My Dangerous Billionaire Husband
Chapter 1499 - The Atrocious Man

Chapter 1499: The Atrocious Man
“I forgot to buy soy sauce. He went to the supermarket to get it. He’ll probably be back soon.”
Linger was shocked to hear that and let out a surprised gasp. She could not envision her genius brother doing such a menial task as buying soy sauce from the supermarket.
At this moment, the apartment door opened and Zhihan walked in. Lu Ning quickly said to the phone, “Hey, your brother is back. Hurry up and come over, bye.” Then she hung up the phone.
“Who were you talking to?” Zhihan asked as he walked into the kitchen and placed the soy sauce on the counter. He was wearing a green V-neck sweater and black casual pants. He looked youthful and handsome.
“It was Linger… They are reaching soon. Hey hubby, you bought the wrong soy sauce. I wanted white soy sauce,” Lu Ning said.
Zhihan furrowed his brows. “Are there different kinds?”
“Of course. You’re so silly. Why didn’t you read the words when you bought it?”
Did she just call him silly?
This was the first time in his life that someone called him silly. He admonished, “Lu Ning!”
Knowing that she was wrong, she stuck out her tongue and looked at him fawningly. “Hubby, I’m the silly one. Don’t be angry. You’re the best. I love you.”
Zhihan was enjoying every bit of it.
He had never been in the kitchen before. He could have earned enough money to buy over a soy sauce factory in the time he had spent going to the supermarket to buy it. To think she even called him silly.
Looking at her so busy with the preparation, he suggested, “Next time, let’s just go to a hotel to eat.”
“No, it’s more enjoyable to eat at home,” she said as she picked a cherry with a bamboo stick and brought it to his mouth. “I dipped it in yogurt. It’s very delicious.”
He opened his mouth and ate it.
“Is it delicious?”
He hugged her waist from behind and murmured huskily into her ear, “Yes, but I prefer another kind of cherry…”
“Another kind?” Lu Ning didn’t understand what he meant.
Zhihan’s hands glided to the front of her chest and fondled her breasts and pinched her nipples. “These cherries.”
Lu Ning’s face turned as red as a beetroot. She quickly strived to stop him. “Hubby, don’t fool around now, Linger will be here soon.”
“But she’s not here yet, we still have time.” He lifted her skirt and unbuckled his belt. “You didn’t let me f*ck you last night, I’ve been thinking about this the whole day.”
“No, I really can’t. This is the kitchen…”
“Just stop dawdling, hurry up.”
Lu Ning was still wearing an apron and holding on to a pair of chopsticks. She felt aggrieved. He had worked too late last night, and she was sound asleep by the time he came to bed. He wanted to f*ck her but she was too sleepy. Moreover, she had invited Linger and her family over and she had to wake up very early the next day to prepare the feast.
“Hubby, you’re not cute at all.” She had no other option but to brace her hands to accommodate him.
Putting his fingers under her chin, he turned her face towards him so that he could kiss her passionately. He said lustily, “Right now, I prefer to hear you say you love me.”
What a pompous man!
Lu Ning didn’t want to let him get what he wanted so easily. So she hurriedly stuffed another cherry into his mouth and then looked at him provocatively.
Zhihan’s eyes darkened with desire. Using his mouth, he fed the cherry into her mouth and she could feel the cherry juice dripping down her chin.
This man was simply atrocious!