My Dangerous Billionaire Husband
Chapter 1294 - Date

Chapter 1294: Date
Li Xiyang did not reject the female model’s behavior. He leaned his head against the seat, took a puff of his cigarette, and slowly exhaled with narrowed eyes.
His mind was filled with Bai Beibei’s small and beautiful face..
The female model saw that he silently accepted her advances, she reached out and untied the man’s metal belt, then lowered her head.

Bai Beibei looked at the time. It was already seven o’clock in the evening.
Gong Yi was about to arrive.
At this moment, Wang Xue happened to arrive. Bai Beibei quickly ran forward. “Lady Boss, I have something to inform you.”
Wang Xue stopped and looked at the girl’s small face. She revealed a loving smile. “Beibei, what do you want to say?”
“Lady boss, can I take a leave of absence tonight?” Bai Beibei was a little embarrassed.
Wang Xue smiled. “To accompany your boyfriend?”
Bai Beibei nodded her head vigorously. Her exquisite eyes were filled with sweetness. “MHM!”
“Okay, go ahead.”
“Thank you, Lady Boss.”
At this moment, there was a “Ding” sound. There was a car horn outside the coffee shop. The Lamborghini stopped.
“Lady Boss, I’ll be leaving first.”
Bai Beibei quickly ran out and got into the passenger seat. The Lamborghini sped off.
Wang Xue stood by the door and looked at the shadow of the Lamborghini’s car. Her eyes flickered under the Retro Palace Lights in the corridor.
“Lady Boss, I’ve been watching the news these past two days. It turns out that Beibei is a heavy hitter. Her boyfriend is Young Master Gong. It was him who drove off with her just now.”
“Mm.” Wang Xue nodded. “I know.”
“Lady Boss, you know Young Master Gong.”
“Heh, I don’t know him. I’ve only heard of him.”
At this moment, a melodious ringtone rang. She had received a call. It was from Bai Shida.
“Hello, I’m at the coffee shop… Yes, you’re already here… Alright, I’ll go now. Wait for me…”
Wang Xue hung up the phone and told the manager, “I won’t be coming tonight. I’ll leave the coffee shop to you. Call me if there’s anything.”
“Okay, take care, Lady Boss.”
Wang Xue walked out.
The manager looked at Wang Xue’s graceful back. Her lady boss didn’t seem to be married, but there must be a man. It must be her man who called her.
The manager secretly thought that this man must have a family. A woman opened a coffee shop to invest. Where did she get the money from? It must be from a man.
He didn’t expect that the beautiful lady boss was also the second wife of a rich man.

In the Bugatti, everything was over. The female model cleaned his body. Li Xiyang slid down the window to let the luxurious taste inside dissipate a little.
At this time, he saw Wang Xue across the street. She got into a luxury business car.
Li Xiyang’s eyes quickly flashed. He knew that luxury business car. It was Bai Shida’s.
It belonged to Bai Beibei’s father.
He was suspicious. How did the lady boss of the coffee shop get together with Bai Shida?
Li Xiyang took out his phone and made a call. “Hello, help me check on another person…”

In the Lamborghini.
Bai Beibei secretly looked up at Gong Yi beside her. The man was wearing a green sweater and a pair of slim pants. He was dressed casually and looked young and handsome.
He was focused on driving. His two big white palms were pressed on the steering wheel.
His hands were so beautiful. Bai Beibei kept sighing. She suddenly remembered that night at the apartment. His hands were under her clothes. He did not take off his watch. When the expensive and cold watch touched her skin, she was so scared that she shrank back and shouted, “Cold…”
As he kissed her, he whispered, “Sorry,” and then he took off his watch and put it on the bedside table.
Thinking of that night, Bai Beibei’s little face quickly burned up. She looked out of the window.
At this time, a low and pleasant voice rang in her ears, “What naughty things are you thinking about?”
“AH? I’m not!” She immediately denied it.
Gong Yi looked at her little face, which was red like an apple, and couldn’t help but want to bite it.
“If you say you’re not, then you’re not. I was just casually asking. Why are you so excited?”
Bai Beibei looked back at him and saw that he was staring at her with his bright eyes. She swallowed her saliva guiltily.
Gong Yi decided not to tease her anymore. “What do you want to eat tonight?”
“I’ll cook for you at home…”
“We’ll eat outside tonight.”
“Oh, okay. I’m easy. Whatever for dinner tonight, you decide.”
Therefore, Gong Yi parked the car in front of a western restaurant. He went around the car and opened the door of the passenger seat in a gentlemanly manner.
Bai Beibei got out of the car. Her delicate little hand was wrapped in the man’s big palm. He held her hand and entered the door.
This was Bai Beibei’s second time coming to a western restaurant. The first time she came, she was unhappy. She even took the wrong knife and fork. It was very embarrassing. Now that she thought about it, she still felt that she was quite funny.
She looked at the tall and handsome back of the man. The warmth of his palm pressed against her skin. The corners of her lips curled up. She was very happy.
Her mood this time was different from the last time. It was all because of him.
The two of them chose a quiet and remote seat. Gong Yi pulled out the rattan chair gentlemanly and let her sit in it.
Bai Beibei thought that he would sit opposite her, but there was a weight beside him. He sat next to her.
He sat next to her..
Bai Beibei bit her lower lip with her thin teeth. She was so mesmerized by the healthy man’s aura that she felt like a deer learning to walk.
The waiter quickly arrived, and Gong Yi ordered the food.
The delicious food was placed on the table, and Bai Beibei was quickly attracted to a small bowl of ice cream.
She had never eaten this before, but most girls had no resistance to this kind of ice cream, so she took a glance at it and thought that it should be pretty good.
“Do you want to eat this?” Gong Yi asked.
“Yes.” Bai Beibei nodded shyly.
Gong Yi picked up a small spoon and picked up some ice cream, bringing it to her small cherry-colored mouth.
He was feeding her.
Bai Beibei opened her small mouth and went to eat.
But she didn’t get to eat it because Gong Yi had brought the ice cream to his mouth.
Bai Beibei, …
Gong Yi raised his straight eyebrows. “Yes, I tasted it for you. It is very good.”
He did it on purpose!
Bai Beibei used her slender white fingers to pull on his sleeve. Her big bright eyes were blinking as she looked at him. She meant — How could you do this to me?
Gong Yi was moved by her coquettish and pouting gaze. He used a small spoon to pick up some more ice cream. He leaned back on the rattan chair like he was teasing a little kitten at home. “You want to eat? Come over and get it yourself.”
Bai Beibei hesitated for a moment, then went over and opened her small mouth.
However, Gong Yi ate the ice cream again.
Her slender waist was entangled by the man’s strong arms. Her entire body was pulled into his broad and hard chest. Her vision went dark, and the man’s kiss came down. She lost control of her balance and gape, and he fed the ice cream into her mouth bit by bit.
Bai Beibei was so shocked that her eyes widened.
Her two small hands pressed against his chest, wanting to push him away, but he hugged her tightly, not allowing her to do so. The small spoon had already fallen into the rattan chair, and he kept playing with her small mouth.