Monster Pet Evolution

Monster Pet Evolution

Monster Pet Evolution
Chapter 196 - Gui Power

Chapter 196: Gui Power
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After leaving Gao Peng’s tent, Da Zi saw Flamy standing on a tree branch on one leg. The crane was pulling insects out of a hole in the tree with its beak.

Something worth mentioning here was the fact that despite having undergone mutations, some monsters saw no drastic changes in size.
Insects in particular hadn’t changed much in terms of size.
Flamy was straining its eyes at the tree hole as it searched for food. Suddenly, the centipede below it let out a bitter laugh. “Still eating, eh, fatty?”
Flamy stared at Da Zi in surprise.
Feeling somewhat attacked, Flamy looked down, only to see the back of a centipede crawling away.
When night came, a silverback millipede emerged from the trees in the distance. It was carrying bundles of roots and saplings on its back. It saw that its den was currently being occupied by someone else.

Panicking, it shook its load off of its back and scuttled hurriedly towards its den. Such a damp and dark place hadn’t been easy to find. It had no intention of moving out.
Most monsters would become extremely territorial when they found out that their territories had been invaded by an intruder.
At that moment, the Adamantine Duck, who had been staring blankly at nothing near a tree hollow, suddenly felt a sharp pain in its rear.
Its passive effect was immediately triggered. With a flash of purple light, its body expanded.
Turning around, it saw a ten-foot-long silverback millipede viciously biting its rear. The millipede had pulled some of the duck’s feathers off its tail. A few yellow feathers were now sticking out of the millipede’s mouth.
“Quack?” questioned the Adamantine Duck strangely. Why did it bite me?
The millipede ignored it and sank its fangs deeper into the duck’s buttocks. There was another flash of purple light, and the Adamantine Duck’s body expanded even more.
Looking at the millipede in confusion, the duck kicked it away.

Though its body had expanded twice, the Adamantine Duck was still smaller than the millipede. Its normal size was around five feet tall. Now, it had grown to be seven feet tall.
The millipede opened its mouth wide and released a red vapor. The Adamantine Duck cried out in pain when the red vapor came into contact with its eyes. Tears were now rolling out of its eyes.
The millipede grinned triumphantly. The duck had no idea how many of the millipede’s enemies had fallen victim to this attack.
Anyone affected by its acrid vapor attack would be blinded. Every enemy the millipede had encountered had been susceptible to this attack.
The Adamantine Duck’s Gui power allowed it to inflate its own body while it was being attacked. Its own strength, defense, speed, and other stats would increase drastically as well.
Its passive effect would only activate once if the millipede’s red vapor was a one-time attack.
However, the vapor was inflicting continuous pain on the Adamantine Duck. Every two seconds, it would feel an intense pain in its eyes, where the red vapor still remained.
Then, something terrifying happened.
The Adamantine Duck in front of the millipede began expanding its body with each breath.
The millipede raised its head and saw that it couldn’t even see past its chest.

When it blinked, the only thing it could see was the duck’s legs.
The flashes of purple light didn’t stop. The duck had grown 20 feet tall, and its growth was showing no sign of stopping.
“Quack!” The duck’s quack resounded loudly in the forest.
A 23-foot-tall yellow duck now stood in the middle of the forest. As it grew, the red vapor that had initially affected its eyes began losing effect.
The Adamantine Duck finally stopped growing.
Startled by the commotion outside, Gao Peng came out of his tent and saw a 23-foot-tall duck towering over a trembling millipede.
Gao Peng finally understood why this simple-minded duck had been able to live for so long on its own.
At first, he had assumed that the duck’s Gui power would only allow it to expand its body size to a certain extent, and that this effect couldn’t be layered.
He now realized how terribly wrong he had been.
Gui power was the first passive ability Gao Peng had ever seen with only one effect. He had thought that it was a useless ability, when in truth, it was an ability that surpassed all others.
Truly, fortune favored the dull-witted.
No matter how dim-witted and good-natured the Adamantine might have seemed, it still had a temper.

After being tormented by the red vapor for so long, the Adamantine Duck was now extremely angry. It raised a leg and viciously stamped its foot on the ground.
The millipede tried to run, but a shadow fell over it, and the duck’s foot soon fell upon it.
It was crushed into the ground.
The duck lifted its foot up to reveal a deep impression on the ground. In it, the millipede’s body writhed about, struggling to escape. However, the duck’s foot fell on it once more!
Finally, the Adamantine duck swallowed the millipede alive.
Half an hour later, the duck’s body began to shrink until it returned to its normal size.
Da Zi swallowed and turned away when it saw the duck walking towards it.
Gao Peng was impressed by this, thinking that maybe he could sign a blood contract with the duck. He called it over.
The Adamantine Duck waddled towards Gao Peng, its head bobbing up and down.

Gao Peng brought it into his tent and took out his blood processing equipment. Placing his right hand on the duck’s head, Gao Peng felt a blurry consciousness seeping into his body.
Gao Peng was now communicating with the Adamantine Duck in its mindscape.
The duck’s consciousness was feeble, like a child’s. It would look Gao Peng up and down curiously for a moment before running off to look at something else in the corner.
A living being’s mindscape was where its emotions reigned supreme, where its thoughts were most active.
All of its emotions were revealed there.
The Adamantine Duck’s emotional spectrum could be described as a colorful candy wrapper. Happy feelings were in full bloom in its mindscape.
Here, a tree could suddenly sprout a pair of wings and fly off, while the grass beneath the duck’s feet could begin chatting happily with it at any moment.
Suddenly, Gao Peng noticed the Adamantine Duck’s world was gradually growing darker, until finally all the colors around him turned a dull gray.
He then heard two Adamantine Ducks softly whispering to each other somewhere else.
For some reason, Gao Peng could understand what they were talking about.