason why gravel world No. 4815162342 was wiped out over and over again was caused by Lin Xin’s enemy during her past life—an Abyssal Lord.
The Myriad Tribe Palace was his vassal.
Lin Huang went after the Myriad Tribe Palace in order to find out more information about the Abyssal Lord, as well as the complete story behind the whole saga from them.
Never would he have thought such a situation would occur.
Although Zos and the rest’s stories had no loopholes, it was completely different from the story he had heard.
“Did this group of people have their memories distorted?” Lin Huang thought long and hard about it. That was the only conclusion he could draw.
The Abyssal Lord might be the only one who could distort the memories of these few half-step Lords’ so easily.
“Remove your control on Zos and let me try again,” Lin Huang said to Ku Rong, refusing to give up.
Ku Rong nodded lightly and excluded Zos from the chant.
Zos very soon snapped back to his senses since he no longer had to listen to the chant.
However, when he took a good look at Lin Huang’s face, his eyes fell into a daze once again. He stood where he was without moving.
Black sigils appeared in Lin Huang’s pupils.
“Tell me the truth about gravel world No. 4815162342.”
Zos began to narrate instantly without hesitation.
However, what he spoke of was still the story of the love-hate relationship between the sect brothers before.
It was not that Lin Huang had no faith in the effect of Ku Rong’s Buddhist precepts.
After all, Ku Rong was a lower-rank Lord. The strength of his God’s soul was barely that of a middle-rank Lord. It made sense that his technique would not work on the Abyssal Lord’s memory distortion.
On the other hand, the strength of Lin Huang’s God’s soul was already at ultimate-rank lord-level. Theoretically, his hypnosis should be sufficient to dismantle the memory distortion technique that was set up by a person whose God’s soul was weaker than his.
It was a surprise to him that Zos’ memory remained distorted.
Lin Huang listened to Zos’ story patiently. Apart from the additional details, it was basically identical to the story from before.
The sigils in his pupils faded. He appeared before Zos in a flash and pointed his finger between his eyebrows.
This time, he read his memory directly.
Within a mere second, Lin Huang copied all of Zos’ memories.
He scanned through the memory images using Divine Telekinesis one by one. Zos’ hundreds of thousands of years worth of memories were revealed in their entirety.
However, his memory about gravel world No. 4815162342 was exactly the same as his story.
Not only that, Lin Huang was unable to find anything unusual about his memory.
He frowned hard.
There were only two possibilities in such a situation.
One was that Lin Xin’s enemy had a God’s soul that was far more powerful than his.
Another possibility would be that the Abyssal Lord might be proficient in God’s soul; an expert in techniques such as tampering with one’s memory.
Lin Huang was more willing to accept that it was the latter. At least he might not be defeated if they really were to fight.
If it was the former, then things would be quite troublesome.
After all, the strength of his God’s soul was at ultimate-rank lord-level now. If the strength of the person’s God’s soul was so much more powerful, then it might even be at dao-level.
“It seems like I can only ask the Emperor’s Heart…”
Now that it had come down to this, the Myriad Tribe Palace was a complete dead-end as a clue.
Lin Huang did not plan to leave any loose ends behind. As he activated his Divine Telekinesis, countless God Weapon flying daggers turned into blood-colored electric arcs, penetrating all of the captives’ bodies.
Subsequently, he casually tossed Zos and the other three corpses into his storage space.
“Clean up this place.” Lancelot and the rest were stunned when they heard what Lin Huang said.
They thought they could leave after this was over.
Never had they thought they would have to clean up.
“Don’t you guys think this is a pretty great foothold?” Lin Huang said while smiling when he saw Lancelot and the rest looking stunned.
The location of the Myriad Tribe Palace’s headquarters was amazing. Not only that, the surrounding resources were abundant.
In reality, when Lin Huang first landed on this planet, he already planned to take it over.
After all, with his current ability, he could be carefree in everything he did in this great world.
“I’ll need you guys to make a trip later.” Lin Huang glanced at the group. “Clear out all of the Myriad Tribe Palace’s branches in the surrounding star zones.”
Although Lin Huang had taken over the headquarters, he did not want to leave any future troubles behind.
He figured he would occupy all of Myriad Tribe Palace’s territories once and for all.
This would in turn save him a lot of time in developing the Sword Alliance.
Population growth and migration would have been a significant hindrance to his developmental plans. However, by occupying this territory, he could simply take over all the habitable planets the Myriad Tribe Palace initially had, which would solve the problem completely.
To most civilians, a change in the guardian organization would not affect their lives much. They would still continue living as they were. As long as the guardian organization’s policy was not overly strict, the civilians would be unlikely to migrate.
Similar to the civilians on Earth, life went on when the country had a new president. Migration was a very unlikely scenario for most people.
As the takeover plan commenced, Lin Huang could almost foresee the rapid development of the Sword Alliance over the next few years.
After clearing out the palace, very soon, Lancelot and the rest left separately. They began purging the Myriad Tribe Palace’s various branches.
Charcoal and the rest put in all of their effort in order to prove their capabilities.
Many imperial monsters were clearly more competitive in this mission since Lancelot and Ku Rong had stolen the limelight previously.
In under 10 minutes, Lancelot and the rest began to return one after the other.
All of the Myriad Tribe Palace’s branches in the tens of star zones were cleared out.
Many busybodies took videos of the Myriad Tribe Palace being destroyed and posted them onto the internet.
In the beginning, many thought it was fake news.
After all, the Myriad Tribe Palace was a top organization that was only second to the few grade-7 organizations in the God Territory. The few half-step Lords who guarded the organization were not to be offended.
However, as more and more videos surfaced, they could see different Myriad Tribe Palace’s branches being destroyed from different angles in the videos. They finally began to believe that someone had really attacked the Myriad Tribe Palace.
There were over 20 Myriad Tribe Palace’s branches that were destroyed in the videos alone.
Clearly, it was not a one-time incident. Instead, someone was really dealing the Myriad Tribe Palace a devastating blow.
As those threads with videos went viral on the internet, people soon spread rumors and suspicions about the Myriad Tribe Palace’s headquarters being attacked…
An unprecedentedly heated discussion broke out on the internet…