My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 25 - Selling Gold

Chapter 25 - Selling Gold
Original by Bro Got a Gun, Translated by James
Seven thousand golds, roughly five hundred pounds worth of gold. Liu Mang found a large sack for all these gold.
Liu Mang looked at Lu Bu and Chen Gong.
Chen Gong handed the sack full of gold to Liu Mang. He said “Hanyang, it’s all up to you now!” Whether or not they could break through Kaiyang, whether or not the Lu Bu army could rise again, it was all now depending on Lin Mang’s return.
Although Lu Bu didn’t say anything, he had eyes full of encouragement as he looked at Liu Mang.
“Three days! Just resist them for three days and I will be back!” Liu Mang nodded.
“Don’t mention three days, as long as this Lu Bu is alive, Cao Cao could forget about entering Kaiyang!” Lu Bu had his pride for he was the number one general under heaven, his presence is like that of the God of War.
“Take care!” Liu Mang pressed the button to transport him back.
Golden light once again radiated the whole room. This time Lu Bu and Chen Gong was a lot more calm, after all, Liu Mang had already did this miracle once before.
The golden light soon disappeared and along with it Liu Mang.
Lu Bu laughed. “Let’s go Gongtai, it would appear that we must fight alongside this time around!”
“Hehe, my lord needn’t speak like so for I, Chen Gongtai, was more than just a mere scholar!” Chen Gong too laughed. Half a day ago they were still in despair and now they had found hope. As long as Liu Mang brings back the five thousand war horses and armor, then they will certainly will certainly have the means to break out of this siege.
Modern times. Jinling. An ancient city that was the capital city of six different dynasties. A city that currently the capital city of a single province.
[TL: China’s original capital was Nanjing aka. Jinling, a much more strategic location compared to Beijing. Some dumb emperor decided to move to Beijing, a place in the middle of nowhere.]
Liu Mang appeared in the middle of the street naturally and without drawing any attention. It was as if he was originally there.
“PM value was still 2.5! It’s still that familiar smell, it’s still that sentiment hazy sky!” Liu Mang affectionately breathed in a deep gulp of air. Those corpses that surrounded Kaiyang, those smell of blood that was in the air the whole time, Liu Mang had enough of them. He who originally detested the polluted air of modern day now loved it. He even though that the hazy sky was cute.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I, Liu Mang, am back again!” Liu Mang suddenly loudly shouted, frightening many passersby.
“This man is obviously crazy!” A pair of lovers who was next to Liu Mang was startled by his scream.
“A crazy bastard! Heck are you shouting about in broad daylight, we know you’re a molester, okay?!”
[TL: remember that Liu Mang’s name sounds the same as molester.]
“This bro got guts. Never had I heard someone self declaring to be a molester!” A fatty passerby who, upon hearing Liu Mang’s words, turned to him and gave him a thumbs up.
“Molester?!” All the women who thought that they were some beauties decided to cover their skirt tightly.
Actually, in the eyes of Liu Mang, those women was wasting their efforts. That short, only idiots would not be able to tell the colors of the panties!
Fortunately Liu Mang changed onto the clean clothes he had brought with him the last time he transported. Otherwise, if he came back wearing ancient robes, then he’ll certainly be sent to the police station.
“Five hundred pounds of gold!” Liu Mang was totally excited as he held onto the sack.
Back in Kaiyang, Liu Mang was already about to drool over the gold. However, he held himself back just so that he doesn’t shame himself in front of everyone. Now that he’s back, he began to feel the bumpy parts of the sack. This feeling, this material, he could not help but be excited.
Five hundred pounds of gold, that was certainly something that Liu Mang could not carry by himself. Luckily, he still had five thousand bucks on him. Thus, he called a taxi and drove toward the direction of the university.
Liu Mang didn’t know much profound knowledges, however he knew of one thing - one must not show his money! If he were to try to sell these five hundred pounds of gold directly, then only one thing could happen - he will be left with nothing! This was seventy five million yuan worth of gold! Who wouldn’t want it?!
