Monster Pet Evolution

Monster Pet Evolution

Monster Pet Evolution
Chapter 184 - Bloody Butcher Reagent

Chapter 184: Bloody Butcher Reagent
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“How was it? Are you satisfied with the laboratory? If you aren’t, we can build another one.” Ji Hanwu watched as his grandson walked out of the cave, a sense of gentleness emanating from his eyes.

“I’m very satisfied.” Grandpa must have pushed himself to the limit preparing the laboratory, so how could Gao Peng not be satisfied?
Later, Gao Peng told his grandpa that he possessed the evolutionary pathways of several commonly seen familiars. They had all been discovered in his past experiments.
These familiars had been the most common familiars at the time. Moreover, their evolution methods were relatively easy. One could directly create a experimental drug, and if they could produce standard drug agents, one could definitely make a considerable haul selling it while increasing their reputation.
Out of common sense, Ji Hanwu didn’t really believe him, since it wasn’t easy to create a stable familiar evolution agent, not to mention that Gao Peng had stated that he could create evolution agents for several types of familiars.
However, out of reason, he had complete trust in the words from his grandson.
So, Ji Hanwu fell into silence.

“Really? My grandson is so damn good! A real genius! I’m so happy! Haha.” Ji Hanwu patted Gao Peng’s shoulder violently without any intention of hiding his brimming praise.
Gao Peng looked at Ji Hanwu, who was laughing in an embarrassing manner, with a disgruntled expression on his face.
Grandpa, you’re really suited for acting. Maybe you should go learn it from Uncle Liu?
Uncle Liu, who was reading the newspaper at that time, suddenly sneezed.
Gao Peng sighed. It seemed like he still needed to produce results to make his point.
The monsters needed for this experiment were not expensive. He could buy a bunch of them anytime from the market. The only thing was that the monsters that populated the areas around Chang’an City became rare in the regions surrounding Yuzhou City.
This was a point that Gao Peng had not foreseen, so it was his error.
When a thing is scarce, it becomes precious. The price for the materials and monsters needed were also slightly higher than the prices in Chang’an City.

When the materials were all assembled, Gao Peng had already started to mix the agents. After he put a recorder to the side and began recording, Gao Peng put on a white coat and a pair of white gloves before proceeding to operate the not-so-complicated equipment in preparation to make the reagents.
Not long after, a few reagents were completed, one after another.
Every time Gao Peng finished producing one reagent, he would stop the recording and then restart it, implying that the preparation video of every reagent was independent from the previous one.
“Grandpa, the reagents are ready. You should come over and give them a test,” Gao Peng said in a phone call to Old Ji.
Old Ji arrived hurriedly. Behind him were an elderly man and a middle-aged man. The two individuals hadn’t even had time to change into their lab coats.
“Chairman Ji, my experiment was only halfway through.” The middle-aged man sighed as he spoke to Ji Hanwu, his gaze showing a little resentment.
Although the words were directed at his grandpa, Gao Peng knew clearly in his heart that it was for him to hear.
Why hadn’t he talked about it on the long way there? Instead, he had waited until they had reached Gao Peng’s laboratory to stand beside him before opening his mouth to say what he wanted to say.
Gao Peng smiled in his heart.
“Twenty percent increase in the experiment budget this month,” Ji Hanwu said.

