My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss
Chapter 695 - Chapter 695 DNA Test Proved The Child Was His (VI)

Chapter 695: Chapter 695 DNA Test Proved The Child Was His (VI)
Ye Lanchen would try his best to drive Bai Yihan out of her heart completely, so that she would only have him in her heart.
He believed that one day, she would fall in love with him. He thought that it would not be too long!
When she heard Ye Lanchen’s words, Chu Wuyou’s eyes suddenly widened, and the worry from before instantly disappeared.
These words were enough to let Chu Wuyou know that it was normal for Ye Lanchen to be fine.
Could it be that he did this on purpose so that she could stay?
Could this person be any more black-bellied?
“Wuyou, can you stay tonight?” Seeing that Chu Wuyou did not answer for a long time, Ye Lanchen raised his eyes and looked at her, asking once more.
“No, okay.” Chu Wuyou’s eyes widened and there was obvious anger on her face. Her words clearly showed her attitude.
Could this person only think about that kind of thing all day long? Could he not think about something else?
“Get out of the car.” The next moment, Chu Wuyou suddenly opened the car door. However, she did not get out of the car. Instead, she let Ye Lanchen get out.
Ye Lanchen looked at her and did not move. He did not want to get out of the car.
“Do you want to get out by yourself, or do you want me to kick you out?” Chu Wuyou saw that he did not move and glared at him again.
“Why don’t you carry me?” The corners of Ye Lanchen’s lips curled up slightly, and a smile blossomed on his face once again.
To be honest, he quite liked the way she was acting at this moment.
She was not hiding or pretending. This was the real her.
Chu Wuyou “…”
He was such a big man. Did she have to carry him?
Was she able to carry him?
“Are you going down or not?” Chu Wuyou’s temper was usually exceptionally good, but now her temper was exceptionally bad.
“The moment I get out of the car, you’ll definitely leave.” Ye Lanchen looked at her, his eyes looking a little aggrieved.
Was that not obvious? He got out of the car, so of course she had to leave. Chu Wuyou thought that it was too late now, and it was not easy to hail a taxi here, so she wanted to drive his car back first.
“I’ll give you the car.” Ye Lanchen naturally understood her thoughts. He knew that the Chu family cars had been handled by Chu Zhijiang, so it was not convenient for her to go in and out now.
When Chu Wuyou heard his words, her eyes flashed. Why did he suddenly become so good?
No, why did she not believe that he would be so kind-hearted?
“But there’s a condition.” As expected, Ye Lanchen added.
“What condition?” The corners of Chu Wuyou’s lips twitched slightly. She knew it. This was Third Young Master Ye’s style. He would definitely not be at a disadvantage.
“I’ll also give you a ride.” Ye Lanchen looked at her. His sexy lips parted slightly, and his words reached Chu Wuyou’s ears.
Chu Wuyou, “…”
Did he mean to give her a car and hitch a ride with someone?
This sounded like a good deal, but there was no use for him to come.
No, it was too late for her to avoid him!!
“I’ll get someone to send the car over to you tomorrow.” Chu Wuyou immediately rejected his offer after she came back to her senses.
“Okay, I can let you go back tonight, but you have to promise me one thing.” Ye Lanchen knew that with her conservative mindset, she would definitely not stay.
“What is it?” Chu Wuyou looked at him with a hint of vigilance in her eyes. She felt that what he said was definitely not a good thing.
“Don’t let Bai Yihan help the Chu Company. I’ll help you deal with the matters of the company.” Ye Lanchen could not help but feel depressed when he thought about how she accepted Bai Yihan’s help but did not accept his.
He knew that his true love rival was Bai Yihan!