Mr Fu, I Really Love You

Mr Fu, I Really Love You

Mr Fu, I Really Love You
Chapter 1399 - Su Manman felt that she had profited as well.

Chapter 1399: Su Manman felt that she had profited as well.
Two years later.
“Su Manman, are you crazy? You’re a newbie who just debuted. Why are you speaking to the director in such a tone?” Her manager, Li Renjie, widened her eyes as she looked at Su Manman, who was leisurely sitting on a reclining chair while putting on a facial mask. “Look at how the Best Actor is reading the script. Yet… you’re putting on a facial mask at the filming location! If others see this, they’ll think you’re putting on airs!”
Even the A-list actor, Gu Chengfeng, didn’t act like a big shot like her at the filming location.
She looked at him. He was wearing imperial costumes and had makeup on. He was sitting on a chair with a small solar heater placed under his feet and a heavy jade crown on his head. They wrapped him in a military coat… He was holding a thermos in one hand and reading a script in the other. His assistant was placing more hot water on the table.
Looking at Gu Chengfeng, and then at their new artist, Li Renjie only wanted to curse!
Su Manman felt that wearing a military coat would affect her image, so she refused to wear it. She only wore her costume. Her white robe fluttered in the wind, and there were a few small heaters around her. There were four manicurists… two of them were responsible for her fingernails, and two were for her toes. She didn’t care that the shoot was about to start after lunch, so she removed her makeup and leisurely laid there.
There was actually an assistant who would bend over and bring the water to her mouth. All she had to do was open her mouth and drink it with a straw… It had the euphemistic term of providing hydration!!
Was she here to film or to be a princess?
She knew that Su Manman was the little princess of the Fu family, but didn’t she know that people in the entertainment industry would drown in the spit of the outraged?
If someone took a picture or two and uploaded them to the internet, she wouldn’t know how badly the public would scold her!
Su Manman, who had her eyes closed, opened her beautiful eyes and looked in her manager’s direction. The assistant shifted half of her facial mask aside to make it easier for Su Manman to speak.
“The female lead is still not here yet. Don’t tell me I have to sit here and wait obediently with makeup on? Wouldn’t that just be destroying my own skin?” Su Manman’s voice wasn’t loud, and she spoke with a smile, not holding back at all. “Even if I’m just a female supporting character… I’m a female supporting character who has invested in this project. I’ve solved the director’s biggest headache on the funding problem, so I can just get him to urge the female lead, Meng Yuqiao, to come over quickly. What’s wrong with that?”
Li Renjie was speechless.
She was unable to rebut.
Su Manman’s gaze landed on the assistant director who was eavesdropping on them, and the corners of her lips curled up. “If I were an unreasonable person, I would have asked the director to change the female lead if he didn’t want me to withdraw my investment. What do you think the director then would do? Right… Assistant Director Xu?”
The assistant director, who had been called out, quickly walked out to show himself. He put on a smile and nodded. “Well… the director told me that I have something to do, so I’ll go over first…”
Su Manman lay down as she watched the assistant director run away. The assistant then removed the mask for her.
Ever since Jiang Mingzhu successfully lost weight and said that she wanted to enter the entertainment industry, the Fu family first disagreed. She then changed her name to Su Manman and started to roam the entertainment industry.
How should she put it? Although the Fu family didn’t agree to her becoming an actress, they were never stingy whenever she needed backing.
Her starting point and background in this current life were much higher than in her previous life. She also felt at ease as she became Su Manman and vowed to live a good life. Fu Manman wanted to fulfill her wish, which was to be more popular than Jiang Mingzhu. She also wanted to fulfill her wish of seeking revenge against Du Lingyang and desire to successfully court Shi Hanchu.
Because she had been in the entertainment industry for many years in her past life, the current Su Manman knew how to get popular. Right now, the public was already full from being spoon-fed with the image of gentle, innocent women resembling that of a little white flower. If not for the fact that she was the opposite of that, the public would have long gotten sick of her…
Su Manman was casual, vicious, and hedonistic, but she never did anything that would make her lose her integrity. She was the only person in the entertainment circle with her true nature. Either she was criticized… or she exploded in popularity after being criticized to death.
However, even if she were to die a painful death in this lifetime, Su Manman would not regret it. Having the freedom to live her life according to her heart’s wishes was already a great deal for her.
Moreover, with the Fu family backing her, Su Manman had no reason to be afraid.
As for why Su Manman had chosen to work with this production crew, and why she had chosen to be a supporting character instead of becoming the female lead immediately, it was all because the female lead, Meng Yuqiao, was Du Lingyang’s current girlfriend.
All these years, the thing that hurt Su Manman the most was that after she died, Du Lingyang had used her name to earn a good impression of Jiang Mingzhu’s fans—Pearls. The huge number of Pearls had all turned to her former lover, calling Du Lingyang son-in-law… These fans also became “mother-in-law” fans as a result.
In order to expose Du Lingyang’s true colors, she had used her alternate account to reveal the truth. Not only had she almost been caught by Du Lingyang’s men, but her own fans had also attacked her. Shouldn’t she feel upset?
After some time had passed, her fans saw how Du Lingyang had been single for so many years. So, they started to persuade him to date, saying that Mingzhu would also want to see him happy from up above. Hence, later on, on a celebrity dating show… Du Lingyang introduced his new girlfriend, Meng Yuqiao, also known as Jiang Mingzhu’s good friend.
But the only person she acknowledged as a good friend in her past life was Shi Hanchu.
Su Manman thought of how Du Lingyang pretended to be depressed, claiming that he would often sit under the moonlight in the middle of the night while holding the watch she had given him back then and cry. It made her want to vomit from disgust.
The image of them being a loving couple now was deeply ingrained in the fans’ hearts. Moreover, they would pay respects to Jiang Mingzhu every year while holding hands, touching the hearts of her fans even more.
Su Manman didn’t want them to use her shoulders to step on to become famous. She knew exactly what kind of people those two people were, and she wanted to pull them down slowly but surely.
After Su Manman was done with her facial mask and put on her armor, the female lead, Meng Yuqiao, finally arrived.
Meng Yuqiao’s image of a little innocent white flower was still the same as usual. Because she was late, she felt so guilty that her eyes turned red. She kept apologizing to the director and staff of the production crew. In the end, she even went to see the A-list male lead, Mr. Gu, to apologize, bringing snacks and coffee that she had personally bought for him.
Gu Chengfeng was well-known for his good temper. He smiled and thanked her, but he did not say anything else.
Meng Yuqiao then looked in Su Manman’s direction…
She had heard about the newbie in the production team, who had brought in a lot of money and managed to squeeze out Ming Xiaoxuan, the original actress to play the role of a phoenixes’ elder in “The Olden Age,” and took the role herself.
Before she arrived, the production crew had already informed Meng Yuqiao about Su Manman’s behavior. Meng Yuqiao merely thought that she was just a spoiled missy from a wealthy family, so she didn’t mind it. However, when she looked over and saw Su Manman’s bright and clear eyes, her body trembled.
Meng Yuqiao had always been confident in her looks, but when she caught the sight of Su Manman with her own eyes… she was stunned for a long time, unable to come to her senses.
Su Manman was dressed in an ethereal white robe. She propped herself up with one hand and rested her elbow on her bent left knee