The middle-aged man looked joyful, the resentment and sadness on his face nowhere to be seen. “Chairman Ji sure is wise.” A barrage of *ss-kissing proceeded.
“Little Peng, these two are the only two advanced monster breeders in our company, Deng Yimiao and Xu Heming,” Ji Hanwu introduced them to Gao Peng, smiling.
Deng Yimiao was the older gentleman. He looked to be filled with vitality.
Xu Heming was the name of the middle-aged man. The top of his head seemed to be balding a little, and under the bright shining of the lights in the building, it seemed even brighter.
It was actually a bald top-class researcher!
Gao Peng’s eyelid twitched. He looked at Xu Heming carefully with a solemn gaze.
“This is my grandson, Gao Peng, an Intermediate Monster Breeder!” When Ji Hanwu mentioned the three words “Intermediate Monster Breeder,” his voice was exceptionally loud, his face a little red.
The two of them couldn’t help but look at Gao Peng a few more times. The little kid looked young. No matter what, he didn’t seem to be over 20 years old. An Intermediate Monster Breeder who wasn’t even over 20 years old.
Deng Yimiao and Xu Heming were impressed on the inside. If in the beginning, they had looked down on him, by now, the contempt had vanished entirely.
The both of them were initially researchers. Before the Cataclysm, they had been researchers in the field of zoology, and they had many years of research experience between them. As such, they caught on pretty fast in this respect. Although one was an animal, while the other was a monster, they were fundamentally similar, and they had many common features.
On the other hand, Gao Peng was so young that even if he had learned the relevant knowledge systematically beforehand, it still would be limited. It was simply a matter of talent.
People in the same occupation always tended to value those who were more outstanding.

“To be an Intermediate Monster Breeder at such a young age!” Deng Yimiao praised.
“Hahaha, not at all. This kid’s talent is just normal, actually. You guys should stop praising him; otherwise, this kid will become arrogant.” Ji Hanwu laughed loudly. He was happier than anyone else.
Xu Heming’s heart tightened. He couldn’t help but take a few more glances at Chairman Ji. Was this the same Chairman Ji he knew…?
Ever since he had begun working as a subordinate under Chairman Ji, he had never seen Chairman Ji laugh this happily before.
He almost thought that he had met a different chairman.
“Follow me.” Gao Peng led the way to the laboratory. On the lab table was a bottle of reagent.
Gao Peng hesitated for a moment, then he grabbed one of the red reagents. The reagent was so completely red that it looked like thick plasma that couldn’t melt.
The first experiment. Naturally, he wanted to give them an experiment that left an exceptionally deep impression.
When leaving the laboratory, Deng Yimiao, who was the last person out, glanced at the leftover reagent bottles on the rack curiously. He then smiled and closed the door.
“I call this reagent the Bloody Butcher.” Gao Peng introduced the agent in his hand, at the same time briefing the others. “The main ingredients in this drug agent are Bloody Fruit, Golden Thread Fungi, and organs of the Black Magic Spider.”

Gao Peng just mentioned the other materials briefly.
They arrived at the room containing monsters. Gao Peng pointed at the monster separated by the glass window and said, “The test subject for this Bloody Butcher Drug experiment is a commonly seen Ape type monster—the Black Raging Kong.”
The Black Raging Kong lay quietly in the center of the room. It didn’t move, its belly facing upwards. It sometimes patted its belly lightly, looking extremely lazy and not paying any mind to the people looking at him through the window, even after noticing them. It only picked its nose calmly before casually flinging its booger towards the window.
Then it held its belly and laughed mockingly, rolling around on the floor like crazy.
Gao Peng pressed the red button beside the room door calmly. Immediately after that, at the top of the room, several nozzles popped out and sprayed a large amount of anesthesia into the room.
After a dozen or so seconds, the laughter of the Black Raging Kong grew softer as it fell asleep.
After another five minutes, when Gao Peng confirmed that the anesthetic spray had all been ventilated by the exhaust equipment, he opened the door and walked into the room.
He injected the reagent into an artery of the Black Raging Kong.
After that, Gao Peng left the room.
In the room, the Black Raging Kong that was lying on the ground started to twitch. In the beginning, only its arm jerked, as if it had a spasm, then the jerking grew more powerful and frequent.

“Hmm?” Ji Hanwu was the first to notice an unusual phenomenon.
A bean-sized bead of blood appeared on the exposed skin of the Black Raging Kong that wasn’t covered by fur. Following that, the bead broke apart and formed a dense blood mist that surrounded the body of the Black Raging Kong.
The blood mist became denser and denser, while the muscles of the Black Raging Kong continued to spasm like crazy. It was as if a giant python was swirling around in a frenzy underneath its skin. It looked extremely grotesque and weird.