My Dangerous Billionaire Husband
Chapter 629 - Yin De, I Want To End Everything With You Today

Chapter 629: Yin De, I Want To End Everything With You Today
“Qingqing, why did you come over today?” Yin Shuiling quickly walked forward.
“Shuiking, we haven’t connected with one another for such a long time. What are you busy with recently? If I did not come over and look for you, I’d be afraid that you would be missing.” Ning Qing held Yin Shuiling’s small hand as she spoke.
Upon seeing her good friend, Yin Shuiling had a sweet smile on her face, and she replied, “Recently, I have been taking care of Aunty. Qingqing, come over here. Let me introduce her to you.”
Yin Shuiling held Ning Qing’s hand and brought her over to face Liu Wanxin. “Aunty, this is my best friend, Ning Qing. Qingqing, this is Aunty Yin.”
“Aunty Yin, how are you?” Ning Qing was extremely courteous as she greeted Liu Wanxin.
Liu Wanxin had a warm smile on her face. “How are you?” As she spoke, her blind eyes went towards Yin Shuiling. “The weather has been getting cold recently. I want a long winter coat. I don’t one with a hoodie. It is best if the colour is light blue. Can you go and help me buy it?”
“Sure,” Ning Qing swiftly agreed and said, “Shuiling, let me accompany you to the shopping mall to help Aunty purchase her clothes.”
“But…” Yin Shuiling was worried.
At this moment, the nurse said, “Miss Yin, it will be fine. We are here to take care of her. When you go and purchase ingredients, we are here, taking care of her. There would be absolutely no problem.”
Yin Shuiling nodded her head. She took the blanket and brought it over Liu Wanxin’s knees as she said, “Aunty, I will return once I purchase the clothes.”
Yin Shuiling and Ning Qing walked out of the room.

