My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss
Chapter 1038 - She Doesn’t Want It Anymore (III)

Chapter 1038: Chapter 1038 She Doesn’t Want It Anymore (III)
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When Situ Murong heard his words, his eyes narrowed rapidly, and his face instantly sank to the extreme. His originally relaxed posture instantly became as stern as an enemy besieged on all sides.
At this moment, the cold air around his body kept spreading, as if it could instantly freeze people.
She said, she wants to find someone to marry?
She wanted to find someone to marry?!
A person suddenly flashed through his mind. In an instant, the fire in his narrowed eyes spread. He secretly gritted his teeth and said word by word fiercely, “Find who? Bai Yichen?”
Liu Ying’s words just now had been blurted out. At that time, she did not think too much about it.
At this moment, hearing his words, her body instantly froze. Her eyes also instantly widened. She looked at Situ Murong in disbelief, “You, what do you mean?”
How did he know about Bai Yichen?
What else did he know?
She knew that he would not say such things for no reason, so he definitely knew.
However, in the past, she had never contacted Bai Yichen, and she had never gone to see Bai Yichen. He had also never mentioned it, so only this afternoon..
So, he had actually known about this afternoon long ago! He knew that she had gone to see Bai Yichen this afternoon!
Liu Ying suddenly felt a chill all over her body, as if a bucket of ice water had been poured over her head and feet. It was bone-piercing cold.
He knew that he knew everything, but he had deliberately asked her earlier, and she had lied.
Liu Ying did not ask him how he knew. She knew that it was useless to ask now.
Even if he had asked someone to follow her, she did not have the right to say anything.
“Liu Ying, don’t provoke me. Otherwise, you won’t be able to bear the consequences.” Situ Murong saw the frightened look on her face, and his narrowed eyes became even more bloodthirsty and dangerous.
She was so afraid because of Bai Yichen, right?
Yes, usually when she was in front of him, although she was gentle, she would never be so afraid.
“What do you want to do?” Liu Ying heard her voice spread again, and her voice was obviously trembling.
She knew that at this moment, she should not have asked, she should not have asked anything.
However, before she could fully recover, she had already asked subconsciously.
When Situ Murong heard the trembling in her voice, the corner of his lips suddenly pulled a smile, an extremely cold smile. He looked at her and slowly said, “Liu Ying, actually you know, don’t you?”
At this moment, he did not deny it at all!
“…” Liu Ying instantly quieted down. She had been by his side for five years, and she knew his methods too well.
Moreover, she had long known that he could destroy everything about Bai Yichen with just a flick of his finger.
He reached out again to hug her. Her body stiffened, but this time, she did not avoid him like before.
Situ Murong’s eyes turned even colder. For Bai Yichen, she did not dodge or resist?
His woman was only willing to let him touch her for another man.
How ironic!!!
However, even so, he would not let her go. Even if he had to go to hell, he would drag her with him.
“Don’t sleep tonight.” Situ Murong decided that tonight, no matter how much she begged for mercy, he would not let her go.
Liu Ying’s body trembled when she heard his words. In fact, there had been cases where she did not sleep at all in the past, but…