My Dangerous Billionaire Husband
Chapter 1293 - : The Taste of Being in Love

Chapter 1293: The Taste of Being in Love
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When the coffee shop was not busy, Bai Beibei and Gong Yi sent a text message —
Gong Yi —— The time we spent together was already very short. You have to attend classes and you now live in school. Now, after class, you still have your part-time job. Where do you put me at now?
Bai Beibei’s mouth seemed to have eaten honey. It was sweet. She replied —— In my heart.
This sentence didn’t comfort the man — Hmph.
—— Alright, don’t be angry.
—— How much money can you earn by doing odd jobs?
——50 yuan an hour.
—— I’ll give you 100 yuan an hour to move in with me.
—— …
—— Bai Beibei, don’t you know that your boyfriend is very rich?!
The implication is that you don’t have to earn money like this. Just rely on me.
Bai Beibei knew that he was rich, but it’s not her money. She wants to be a financially independent woman who can carry her own weight so that she could be more worthy of him.
She wants to be with him for a long time. She is also afraid that one day he would get tired of her, so she is working hard to enrich herself. She wants to be a woman who can constantly keep up with him.
Right now, she was so conflicted. She was worried about gains and losses, and her heart was moved by him.
Bai Beibei sent another message —— Stop fooling around. I’m very happy here. The lady boss is very good to me.
—— How is she good?
—— I’ve been here for a few days. The lady boss will ask the chef cook very delicious steak for me to eat. She will also personally make coffee for me to drink. She will remind me to wear more clothes. She will smile at me…
Bai Beibei really liked this lady boss. In her opinion, the lady boss was really very warm, just like her… mother.
Soon, Gong Yi’s reply came —— Your lady boss has a son?
Bai Beibei didn’t understand —— What?
—— She wants to bribe you to be her daughter-in-law.
Bai Beibei smiled. What was he thinking? She might not even care about the person he treated like a treasure.
– No.
She replied very seriously.
– Then it’s best if I take the night off.
– HMM?
– I’m going on a business trip first thing tomorrow morning. It’ll take two weeks. I’ll pick you up later and we’ll have dinner together.
Is he going on a business trip?
This was the first time he had gone on a long trip since the two of them fell in love. Bai Beibei felt very reluctant to part with him, as if he had already gone on a business trip.
– Yes, I’ll talk to the Lady Boss later.
– See you later.
Bai Beibei felt as if she was bathed in the sun. Her entire body was sweet and warm. She felt very happy to be able to send text messages with him outside of work.
She did not know what he was doing right now. Perhaps he was in the President’s office or in the VIP meeting room. As long as she thought about how a heavy hitter like him could take out his phone and patiently spend time with her, she felt that she was valued and cared for.
Was this the feeling of being in love?
How nice.
The corners of Bai Beibei’s lips curled up as she secretly laughed in her heart.
At this moment, someone knocked on her cashier counter with his knuckles.
Bai Beibei immediately put down her phone and raised her little head. “Hello, Sir. Are you here to settle the bill?”
When she saw this, she was stunned because she saw a familiar face, Li Xiyang.
Li Xiyang did not come alone. Beside him was a very young and beautiful girl who was holding his arm intimately.
The two of them were here to drink coffee.
Perhaps she was too focused on texting and did not notice.
Li Xiyang is in love?
Bai Beibei did not find it strange because she had always thought of him as a playboy, so she did not want to have much contact with him.
Bai Beibei thought this young and beautiful girl looked familiar. She had seen her on a poster somewhere. She was a young model that had become very popular recently.
He was indeed a very flirtatious man.
“Hello, Sir. Do you want to settle the bill? In cash or by card?” She repeated.
“Yes, by card.” Li Xiyang handed over a gold card.
Bai Beibei took the gold card and swiped it.
Li Xiyang looked at the girl in front of him. In fact, he had been looking at her when he entered the room. However, he was not in her eyes. She seemed to be sending a message. Without thinking, he knew it was Gong Yi.
That was because her smile was so bright.
When she smiled, the corners of her lips would curl up. The small dimples on her cheeks were faintly discernible. They were pure and sweet, like the peonies that had just bloomed, making people unable to look away.
She had never smiled at him like this before.
“Sir, it’s done. Please sign here.”
Li Xiyang took the pen and signed his name.
“Thank you, Sir. Here is your card.” Bai Beibei handed the gold card back to him.
Li Xiyang reached out to take it. For some unknown reason, the gold card fell to the ground with a “PA” sound.
“Sir, I’m so sorry.” Bai Beibei quickly got up and bent down to pick up the gold card.
The girl bent down in front of him. She was wearing a wide-mouthed beige sweater today. When she bent down, he could see the spring in her. The white vest was wrapped in a small semicircle.
It was very small, but delicate.
It made people have the urge to wrap it up.
Li Xiyang’s eyes darkened. There was a very strong reaction under his suit pants.
Bai Beibei was completely unaware. She picked up the gold card and handed it to Li Xiyang. “Sir, take care. Come again next time.”
Li Xiyang did not say anything and left with the young model.

In the Bugatti.
Li Xiyang sat in the driver’s seat. He did not drive immediately. Instead, he took out a cigarette and lit it faintly.
He turned his head to look at the coffee shop. In the big window, Bai Beibei was standing in a brightly lit place, bright and warm.
That was the person he really wanted.
But now, she belonged to Gong Yi.
In fact, he have had many girlfriends over the years. After going through so many women, he knew that many of the feelings were the same. Deep down, he was also a little proud, thinking that he would never be conquered by any woman in this life.
At first, he only thought that this little white rabbit was fun to play with, and his heart was tempted. But later, after interacting with her a lot, her unwavering love for Gong Yi shone on the stage of mental arithmetic, and he became more and more attracted to her.
When he couldn’t see her, he began to miss her. She belonged to Gong Yi, and he was unwilling to accept it.
He wasn’t someone who would accept failure, so these few days, he had gotten a girlfriend again. There were too many girls that came knocking on his door, and he casually picked one up. He wanted to prove that he didn’t have to have that little white rabbit.
But, he couldn’t.
These days, his mind was filled with her.
Now that he had seen her, he felt that his entire heart and head was filled only with her.
The beautiful female model felt that the man beside her was not thinking about her at all. From the moment he drank his coffee, his eyes had never left the little girl who was working at the cashier.
However, the female model did not mind. It was just a game. They both got what they wanted.
“Young Master Li, why are you ignoring me? I’m going to be sad.” The female model took the initiative to move her body. Her nails painted with a shade of cardamom red moved seductively around the man’s muscular chest.
Li Xiyang’s trousers did not disappear. He exhaled a puff of smoke and looked at the female model.
The female model softened in his dark, jumping eyes. She lowered her eyes and saw that he had a reaction. She tentatively slid her hand down.