My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss
Chapter 1345 - He Had Gone Too Far with His Inspection (IV)

Chapter 1345: Chapter 1345 He Had Gone Too Far with His Inspection (IV)
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The bathroom door was closed, and the sound of running water came from the bathroom. Lin Bei was probably washing up.
Tang Ling took out a tissue and wrapped the hair up, then put it into his pocket.
After doing all this, Tang Ling walked to the table and sat down, as if nothing had happened.
Not long after, the bathroom door opened and Lin Bei walked out. He was very quick, only washing his face and brushing his teeth.
His face was not completely dry, and there were still some water droplets hanging on it. This was as simple as a man’s, but not as delicate as a woman’s.
He was still wearing the pajamas. The loose pajamas hung on his body, and no lines could be seen.
However, when he puffed out his chest, Tang Ling remembered that his chest was flat.
Tang Ling remembered that the woman he had touched that night had a very full chest.
Tang Ling’s eyes only glanced at Lin Bei before he shifted his gaze away.
This time, Lin Bei did not argue with Tang Ling. He walked to the table by himself, sat down, and began to eat breakfast.
This morning, he had not eaten anything, so he was really hungry.
Although he was thin and small, his appetite was not bad. Tang Ling helped him to order breakfast, and it did not take him long to finish it.
He ate very quickly. His eating style was not too ugly, but it was definitely not good-looking.
When he ate breakfast, Tang Ling sat opposite him. Tang Ling would occasionally glance at him, but Tang Ling did not speak.
“I’m done eating.” When Lin Bei could not eat anymore, he stopped and looked up at Tang Ling.
“Take the medicine.” Tang Ling’s gaze fell on the cold medicine on the table. His tone did not sound like he was discussing anything.
“I’ve already eaten so many things. This means that there’s nothing wrong with my illness. I don’t need to take the medicine.” Lin Bei was stunned. Did this person not have eyes? Did Tang Ling not see his battle prowess just now?
With his current situation, did he still need to take medicine?
He hated taking medicine.
“Take the medicine.” Tang Ling repeated again. This time, there was no room for negotiation. Yuan Junlin had asked him to take good care of the younger prince. If he did not even give the younger prince medicine, then it would not make sense.
Lin Bei looked at him. No, to be exact, he was staring at him. However, no matter how much Lin Bei stared, Tang Ling looked as if there was no room for negotiation.
Lin Bei secretly sighed. Then, he picked up the cold medicine on the table. Without looking at the instructions, he dug out two pills and threw them into his mouth. He did not drink any water and just forcefully swallowed them.
He looked like he was throwing a tantrum.
Tang Ling saw his actions and was stunned. Then, the corners of his lips seemed to curl up subconsciously. There was a slight curve, but it was obvious.
“I have eaten breakfast and taken the medicine. Can you go out now?” Lin Bei finished the medicine and looked at Tang Ling again, chasing him away.
Tang Ling glanced at him. This time, he did not say anything. Instead, he stood up and walked out.
Seeing him leave, Lin Bei secretly heaved a sigh of relief. He had finally sent this god of plagues away. This Tang Ling was really too much of a bully. No matter what, he was still the younger prince of Country D. Tang Ling was really too much.
Too much!!!