Monster Pet Evolution

Monster Pet Evolution

Monster Pet Evolution
Chapter 183 - A Laboratory that Belongs to Me

Chapter 183: A Laboratory that Belongs to Me
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“Do you understand what I’m saying?” Gao Peng said.

The Dark Dodder crawled ignorantly in the same place. The surrounding trees and bushes attracted it greatly, so it tried to move towards them, but whenever it crawled a little distance away, it would be dragged back violently by Dumby.
Then a fruit from its body would fly out, exploding on Dumby’s body before splitting into black silk threads that emerged from within the fruit and entangled themselves quickly to Dumby’s bones, attempting to absorb blood and fat.
Unfortunately, Dumby only had a skeletal frame.
The threads became confused, as it was the first time it had encountered such a situation.
Where is the fat? And what about the blood? No matter how poor you are, at least give me some flesh!
The thread flailed about desperately while seeking something.

At last, it found blood threads. Since it couldn’t pierce through the thick bones, the blood threads were the only option left. The blood threads did seem similar to blood vessels.
By rubbing the blood threads, it seemed to be tickling Dumby. With his palm spread out, he slapped down violently. Pah!
The threads were turned into a pile of flattened meat.
Finally, the Dark Dodder seemed to have given up the idea of running away. It curled itself together into a messy bundle of threads.
Gao Peng frowned and chatted for a while more. It looked like he was talking to himself, and no one even knew if the Dark Dodder understood at all. Regardless, it didn’t react to Gao Peng’s attempt at communicating with it, or it might have simply been that it was too lazy to bother.
Gao Peng knew that he couldn’t tame it in such a short amount of time, so Gao Peng called someone to bring over a bulletproof glass box and threw the Dark Dodder inside, not giving it any soil and locking it in an underground room without any sunlight.
He didn’t believe that this b*stard would still be as stubborn after starving it for some time.
After Gao Peng finished his errands, he went home and showered so that he could wash the strange smell off his body.

The factory resumed work after the underground issues were resolved.
The next day, Gao Peng received a transfer order from the headquarters of the company. Gao Peng had worked hard these few weeks, working with a serious attitude. The human resource department had transferred him over to the headquarters, but as for his designation and responsibilities, none of those had been disclosed yet.
The other employees that received the message were all stunned.
Gao Peng returned to his seat to pack his belongings, although there wasn’t much to pack…
The other company employees that he saw as he walked had unreadable expressions on their faces.
Wang Liang teared up. Head Gao had been transferred, but he was stuck there.
Although he had been promoted to the head of the human resources department, he still felt resentment. He wanted to continue to follow Gao Peng.
It was already two o’clock in the afternoon when Gao Peng reached the headquarters. He went directly to the highest floor, where Old Ji had been waiting in his office for some time.
“Grandpa, isn’t this a little too high-profile?” Gao Peng said helplessly.
He hadn’t thought that it would be this fast. He had thought that he would spend a few months, but now it hadn’t even been a month…

Gao Peng didn’t even have the strength to complain. It was really a bit…
“Haha, it doesn’t matter; actually, everyone knew,” Ji Hanwu said. “And also, who would dare to say no?”
As long as you’re happy. Since grandpa had already said that, what else could Gao Peng say?
“Your laboratory has been completed. It’s furnished with all the best materials and equipment in the industry. Let’s go, I’ll take you to the laboratory now to have a look.” He was a man of action. Ji Hanwu got up quickly in anticipation, seeming like he was more anxious than Gao Peng.
He couldn’t wait to see his grandson’s surprised expression.
As they left the company building, Ji Hanwu brought Gao Peng to the back door of the company, but as they went further, Gao Peng gradually felt that something wasn’t right. Was this not the way to the villa?
Along the way, the employees all greeted Ji Hanwu as they saw him. It looked as if everyone there knew his grandpa.
They walked through factories, dormitories, and research bases.
The more they walked, the more Gao Peng felt strange. This was almost outside of the company’s district. He remembered that moving further forward would bring them to his grandpa’s house!
Did grandpa build the laboratory in the villa? Gao Peng suspected.
Gao Peng was led to the door of the villa. Gao Peng thought, It seems like it really is inside the villa.
Grandpa said calmly, “You wait here for a while. I’ll go upstairs and get the keys.”

After he grabbed the keys, grandpa led Gao Peng through a lake and walked towards the mountains at the back. Finally, he stopped in front of a cave.
He passed the key to Gao Peng. “You go down and see it for yourself. These old bones will not be going any further with you.”
Gao Peng took the key from his grandpa and looked at the cave. It was a cave, but it actually wasn’t gloomy. In contrast, the entrance was very well-lit. The ground in front of the cave had been cleared away and flattened, but there were still some tire prints on the ground.
Moving inside, only the sound of Gao Peng’s footsteps was left.
He looked around and assessed his surroundings. There were several steel rings fixed on the inner walls, and cement had been poured over them.
Continuing further inside, the light became weaker as more lights began to slowly appear above his head. Over a dozen steps further inside, after making a turn, Gao Peng stopped.
A closed alloy iron gate stood in front of his eyes. The silver gate looked very advanced. There were also white light beams outside the gate. Gao Peng moved forward, then stopped suddenly. He suspiciously reached out and felt a cool sensation after.
There was actually a piece of glass here.
He was speechless. He had almost walked straight into it.
At the place where he had put his fingertips, a surge of red ripples appeared, as if a stone had just been dropped into a lake.

Then the ripple continued to expand outwards. Finally, a green light appeared on the top of the glass wall, a straight line going from the top all the way to the bottom. Along the green line, the glass door was gradually split open from the middle as the two sides moved away from each other. The glass door gradually opened.
Gao Peng watched this high-technology scene, speechless.
This was way too posh.
He walked inside, the glass door shutting slowly. At the center of the metal gate, there was an obvious keyhole. Gao Peng inserted the key, and the key turned automatically by itself after being inserted. Ka-cha.
The silver metal gate opened slowly…
When Gao Peng saw the scene inside clearly, his heart suddenly tightened.
The inside of the room was entirely white. The moment the metal gate opened, the lights inside the room correspondingly lit up.
The white shadowless lamp shone brightly in the laboratory. This was a room that looked like a living room. Gao Peng could even see a coffee machine, a leather sofa, a projector, and other amenities.
At two sides of the room were doors that Gao Peng went to and took a look inside. This cave laboratory was quite large, as there was the main control room, the experiment room, the freezing chamber, and even an enclosed chamber.
Enclosed chambers were commonly used to lock up monsters, and the monsters used in research were all locked inside enclosed chambers.

A lot of the equipment in the laboratory were things Gao Peng had seen on TV or in magazines, and now, all of them had become a reality in front of him.
Gao Peng made an approximate estimation. The laboratory wasn’t gigantic, since at least when compared to large-scale laboratories, it was still lacking in terms of surface area.
But Gao Peng didn’t intend to recruit any assistants for this laboratory. He was enough.
His fingers slid over the surface of the equipment. In his mind, Gao Peng had already determined his next test subject.
Gao Peng had thought of numerous experiments before in his mind, but at that time, he was still alone, so he did not look much further into it. Now that he had the Southern Sky Group, many of his imaginings could perhaps become reality.
And the Southern Sky Group had also the strength to support Gao Peng!