My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!
Chapter 1002 - Ring

Chapter 1002: Ring
In a remote corner of Chonghua Palace.
“Ah, ah!!” Continuous screams were coming from a distant building wing.
Luckily, this place was extremely remote, and in normal times, even sparrows were disinclined to fly over this area. That’s why no one would be coming over no matter how heartrending Zheng Ru’s cries were.
As Nanny Su looked worriedly at Zheng Ru, who was rolling about on the floor in agonizing pain, she wiped the tears from her eyes. She couldn’t bear seeing Zheng Ru like this.
“Nanny, Nanny, what’s going on! My face, my… ah!” Upon flopping in front of a dusty bronze mirror, Zheng Ru saw her rotting and bloated face. When she scratched at her face, lots of gray, flaky skin peeled off, as well, as if all her skin had cracked open.
“Ah, Nanny, Nanny.” Zheng Ru screeched, “Didn’t Sir Black say that my body will be completely restored after consuming that extra-strength regeneration pill?”
Why did she turn into this state? Why did her previous condition start to relapse when night fell?
Her beauty no longer existed!
Nanny Su snuck Zheng Ru a pitiful glance. “Xiao Ru, do you still remember what Sir Black instructed you?”
“I do, I do. He wants me to find a way to deal with the crown prince consort within seven days. I know, Sir Black must be reminding me that I have to dispose of her as soon as possible, that’s why he is giving me a warning every day!” Zheng Ru was so furious that she threw the bronze mirror to the ground. “But that b*tch, she actually acted on her own in leaving the capital! The queen must be displeased in regards to this.”
At the beginning, the crown prince had planned to cover up for her and only said that she was recuperating at home.
However, she found out after sending people to investigate that the d*mn lass had left the capital several days prior and simply wasn’t at the Marquis of Jiayuan’s Estate.
It was a seven-day deadline, but four days had gone by already. She simply didn’t have much time left. If this d*mned wench didn’t come back, how could she deal with her?
Nanny Su hesitated before informing, “Xiao Ru, I heard that the crown prince brought that crown prince consort back to the Eastern Palace at eight o’clock in the evening.”
“Truly?” She returned? It’s good that she has, it’s good that she has!
Upon hearing this news, Zheng Ru’s mind eased, but she couldn’t endure the itching pain on her face.
She hastily told Nanny Su, “Go fetch some ice for a cold compress!”
Her face was really so itchy that she wanted to die. It was so unbearable!
Nanny Su’s face turned very unsightly at once. “Xiao Ru, you are no longer the Noble Consort Zheng of the past. It’s already considered pretty good that we were able to get transferred out from the woodshed.”
Yet Zheng Ru’s expression was sinister. “That’s because they know that I will eventually regain His Majesty’s favor.”
Nanny Su sighed. “I’ve arranged tomorrow’s matter already. You only have one chance, Xiao Ru. Grab on to it firmly.”
Early the next morning, after breakfast.
Qiao Mu sat inside the audience hall and obediently waited for Crown Prince Mo to return from morning court. Afterwards, the two people boarded a carriage to return to the Marquis of Jiayuan’s Estate.
The Qiao Zhongbang couple had left the doors wide open since early in the morning, awaiting their return.
After seeing that their daughter was safe and sound, they couldn’t help but harp on about how risky her actions were and so on.
As Wei Ziqin held Qiao Mu’s small hand, she inadvertently looked down and saw the shining white ring on her fair and slender finger.
Her expression changed instantly, and her body involuntarily trembled. She raised up Qiao Mu’s small hand and couldn’t resist questioning in detail, “Qiao, Qiaoqiao, where did you get this ring from?”
“This?” Qiao Mu didn’t hide it from her, promptly replying, “I got it from a pill teacher’s inheritance.”