My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss
Chapter 696 - Chapter 696 DNA Test Proved The Child Was His (VII)

Chapter 696: Chapter 696 DNA Test Proved The Child Was His (VII)
Therefore, the person Ye Lanchen really wanted to guard against was Bai Yihan.
“I’ve already signed the contract with Bai Yihan.” Chu Wuyou’s eyes flashed. The contract was effective once it was signed, and one could not go back on it.
“You mean, you still want Bai Yihan to help you and reject me?” Ye Lanchen glared at her. Did she mean that she still wanted Bai Yihan’s help and still rejected him?
Why did he want to strangle her to death so badly?!
Chu Wuyou looked at him and her eyes flashed. Did she mean what she said just now?
That was not it, right? She just wanted to tell him that she could not go back on the contract she had signed with Bai Yihan.
“I’ll handle the matters of the Chu Corporation.” Ye Lanchen saw her expression and secretly sighed. He directly announced his intention, the kind that could not be rejected.
Regardless of whether she agreed or not, he would definitely take care of this matter. He would not let Bai Yihan interfere in this matter. He would definitely not let Bai Yihan have the chance to curry favor with her and get close to her.
“OH.” Chu Wuyou was stunned for a moment before she softly replied. Today, Ye Lanchen visited the Chu family. She believed that grandfather must have seen that she had a relationship with Ye Lanchen.
If Ye Lanchen wanted to help the Chu family, she would definitely not stop him. She knew that grandfather actually cared a lot about the Chu family.
When Ye Lanchen heard that she agreed, he was slightly stunned. When he looked at her, he was a little surprised but also a little happy.
If she agreed to let him help the Chu family, did that mean that she would no longer hide their relationship from Elder Chu?
“Can you get out of the car now?” However, Chu Wuyou’s sudden question interrupted Third Young Master Ye’s thoughts.
Ye Lanchen secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Why was this woman so unromantic?
Although he was unwilling and reluctant, Ye Lanchen still got out of the car. After all, she was definitely going back tonight. The longer she delayed, the worse it would be.
After getting out of the car, Ye Lanchen did not leave. He stood in front of the car door and said in a deep voice, “Remember, you can’t hang up on me. I must be able to locate you. You can’t…”
Chu Wuyou did not wait for him to finish his sentence. She suddenly stepped on the accelerator and drove away.
This person was too overbearing. She could not do this or that. Could she still have some freedom?
It had been five years since they slept together? Was it necessary?
He still did not know about the two children. If he knew, she did not know what would happen.
Third Young Master Ye stood where he was and was stunned for a moment before he finally came back to his senses. Why did this woman not understand the slightest bit of gentleness?
The poor him still had to guard the empty room alone.
When Chu Wuyou returned, everyone was still in the hall. When they saw her enter, they quickly raised their eyes to look at her.
However, the expressions on everyone’s faces were different.
Some were happy, some were worried, and some were angry.
The one who was happy was of course Elder Chu. The moment he saw Wuyou enter, he stood up and said, “Wuyou, come with me to the study.”
Chu Wuyou knew that Elder Chu would definitely interrogate her about Ye Lanchen’s actions tonight.
However, she felt that there were some things that she could not tell Elder Chu.
If he knew that she and Ye Lanchen were married but divorced, she was afraid that he would have a heart attack.
“Grandfather, I’m tired. I’m going to rest first.” Chu Wuyou directly ran upstairs and entered her room.
In the hall, Chu Ning’er was so angry that her mouth was almost crooked.
The next day, when Chu Wuyou went downstairs, Chu Ning’er was standing downstairs. Obviously, she was waiting for her. To be exact, she was here to block her!