My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!
Chapter 1001 - I Missed You Too

Chapter 1001: I Missed You Too
Giving a nod, Qiao Mu quickly picked up the brush and scribbled a voluminous and sentimental letter addressed to him.
After examining it for several minutes, Crown Prince Mo then folded the letter with satisfaction and put it away in the cloth fold in his chest.
He then smiled at her with a gaze so tender that it seemed to melt into spring water. “Qiaoqiao.”
Yet for no reason, Qiao Mu’s small body involuntarily trembled.
“Will you casually toss me a letter before running off again next time?”
Qiao Mu was obedient and shook her head vigorously. “I won’t.”
“I just know that my Qiaoqiao is a good girl.” Mo Lian pinched her small face before carrying her to the bed.
“I-I was just thinking that you were quite busy recently. I was trying not to inconvenience you.” Qiao Mu muttered under her breath, “Besides, I’m so familiar with Hulan Mountain…”
“Qiaoqiao, you still don’t understand my heart. Do you not realize?” Crown Prince Mo placed her down on the bed and looked at her with extreme earnestness. “No matter how busy I am, your matters are more important than anything else.”
Qiao Mu’s eyes suddenly brightened, and she reached around to hug him. “I understand. Should I have something to take care of in the future, I will tell you in person, okay?”
Mo Lian looked down at her small face, and he felt that this little one looked so palatable under the dim light.
His gaze subsequently deepened a bit.
Sighing as he sat down on the edge of the bed, Crown Prince Mo said, “Even though you only ran off for less than four days, I still missed you.”
When he thought of how the little fellow was going to enter the Mystic Beast Forest secret realm later on for a month, Mo Lian was very upset on the inside and even felt unwell all over.
“I missed you too,” Qiao Mu chimed in offhandedly.
Upon hearing this, Mo Lian pulled her into his arms as a smile instantly emerged on his handsome face. “I really did miss you. You little heartless one are just coaxing me thoughtlessly, don’t think that I don’t realize that. Do you have anything you want to tell me?”
Speaking of this, Qiao Mu was a bit pleased with herself, and she recounted her gains from the secret inheritance realm.
When she got to the part where the old Daoist was pursuing her, she started to exultantly gesticulate her big battle with the old Daoist and his ultimate annihilation by Heavenly Law.
Mo Lian just kept gazing at her the entire time.
Whenever this child talked about fighting, both her eyes and her body simply seemed to be shining. How combative was she!
“I will fight Shuntian Prefecture to the end.” When she thought of how that prefecture lord had plotted against her during both her lives, Qiao Mu felt as if she had swallowed a fly and was unwell all over.
“Okay,” he responded softly before embracing her as he comforted, “Don’t worry about anything and just fight them fearlessly. No matter what happens, I will stand beside you, accompanying you, protecting you.”
She turned her head to look at him with sparkling eyes. “Lian!”
“What I said earlier wasn’t to coax you,” Qiao Mu suddenly said.
Mo Lian was startled, but after chewing her words over, his phoenix eyes shone resplendently. While gazing at her tenderly, he lowered his head and gently sealed her soft, small mouth with his own.
Sensing that his body was tingling from this light contact, he involuntarily tightened his arms as he snuggled against the little fellow’s soft body.
Just now, the little one told him that she had said that “I missed you too” with extreme seriousness. She wasn’t coaxing him thoughtlessly…