My Dangerous Billionaire Husband
Chapter 1295 - Why Don’t We Go to the Car

Chapter 1295: Why Don’t We Go to the Car
Bai Beibei was about to be melted by his passionate and crazy kiss. Her mouth was filled with the cold and sweet milk fragrance of ice cream. His long tongue wrapped around her as he kissed her forcefully.
Now that their bodies were tightly pressed together, he was tall and she looked even more petite in his embrace. Her two small hands held onto his sweater tightly, and she wanted to go soft.
Gong Yi gasped for breath and let go of her. He asked harshly, “Is the ice cream delicious?”
Bai Beibei, …
She clenched her little pink fist and punched him.
Gong Yi looked down at her red and swollen pink lips, then stretched out his thumb and pressed it. His breath was hot. “It only took a short kiss, but it’s already swollen. It’ll be better if we kiss more in the future.”
Bai Beibei pushed him away forcefully. She didn’t even dare to look him in the eye.
Gong Yi calmed his breathing and felt great. He had been too frivolous just now, but she was also ruthless. Ever since she started working at the coffee shop, she hadn’t come out to see him for a few days.
How could he bear it?
“I’m not going to kiss you anymore. Let’s eat first,” he said as he covered her beautiful face.
Bai Beibei was sensitive enough to catch the word “first.” Her heart instantly beat violently, almost jumping out of her throat. Tonight, what did he want to do…

After dinner, Gong Yi held her hand as they left the restaurant.
He liked holding her hand. Her hand was small and soft like a boneless kitten. Holding her hand and controlling her like a kitten was very satisfying to his chauvinistic desire to protect her.
As the Lamborghini drove out, Gong Yi rolled down the car window a little. He glanced sideways at the car window. He didn’t see the neon lights in the city, only her gentle and beautiful appearance that was reflected on the window.
“Where are we going?” he asked.
This sentence contained too many hints. Bai Beibei tightened the seatbelt on her body with her small hands and said in a soft voice, “I want to go back to school.”
Gong Yi turned his head to look at her. When their gazes met, she was so shocked that she immediately turned her head away.
However, he was attracted by her expression of refusing to accept him. His mind was filled with the scene from that night in the apartment. In the darkness, he couldn’t see her beauty, but his sense of touch and senses were especially sharp. His large palm touched every inch of her body, her skin was as delicate and smooth as fine silk.
He couldn’t forget the feeling of being one with her. At that moment, he didn’t even want to leave. He wanted to stay in her warm presence for the rest of his life.
“Let’s go to my apartment, huh?” He coaxed in a low voice.
“No, I want to go back to school.” Bai Beibei’s face was so red that it was about to bleed.
“I’m going on a business trip tomorrow. I won’t be back for two weeks…”
“Then… then you work hard.”
Gong Yi, …
He sighed. Alright, he had just gotten some benefits from her. He wasn’t willing to force her to be afraid again. Take it slow.
The Lamborghini stopped at the school gate. Gong Yi got out of the car and opened the door of the passenger seat.
“I’ll walk you.”
Bai Beibei saw that the street lights were on everywhere in the school. Many student were walking around. If she walked in like this, she would definitely be seen by others. She was a little hesitant.
Gong Yi did not ask for her opinion. He directly took her little hand and brought her in.
When they walked into the school, they indeed attracted a crowd of onlookers —
“Oh my God, look, is that Young Master Gong?”
“It’s really Young Master Gong. Why is he with Bai Beibei? The news said they were together last time, but I didn’t believe it. So It’s true!”
“But, isn’t Bai Beibei our Crown Princess Consort? How is she becoming Young Mistress Gong?”
“Sob, we’re both human, but why are we so different from each other? I’m so envious, so jealous. Please, God, give me a Young Master Gong too.”
Bai Beibei was so embarrassed that she wanted to burrow into the ground. Tomorrow, the school would probably spread the news about her and him.
He was too high-profile.
At this moment, Bai Beibei’s forehead suddenly hit a wall. “Ah!” She let out a soft cry.
Looking up, she didn’t know when Gong Yi had stopped in his tracks.
“What are you thinking about?” Gong Yi raised his straight eyebrows and rubbed her forehead.
Bai Beibei shook her head. She was at a loss for words. “I’m not thinking about anything…”
Gong Yi looked ahead. “We’ve arrived at your dormitory.”
“Oh, then I’ll be leaving first.”
Gong Yi didn’t say anything. He looked at her with a burning gaze.
Bai Beibei felt her entire body go numb from his gaze. She wanted to leave, but she couldn’t. “You… you…”
“You’re leaving just like that?”
“Then… what do you want?” Her voice was so soft that it couldn’t be heard.
Gong Yi stretched out his long arm and grabbed her soft waist. He half-hugged her and half-pushed her to the corner, where the lights were dim.
Her delicate back was pressed against the wall, and he pressed down on her.
“What Crown Princess?” He asked.
Did he hear those discussions just now?
Bai Beibei didn’t dare to say it. “I don’t know either…”
“You dare to lie?” Gong Yi bent down and opened his mouth to bite her lip.
“Ah!” Bai Beibei cried out in pain.
Gong Yi rubbed her soft waist, his breathing a little unsteady. “This school belongs to Elder Li. If you were to get together with Li Xiyang, wouldn’t you be the Crown Princess Consort?”
Bai Beibei’s eardrums were filled with his magnetic voice. In the autumn, the two of them didn’t wear much. Separated by a sweater, the friction between their bodies was enough to make her legs go soft.
“I won’t be with Li Xiyang, don’t be angry.”
She coaxed him with her soft voice, and Gong Yi felt that his anger had subsided. “Kiss me.”
He ordered domineeringly.
Bai Beibei trembled, and subconsciously shook her head. She wouldn’t.
Gong Yi’s large palm slid down, and he lifted her buttocks and pressed them against himself, letting her know how hot he was. “Be obedient… When I don’t see you, I’ll miss you…”
Bai Beibei had never dared to imagine that they would have such intimate times. A man like him, who exuded abstinence, was like this in private. He would speak sweet words of love, and would… pester her without letting go.
“Don’t be like this, others will see.”
“See what?” Gong Yi said as his large palm reached into her sweater.
Bai Beibei quickly pressed down on his large palm that was moving about. “It hurts…”
“I’ll allow you to hurt me too.” Gong Yi held onto her small hand and pressed down.
Bai Beibei sucked in a breath of cold air and quickly shook off his large palm.
She couldn’t do such a thing. It was so shameful.
Gong Yi kissed her neck forcefully. It was as if it wasn’t enough. He kissed her soft little earlobe. That night, he realized that earlobes were her sensitive spot.
Sure enough, Bai Beibei’s legs went soft, and she slid down.
Gong Yi managed to stabilize her body in time. He covered her perky little buttocks with his large palm and lightly patted her.
Bai Beibei’s entire body was burning.
“Beibei, can you feel it? I want you!” He said hoarsely.
“Here, no.”
“You’re not willing to go back to the apartment with me. How about we go to the car?” He patiently asked for her opinion.
The car?
Bai Beibei couldn’t imagine what it meant to be in a car. She immediately shook her head like a rattle.
Gong Yi was anxious and helpless. After finding such a little girlfriend, it was already so troublesome to do anything.
He said coldly and threatened her on purpose, “If you refuse again, I’ll take care of you here.”