My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!
Chapter 1526 - Seeking His Own Death

Chapter 1526: Seeking His Own Death
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This Crown Prince Mo truly was incredible.
When he was only ten years old, he already knew to send spies to the old vassal king’s side.
It was evident that the crown prince at that time was already setting up a trap for the old vassal king.
He was merely waiting for the other party to ensnare himself in it step by step.
The old Vassal King of An’nan suddenly had the feeling that the game was as good as lost before he had even made a move.
It was too terrifying to have this person as an opponent.
It was just like, when you had only just taken your first step, you suddenly looked back and realized that your enemy was a hundred steps ahead of you. He had long reached the finish line and was just standing there leisurely waiting for you to walk foolishly into the abyss!
As the Mo king gazed at the old Vassal King of An’nan, he wanted to ask his reason for revolting. In the end, he waved his hand with a sigh and said, “First take him into custody, and then send the Vassal King of An’nan off with honor.”
The queen dowager looked at his son. In contrast to this grandson of hers who was decisive in killing, her son was much more softhearted.
Even though the Vassal King of An’nan’s ancestors had rendered great service to the kingdom, the queen dowager was unable to tolerate any insurgency against the Mo Kingdom no matter what.
There was no other choice but death for this kind of grave crime.
Perhaps the old Vassal King of An’nan had already foreseen this ending before taking this step.
“Your Highness.” The captain of the Dragon Saliva Guard, Yu Xiu, strode over hastily and gave a quick salute. “The eldest prince is entering with troops from behind the Huashun Gate. He had originally planned to collaborate from within with the Vassal Prince of An’nan, but His Twelfth Highness forced the latter to flee to the vicinity of Consort Dowager Shu’s Chaoyang Palace. The eldest prince barged into Chaoyang Palace and has taken control of the hundred people in the consort dowager’s bedchamber.”
“What!” The old Mo king hollered, “This unfilial son! This unfilial son! He actually dares to meddle?”
This fool, didn’t he know that rashly bringing troops into the palace had simply blocked off his last road of retreat.
“Royal Father, I request to see Royal Father!” From far away, the second prince Mo Lu’s agitated shouts could be heard.
“Mo Lu!” The old king crinkled his brows, but he waved away the guards blocking Mo Lu. “Let him come over.”
“Royal Father!!” His Second Highness was donned in battered armor, with a dozen estate guards behind him who were covered in injuries from a bloody battle.
From the looks of it, it seemed as if this prince had brought along several dozen estate guards to fight their way over to rescue the king. The panic and agitation could not be concealed from his face.
He hastily went up to cup his hands in salute. “Queen Dowager, Royal Father, Royal Mother, are you all alright! When this child received the news that the Vassal King of An’nan had raised an army in revolt, I hastily brought men to escort your retreat. But I was still too late. Please forgive me, Royal Father.”
The old king felt gratified and gave him a nod. “We are fine. Your grandmother and them are also unharmed.”
Mo Lu heaved an affected sigh before quickly turning to cup his hands toward the crown prince. “Sixth Brother is meritorious in the rescue this time. If you weren’t here, the consequences would have simply been unthinkable.”
Curling his lips at him, Mo Lian commented lukewarmly, “This time is actually all thanks to Twelfth Brother. He intercepted the Vassal Prince of An’nan prior.”
“Ah, indeed, indeed.” Mo Lu nodded hastily with a smile.
“I wonder what Eldest Brother plans to do by controlling Chaoyang Palace.” Mo Lian’s eyes were chilly. “Bring the Vassal King of An’nan and these people along. We might as well head toward Chaoyang Palace.”
At the same time.
Inside the Eldest Prince’s Estate.
After ordering her personal maidservant to close the doors, she turned around and took out a medicinal bottle from her sleeve.
She hardened her heart and fed each of her three children a mouthful of medicine.. At last, she also took a swig herself.