Thus, there was only one person who could help him - Chen Yi. Liu Mang doesn’t know what Chen Yi’s family does, however he knew that they are very rich and not just ordinary rich!
He had once been to Chen Yi’s house. She lived in the Mount Huan villa region! Jinling was a place of high land cost, ordinary houses that’s a single square already cost some twenty thousand and those houses in the Mount Huan villa region cost about a hundred thousand per square. Chen Yi’s house was at least five squares! All the gold that Liu Mang had here was only enough to purchase her house!
“Wei? Who’s this?!” Chen Yi was at home. It was already late afternoon. There’s no class in the afternoon so Chen Yi had went home. Just as she arrived home, she received a call from an unknown number.
With doubt, Chen Yi pressed the accept button on her cellphone.
“It’s me Chen Yi, it’s me, Liu Mang!” Liu Mang said toward the phone.
“Liu Mang?!” Chen Yi noticed too. This voice was certainly Liu Mang’s. “Liu Mang, I was looking for you!” Chen Yi had a lot of things she wanted to ask him. That general gown she purchased from Liu Mang, upon bring it back home, was noticed by her grandfather! After identifying it, they found out that general gown was a governor’s general gown from the Eastern Han Dynasty! To be able to wear that gown, the person had to be at least a Province Governor!
Stuffs from the Eastern Han Dynasty, even if they didn’t had any archaeological value, it was still an antiques that worth several millions! A single Wang Mang coin was able to sell for a hundred million!
[TL: Wang Mang 45BC-23AD, Wang Mang usurped power from the Liu imperial family back during the Han dynasty between the period of Former Han and Latter (Eastern) Han. So one of his coins he made when he took over cost a hundred million yuan.]
But this gown was purchased from Liu Mang for only twenty thousand! This caused Chen Yi to feel bad. She initially wanted to find Liu Mang and return the gown to him but the gown was instead taken away by her grandfather.
“Perfect timing! I was just about to find you!” Liu Mang froze for a moment. Why did Chen Yi wanted to find him? Was it because of those two pairs of armor?
“Where are you?!” The two of them both asked the same question in unison.
“Let’s meet up in the university!” Once again in unison. This caused the two to fall silent until Liu Mang finally broke it by saying. “I will wait for you in the animation and manga club room!”
“Okay! I’ll drive there immediately!” Chen Yi immediately hung up. She dressed herself and was about the leave the house.
“Lil Yi, where are you going?!” This voice was Chen Yi’s mother. She was a successful career woman. In the business world, her swift and decisive reaction had earned her the will of the people.
“Mom, I gotta go to the university to do something!” replied Chen Yi.
“University? Wasn’t there no class today?!” Chen Yi’s mother confused.
“Yes, there’s no class! It’s that the owner of that general gown had returned. I’m on my way to see him and purchase the gown from him!” replied Chen Yi. Her grandfather was too fond of the gown, thus it was already impossible for her to return Liu Mang the gown. Thus, she could only use money to compensate Liu Mang.
“Is it your grandfather’s gown?!” Chen Yi’s mother was surprised. She remembered that her father in law had recently fell in love with an ancient Han clothing, wearing it everyday and showing off saying it’s some kind of general gown.
“That’s right!” Chen Yi nodded.
“To purchase the gown, do you have enough money?!” Although Chen Yi’s wasn’t profound in the knowledge of antiques, she knew of their values. A well preserved Han Dynasty general gown was certainly not going to be cheap. “Take this card! There’s fifty million in the card!” The card was a bonus she received this time around. Chen Yi’s mother just shoved the card to Chen Yi like it was something totally worthless.
“Fifty million?!” Chen Yi didn’t take the card. “Mom, I don’t need this much. At most I’d been a couple million!” If it’s a couple millions, then Chen Yi’s card had enough money.