In the corridor, Ning Qing asked Yin Shuiling, “Shuiling, have you been taking care of Aunty Yin for the past half year?” As she spoke, Ning Qing had a glance of what Yin Shuiling was wearing from head to toe, and she continued, “Shuiling, why are you dressed so plainly?”
“How is this simple? This is very normal.” Yin Shuiling glanced at herself as she spoke.
“Shuiling, how long have you not gone to shop for clothes. You are not taking care of yourself. Look at how your hair looks…” Ning Qing went to part Yin Shuiling’s hair, and she froze the moment she did so. “Shuiling, what is wrong with your face? Why is there a scar?”
Yin Shuiling quickly used her hair to cover the scar. She had a smile on her face while she said, “It’s nothing much, I got hurt by some fragments of glass.”
“What? Why would you hurt your face for no good reason?” Was it an accident or done on purpose?”
Yin Shuiling laughed awkwardly as she said, “An accident.”
Ning Qing shrugged her shoulders as she said, “Looking at the scar, it must have been a long time ago. Why did you not go to the hospital to get rid of the scar? Medicine is so advanced now, and you are going everywhere with this scar on your face? What are you thinking about inside your head? Have you gone crazy?”
“I am not crazy. I am always in the hospital. Aunt’s heath just got stable recently. Older Brother is also busy with his work. I have yet to think about…”
“Yin Shuiling!” Ning Qing had a serious expression on her face as she shouted out loudly. She stretched her hand out to hit Yin Shuiling’s head, “Aunty, Aunty, Older Brother, Older Brother.Your world does not revolve around these two people. Why are you not thinking about yourself at all? Your face is so beautiful. Don’t tell me that you do not care about the scar on your face!”
“I…” Yin Shuiling stopped speaking, girls all liked to be pretty, and it was a given that she did care about it.
Ning Qing was really furious as she said, “Shuiling, I have been busy for some time, and the moment I turn around, I realized that you have been leading such a life by yourself. I did not forget how you helped me to scold Young Master Lu so confidently when I was pregnant with Little Young Master Lu, and now, the subject is Older Brother Yin. You have changed entirely. Have a look at yourself. 23 years old, you are so young, but you do not pretty yourself up or go shopping. You do not have a life of your own. Older Brother Yin did not give you any status, and you are already leading a life of a maid!”
Yin Shuiling had nothing to say. She held Ning Qing’s small hand and acted cute. “Okay, Qingqing, don’t be angry anymore…”
“That cannot do. Go and ask Aunty Yin for a few days’ leave. I will bring you over to Korea. I know many beauty masters. The scar on your face is a small issue. We will talk again after you get your beauty back.” Ning Qing tugged Yin Shuiling as she headed towards the door.
“Qing Qing, no, I really cannot… Aunty’s health just stabilized. The doctor said that if she is able to get discharged in maybe one to two months. Could we wait till then?”
“You!” Ning Qing hated that she could not give Yin Shuiling a kick. She wanted to kick Yin Shuiling until she was awake again.
“Qingqing, I am begging you now, I want to take care of Aunty. Firstly, I truly hope for her to get better. Secondly, I hope that she is able to take care of me and allow me to be together with Older Brother. I have already worked hard for half a year now. Could we just wait for a while more?”
Ning Qing looked at her small pitiful face and could only be angry at herself.
“Okay then, okay then. I will not worry about you anymore.” Ning Qing shook her hand off as she headed forward.
Yin Shuiling was happy as she chased after her. “Qingqing, what have you been busy with recently? I asked Older Brother last night, and Older Brother said that he had not seen you for a long time now, but Older Brother said you were busy with the matters in the entertainment industry and winery. He said that you have become the new superwoman of this generation.”
Ning Qing stopped in her tracks. She looked at Yin Shuiling and said, “Shuiling, did Older Brother Yin say that he hasn’t seen me for a long time?”
That was not right!
They’d just seen one another at the CTCI tender event.
“Yeah, that was what he said.” Yin Shuiling nodded her head and said, “Older Brother said that he only saw Young Master Lu.”
“What else did Older Brother Yin say?”
“Older Brother said that you were very busy recently, and he asked me not to go and bother you.”
Ning Qing’s entire heart sunk. The last time, during the tender event, she purposely asked Older Brother Yin to tell Shuiling that if she had time, she should ask her out to drink tea and go shopping.
Why did Older Brother Yin ask Shuiling not to bother her?
Ning Qing had a glimmer in her eyes. She did not say anything at all, but she switched the topic. “Shuiling, did Older Brother Yin say anything about the scar on your face?”
Upon bringing up this topic, Yin Shuiling had a blissful smile on her face as she said, “Older Brother does not despise me. Older Brother said that I am still as beautiful as I was in the past.”
Three black lines appeared on Ning Qing’s forehead. Was this okay?
She was asking if Older Brother Yin had mentioned bringing her to remove her scars.
But Ning Qing did not ask her anymore. She already knew that Older Brother Yin has not said anything about it at all.
Ning Qing did not say anything further because there were a thousand angry words dashing inside her heart!

Inside the hospital ward
Liu Wanxin asked one nurse to leave, and she looked at another nurse as she said, “Is there any news?”
“Yeah, there is. The private investigator that I have found is extremely quick in their work. They said that the place you are looking for is at Happiness Valley, and that is a five star tourist spot there. It is very easy to locate that place.”
Liu Wanxin snorted coldly inside her heart. Speaking about hiding someone up, the easier the place was to locate, the harder a person would be to find, and the most dangerous spot was the safest place.
During this period of time, no matter whether it was Yin Muchen or the police force, they could not find where Yin De had gone off to. Who would have thought that Yin De would hide in a small house just by a tourist destination?
Yin De had brought her over to the wooden house before. She was blind, but her senses were still present.
“Okay, then you should bring me over to that location now.”
“This… Madam, should we notify President Yin or Miss Yin first?”
“There is no need for that. If we notify them, then I would not be able to go. You don’t have to be afraid. We will return very quickly. I am a disabled person who is also blind. I am practically a useless person now, could I end up in any trouble?”
“Madam, don’t say it like that. Okay, I will bring you over then. The place is quite close.”

