Monster Pet Evolution

Monster Pet Evolution

Monster Pet Evolution
Chapter 46 - Sir, May I Have Some Water Please?

Chapter 46: Sir, May I Have Some Water Please?

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After school, Gao Peng went back home and cooked dinner. After his meal, he received a phone call from the Monster Hunting Association. The phone number was 010101.

He picked up the phone. “Dear user, your mission in Monster Hunting Association numbered 001348721 is accomplished. Please check your reward at Monster Hunting Association before acceptance.” A mechanical female sound came from the other side of the phone, repeated three times, then hung up automatically.
Finally, somebody completed the mission. Gao Peng was relieved. If the mission remained unfinished, he was going to switch evolution methods for Da Zi.
The mission reward for Monster Hunter, in the form of credits, was given to the Monster Association in advance. Then, after a Monster Hunter mercenary completed a mission, he would give the required object directly to the Monster Hunting Association, and the Association gave the commission to the mercenary.
During this process, the Monster Hunter Association acted as an agent.
Before he left home, Gao Peng glanced at Dumby in the living room, who stood still in front of the refrigerator. It opened the door clumsily, looking for some food, and when it realized that there was nothing in the refrigerator, it closed the door. Waiting for a while, it opened the door again…
As if by doing so, food would jump out magically. What a stupid-cute Dumby.

Gao Peng walked downstairs and headed to the Monster Hunting Association directly for his reward.
He didn’t notice that 500 meters away across the street, there were three people observing every individual walking out from the Monster Hunting Association. Among them was a slender Black Gold Dachshund, which narrowed its eyes, sniffing something.
The youngest man in the team asked nervously, “Bro, will we be caught?”
Fear flashed across the eldest man’s eyes. But he immediately thought about something, gritted his teeth hard, and said, “Dad’s rare disease can be cured only by Blood Marrow Leech. If we kept being Monster Hunting mercenaries, how long would it take us to afford a Blood Marrow Leech? Don’t you want Dad to recover?”
By their side, a green-haired youth snorted, “Don’t worry, the big fish eat up the small ones. As long as we are careful enough not to leave any evidence, we will be fine. My little brother, you are too timid.”
“Of course I want Dad to recover. But, bro, you know, normal families can’t afford Yin Cedar needles. How are we gonna do this?” The youngest boy rubbed his hands worriedly.
“You fool. We don’t have to get this done right now. We’ll just go case the bank, OK? If we can’t take the bank, we can reset our goal.” The young man stared as people of the Monster Hunting Association came in and out with churning emotions. He was nervous, too. Even though he was in prison for two years before the cataclysm, he was there on larceny. Burglary was more dramatic than larceny.
“OK, hey, Black Gold’s moving.” The Black Gold Dachshund had been lying quietly, but it suddenly jumped up, staring at somewhere with a radiant eye, about to bark.

The young man immediately clamped Black Gold’s mouth, and crouched down to comfort Black Gold.
At the same time, he ordered the Black Gold Dachshund to follow the odor, and they tailed after silently.
They followed Gao Peng all the way back to a community. Seeing the old-fashioned buildings, the three were stunned. Such a “distinctive” community…
was no better than the place they lived in!
A person who lived in this place could afford high-priced materials like Yin Cedar? They felt it incredible, as if they just found a person who ate in high-end western restaurants everyday, but lived in a one-story brick house.
The only reason for Yin Cedar needles to be sold in markets was that Yin Cedar was a high-nutritious food for some specific Familiars. Therefore, people who bought this material were either rich or dignitaries, for this material could do nothing else except offer nutrition.
“Bro?” The green-hair asked his eldest brother; apparently he was asking whether they should act now or not.
The young man considered silently for a while, and then waved his hand. “Hold on, let’s wait ’til tonight.”
“Uh, bro, are we indeed…” The youngest brother was anxious and timid. It was his first time doing this. No doubt he was nervous.
“This boy might have just won a lottery. Calm down.” The eldest man tried to make his face malevolent.

“Come on, it’s OK. Are you going to shrink back at this point? Don’t disappoint me.” The green-hair put his right arm on his youngest brother’s shoulder.
At midnight, three people together with three Familiars began to climb the staircase cautiously.
The dark staircase looked like a ferocious giant monster, its mouth open wide, as if it was going to swallow everyone in the next second.
“Hush.” The young man took out two iron wires, made a cross, then let it go through the key hole.
In the room, Da Zi was suddenly awakened from a dream, its antennas raised high.
Dumby was standing in the living room sleeping, but now its eyes burst with soul flame again, silently. It turned to the door…
Click. The unlocking sound rang in the quiet staircase.
“Hey bro, good job! No wonder you are the King of Locks in Baqiao District,” the green-hair praised.
The eldest brother was frozen. Sweat fell from his forehead. “No, not me, I haven’t unlocked the door yet.”
Then where did the sound come from?
“You guys, it’s bedtime, what are you doing here?” Uncle Liu in his pajamas looked out from the door behind them. He was rubbing his eyes.
What? Why? How? The youngest brother was stunned there, totally at a loss.

A murderous gleam flashed across the green-hair’s eyes. He secretly stretched his right hand to his belly, where he hid a dagger behind his coat.
The young man slowed down his actions, cleared his throat, and replied embarrassingly. “Sorry to bother you, we just realized that we are at the wrong apartment.”
“I see. You are in the wrong place,” Uncle Liu nodded, and was about to close the door.
Suddenly a hand came out from the dark, stopping the closing door.
A strange look appeared on the young man’s face. He asked in a low voice, “Sir, we are thirsty, would it be possible to give us something to drink?”
“Sure. Come in.” Uncle Liu looked deeply at the three people, and invited them as well as their Familiars to his room.
The green-hair was the last one to walk in. He closed the door, then locked it.
“Young man, why do you lock the door?” Uncle Liu was confused.
“Ha-ha.” The green-hair showed a foxy smile. “We don’t want to bother any other neighbors.”
“That’s fine, no worries. My walls are made from special deadening insulation, neighbors wouldn’t be bothered even if I did disco dancing at home.” Uncle Liu showed a meaningful smile.

“Oh, really?” the green-hair’s face changed into a ferocious look. “That would be great.”
The eldest brother sensed something unusual. He was about to say something, but it was too late.
A semi-transparent tongue stretched from the wall behind them and rolled. The Black Gold Dachshund was swept away at once.