My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!
Chapter 1322 - Qiuqiu Is Angry

Chapter 1322: Qiuqiu Is Angry
This woman’s spiritual conscious should be about the same as hers, or maybe higher than hers by half a level.
This was the benefit of having a powerful spiritual conscious. You could first lock your target in place and prohibit them from moving. Of course, this required a substantial injection of spiritual conscious while maintaining total focus.
Continuously locking a target in place in battle expended a large amount of spiritual conscious.
Just like how the middle-aged woman was locking Qiao Mu in place right now.
And then, it only took a moment’s breath for the two fire dragons to charge up to her neck to neck.
They crashed into her water spiritual barrier explosively.
She got assaulted by an energy aftershock and fell down on her bottom. Yet she could clearly hear scraping sounds as the water spiritual barrier warded off the two fire dragons.
The first water spiritual barrier cracked open and then collapsed.
Afterwards, it was the second one, the third one… the fourth one!
Qiao Mu used her spiritual conscious to barely disengage from the middle-aged woman’s spiritual conscious lock-on and evaded to the side. However, a fire dragon’s tail had already struck the left side of her abdomen before she was able to apply another water spiritual barrier again.
A tremendous energy knocked her flying instantly.
Like a king looking down upon all creation, the black double-headed crow suddenly opened its mouth and released an acoustic attack.
When this sound wave encountered Qiao Mu up close, her water spiritual barrier shattered with a pop.
Blood trickled from the corner of her mouth.
However, with no time to wipe the blood away, Qiao Mu countered with her wood spirit as she dodged to the side.
A hint of anger and displeasure flitted across the middle-aged woman’s eyes after failing twice to eliminate this darn lass on the spot.
She then immediately flicked her sleeves, initiating her third fire spiritual attack.
Was it possible for this d*mn lass to not consume spiritual energy after armoring herself with four water spiritual barriers each time?
“Mystic-guiding talisman matrix,” Qiao Mu shouted.
“Don’t let her activate it!!” Fan Qiuhe’s eyelid jerked.
The instant Qiao Mu deployed the mystic-guiding talisman matrix, she grabbed a wad of talismans and promptly activated them all in one breath without looking before throwing them at the middle-aged woman.
Blue attack talismans! Such a large wad consisted of a full thirty to forty blue attack talismans, with each one wielding 70 percent of its master’s mystic cultivation.
Although not sufficient to harm the woman, they were able to ward the woman off momentarily and allow her to catch her breath.
There were zombies everywhere in a 2500-meter radius, not to mention how using the unreliable teleportation talisman might teleport her to who knows where.
Clenching her teeth, Qiao Mu readied a teleportation talisman, opting to teleport.
Suddenly, she saw that middle-aged woman escaping the several dozen talismans with a furious shout as she glared at her with a flushed face.
Then, two objects the size of glass marbles appeared in the woman’s hand with a move of her fingers.
Qiao Mu’s eyelid jerked on reflex.
Could they be what was one tier higher than mystic energy beads… spiritual energy beads? These were what spiritual cultivators consolidated in their free time in preparation for any unexpected events.
The power that these two spiritual energy beads contained was humongous!
Even Qiao Mu did not dare face it head-on!
You’ve got to be kidding, although her spiritual conscious was at a high level, her cultivation still had yet to break through to the spiritual realm. Her physical body was pitifully weak, vomiting blood after only two hits!
With this thought, she forcefully shook off the woman’s spiritual conscious lock-on and pounced forward.
She heard the wind whip past her ears as two spiritual energy beads assaulted her from behind.
“Master!!” Like a heavenly chorus, a voice suddenly rang in her ears!
“Qiuqiu!!!” Qiao Mu was practically tearing up…