The taxi stopped at Happiness Valley, and the nurse pushed the wheelchair towards the wooden house.
Liu Wanxin said, “You go to one side to walk around. Don’t go far away. I will come out in 10 minutes. I will call out for you then.”
“Okay.” The nurse walked away.
Liu Wanxin pushed her own wheelchair. She pushed the wooden door of the wooden house open before rolling her wheelchair in.
“Who is it?” There was a deep voice that rang out in the wooden house. Yin De was hiding in the midst of a stack of grass as he abused drugs. After his drug addiction was satiated, he felt a little better, and he heard someone come in.
He pushed the grass as he peeked out with his head. The moment he had a look, he froze as he said, “Xin Xin, why did you come here?”
Yin De walked out.
In the past half year, he had been hiding in all sorts of places, and he was leading a horrible life. He’d lost a lot of weight, and looked like a beggar.
Liu Wanxin laughed coldly as she said, “All of them could not find you, so I came over to try my luck. I wanted to see if I could find you, and as I expected, you are right here.”
Yin De quickly went over to perch onto the window sill as he looked out. “You called the cops already?”
“I didn’t.”
“Xin Xin, how have you been living during this period of time? I know that you that you hate me. I have also gotten my punishment now, but I really loved you.”
“Ha, haha…” Liu Wanxin lifted her head up as she laughed out loud exaggeratedly. She laughed until tears fell out of her eyes, “You loved me? You love me, so you caused my husband to die and raped me for ten whole years, then even tortured my son? Yin De, you have ruined my entire life. Such a great love of yours… Go and die with that love of yours!”
When Yin De was young, he did truly love Liu Wanxin for being gentle and beautiful. The things that he got from Liu Wanxin were what Shi Xiaoqing could not give him.
“Xin Xin, then why did you come over to look for me today?”
“For what reason? Of course I am here to send you to your death.” Liu Wanxin took a bottle of cleaning solution out from the bottom of her wheelchair, and she used another hand to hold the lighter.
Yin De’s irises contracted. He quickly flew over to press down the things that Liu Wanxin held in her hands. He was nervous as he said, “Xin Xin, what are you doing with the cleaning solution?”
“Yin De, you never knew what is the usage of this high concentration cleaning solution can do. Did you know that in the ten years that I was together with you, I had numerous nights where I had long wanted to light this cleaning solution, but because of my son, I put up with everything. But now, I realized that I was wrong. My son did not lead a better life compared to me. I should not have continued staying alive to add to his burden. I should have brought you along with me to end all of this, and we could’ve died together ten years ago!”
As she spoke, Liu Wanxin pushed Yin De and she lit the cleaning solution with a bang!
Bang! The entire wooden house exploded into flames.
Liu Wanxin was thrown onto the wooden floor. Her entire body was drenched in blood. Yin De noticed that there was danger and had already ran towards the door. His head was covered in blood, and his legs were injured, but he could still move.
The power of this type of cleaning solution was not too strong.
Yin De had never expected Liu Wanxin to have thoughts of killing him, and he cursed out loud before running towards the door.
At this moment, his right leg was grabbed by two hands. He lowered his gaze down to look. Liu Wanxin climbed over on the floor and used all of her strength to hold onto him with both of her hands.
“Damn it, evil person! I really did not expect you to really want to harm me! If I had known early on, ten years ago, I should have played around with you until your death, or I should have sold you off!” Yin De’s face was sinister, and he kicked Liu Wanxin in her chest.
“Pfft!” Liu Wanxin coughed out a large mouthful of blood, but she did not release her grip, and she would not let go even if she died

In the hospital ward, Yin Muchen came back in the afternoon.
“Mum, Shuiling,” He walked into the hospital ward. The hospital ward was empty, and there was no one around.
At this moment, a nurse walked over, “President Yin?”
Yin Muchen quickly asked her, “Where is my mother? Where is Miss Yin?”
“President Yin, Miss Ning came over today, I think she brought Miss Yin over to the shopping centre to buy some clothes. Madam was pushed out by Older Sister Yang to take a stroll. They have yet to return.”