My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss
Chapter 1068 - His Father was Powerful (VI)

Chapter 1068: Chapter 1068 His Father was Powerful (VI)
“I understand. Actually, the person you wanted this to happen to was me. Chu Ninger replaced me.” This was the truth. Chu Wuyou knew that this was definitely the truth that Chu Jiangzhi and Li Min would never admit.
Therefore, she deliberately said this, provoking them, hoping to get some useful information out of them.
“Chu Wuyou, you vicious b*tch! It’s you! You’re the one who harmed Ninger! Chu Wuyou, I’m going to kill you!” Li Min immediately went crazy. She roared angrily and wanted to pounce on Chu Wuyou.
Chu Wuyou’s body flashed and she dodged. Ling Lin, who was originally standing behind Chu Wuyou, quickly stepped forward and blocked Li Min.
Ling Lin reached out and easily grabbed Li Min’s arm, making Li Min unable to move.
“No, it’s not me who harmed Chu Ninger, it’s you who harmed her.” Chu Wuyou looked at Li Min. Her words were very soft, but it caused Li Min’s body to clearly freeze.
“Chu Wuyou, what do you want to do? What do you want to do?” After Li Min regained her senses, she roared again. This time, Li Min’s voice was clearly trembling slightly.
“I want to save Chu Ninger. You should know better than me what Chu Ninger’s current situation is like. If we delay any longer, she will lose her life.” Chu Wuyou did not provoke Li Min again this time.
“You want to save Ninger? Why would you be so kind?”Li Min was stunned and stared at Chu Wuyou in disbelief. She did not believe that Chu Wuyou would save Ninger at this time.
Did she not know?
“Chu Wuyou, don’t pretend to be a good person here.” Chu Zhijiang also did not believe Chu Wuyou.
“Before I came here, I already had people suppress all the news about Chu Ninger. You can take a look now. There shouldn’t be any more content on the Internet.” Chu Wuyou knew that they did not believe her, but she really wanted to do everything she could to save Chu Ninger.
No matter how bad Chu Ninger was, she was still a living life. She was not the Virgin Mary, but she could not just watch a living life being tortured to death by those criminals.
Li Min heard Chu Wuyou’s words and immediately went into the room. She took out her phone and quickly browsed the internet. She really found that there was nothing about Chu Ninger on the internet.
They all knew that this was the best way to protect Chu Ninger. They had wanted to do this before, but they did not have the power or money to do so. It was simply impossible.
But now, Chu Wuyou had helped them do it.
“There’s really nothing left. There’s nothing left.” Chu Zhijiang also quickly checked, and there was obviously a hint of joy on his face.
Chu Zhijiang knew very well that if Chu Ninger’s matter continued to be hyped up like this, even they would not be able to leave the house in the future.
“Why did you help us? You clearly already knew…” when Li Min looked at Chu Wuyou again, she no longer had the hatred from before, but she still had too many doubts.
It was very obvious that Chu Wuyou already knew everything. If Chu Wuyou knew everything, why would she still help them?
“I don’t want to see a person die like this.” Chu Wuyou’s expression darkened. She felt that life should be respected.
“Can you really save Ninger?” Li Min was still doubtful, but she was also looking forward to it. After all, she was her biological daughter, a piece of flesh that had fallen from her body.