“Take it first! Just give it back to mom afterwards!” Chen Yi’s mother once again handed her the card.
“Okay. Then mom, I’ll be going!”
“Take care and be careful on the road!”
“I got it, Mom!” Chen Yi entered the garage and started up her car.
Hong (Red) University’s Animation and Manga Clubroom. Liu Mang spent a great deal of effort to finally move the five hundred pounds worth of gold into the club room. Once he finished, he laid down onto the floor completely exhausted.
“Ka ka!” The club room’s door was opened. A beautiful figure came in.
The two looked at each other and said at the same time.
“Liu Mang.”
“Chen Yi.”
The two stopped. They paused and waited for the other to speak first and when neither does, they began to speak again at the same time.
“You speak first!” “You speak fist!”
The two’s eyes both widened.
“I have something I need you for!” “I have something I need you for!”
Their mouth started twitching. They wanted to laugh but cannot laugh.
“Regarding that robe!” Their thought came together.
“Yeah, it’s that robe!” Chen Yi nodded.
“Did you regret buying it?!”asked Liu Mang. He had sold the gown to Chen Yi for twenty thousand. Had Chen Yi regretted buying it earlier, then Liu Mang had no way of returning her the money. However, he currently had a lot of gold. If she regret buying it now, then he could always just return her the money after selling the gold.
“No, that’s not it!” Chen Yi shook her head. “It’s just that the gown turned out to be more expensive than I thought!”
“So you didn’t regret buying it. Then just let it be, don’t bother over the extra money!” In Liu Mang’s opinion, how could there be a lot of extra money. At most, the gold thread might weigh a couple more grams than expected. Now that he had five hundred pounds of gold, he couldn’t care less about the extra money from the gown.
“No!” Chen Yi didn’t agree with him. “That gown is worth over three million!”
“Aiya, we don’t have to bother over that little amount of money!...” Right after saying those words, Liu Mang was stunned. “… what did you say?!”
“I said that robe might be worth more than three million yuan. I didn’t bother to determine its exact value but according to the less Xiang Jiang auction, they had sold a general gown that was a bit damaged for three million and five hundred fifty thousand!” explained Chen Yi.
“In that case, that gown’s worth over three million?!” Liu Mang swallowed a mouthful of saliva. That gown was just some ordinary clothes that Lu Bu gave to him after his original clothes were damaged.
A single piece of Boss Lu’s clothes was worth over three million?!
“Yep!” Chen Yi continued. “I had previously given you twenty thousand so I still owe you three million five hundred and thirty thousand! Come, let’s go to the bank to transfer the money!”
“Over three million? A single outfit cost more than three million?!” Liu Mang finally knew how wasteful Boss Lu was. Even the wealthy people in this world wouldn’t buy an outfit for over three million!
Chen Yi saw the stunned Liu Mang. She was ready to bring him to the bank to transfer the money.
“Wait a moment!” Liu Mang shook his head vigorously to abandon the distractions in his mind. He was stunned by the three million and almost forgot about what he came to do this time around.
“Yeah?” puzzled, Chen Yi looked at Liu Mang.
“Chen Yi, regarding that robe, we can put that off to the side for now. I want to ask you a favor!” said Liu Mang earnestly.
“Put that off to the side? A favor?!” Chen Yi was confused. Liu Mang doesn’t seem like some kind of wealthy person. Three million, that’s an amount that he might not necessarily be able to make in his whole life time. To put that off to the side, was there something even more important to Liu Mang than the three million?
“Other than the gown, I want you to help me sell this!” said Liu Mang as he pointed at the rag sack.
“Sell thing?!” Chen Yi was even more confused. What is it that’s more important than three million? That bag of things in that rag sack?
“Are you selling gold or what? To even put three million aside!” teased Chen Yi.
“You guessed correctly! I am selling gold!” Liu Mang rapidly went to open the rag sack.
A sack of gold was shining under the light exhibiting a great brilliance.