My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 466

Chapter 466
The wedding caused a big shock to spread throughout Jingzhou. This is because the Kuai Family initially did not want to send help and the Cai Family had hatred for Yangzhou. Now, the Kuai Family had a political marriage with Yangzhou despite being allies with the Cai Family. People wondered if the Kuai Family intended to abandon the Cai Family.
The nobles continued to maintain a wait and see attitude until an announcement for them to provide provisions is made.
The Kuai Family began preparing for a ceremony as they would be taking a wife and not a concubine. They need a proper ceremony with a matchmaker and others for the marriage to be official.
Liu Mang had overcome two of the three obstacles for Yangzhou’s survival. All that was left was the Cai Family. Because of this, Liu Mang was extremely happy but was also still vigilant.
“Wenhe. Have you finished the investigation?” Liu Mang and Jia Xu kept themselves busy. Jia Xu investigated Lady Cai’s whereabouts. She still had a high position within the Cai Family despite being Liu Biao’s wife. She was as influential as Cai Mao within the Family. If she agrees to something, Cai Mao would be unlikely to refuse.
“I am finished with the investigation! Lady Cai would be at a small courtyard outside the city for a few days.” Jia Xu replied. Lady Cai had such a high status that her freedom decreased. As Xiangyang was safe, she went outside the city every month for a bit of private relaxation.
“There is no time to lose. We should go as soon as possible.” Liu Mang said.
Meanwhile, Pang Tong was also trying to make plans. He had just only been made to lose face and four thousand gold for nothing. However, the biggest humiliation was that he would have died had his uncle not bail him out. It was a humiliating because strategists should always leave an escape route for himself if he were to fail.
Pang Tong still had some lingering fear of the event. Every time he closed his eyes, he was able to see and hear the screams of the ones that accompanied him to the event that day. The only one spared was his carriage driver.
“Damn you! Liu Mang Liu Hanyang!” Pang Tong cursed as he gnashed his teeth. He even placed his uncle on Liu Mang’s side. Pang Degong had to lower his face and use the Lumen Academy in exchange for Pang Tong’s life. However, Pang Tong felt as though his uncle should have also rescue his men as well because Liu Mang would definitely not dare to offend Pang Degong. Yet his uncle only remained silent.
“Military Advisor. What do we do now?” Only a few people that were brought by Pang Tong were left. The rest had either been killed that night or when they attacked Liu Mang’s ship. The ones that were still alive became extremely cautious. They did not want to be sent to their deaths as a result of Pang Tong’s strategies.
“The four large families of Jingzhou…” Pang Tong calmed himself down and thought to himself. Jingzhou was controlled by the Huang Family, Cai Family, Kuai Family and Liu Family.
The Liu Family were Liu Biao’s relatives so they were the most influential group. However, the Cai Family and the Kuai Family worked together and were collectively more powerful. All the policies were made by the Cai Family and the Kuai Family.
There was the Huang Family. They were as powerful as the Cai Family in military but not as strong politically. Even if Liu Mang had good rapport with the Huang Family, the Huang Family would not be able to help because the matter of provisions was not under their jurisdiction. It was not like the Kuai Family where marriage would help. Although the Cai Family had the provisions, the Kuai Family had the authority to take it out. As a result of the marriage, it was no longer a good idea to try obtaining the Kuai Family’s support.
Pang Tong also wanted to use the Lumen Academy to make life harder for Liu Mang but his uncle had made that impossible.
“It is the Cai Family!” The provisions were all with the Cai Family. If Liu Mang wanted all the provisions, his next target would be the Cai Family. Pang Tong noticed that Cai Mao left abruptly on the wedding day. Based on that, he believed that Cai Mao would not be able to get along with Liu Mang that easily. Still, he could not let his guard down as Kuai Yue was initially firm in his decision to help neither party. Yet, Kuai Yue now supported Liu Mang.
Pang Tong believed Liu Mang would not visit Cai Mao so he tried to see it from a different angle. Cai Mao had no sons, only daughters. He also had a few little brothers. These were people that could not help Liu Mang. All that was left was Cai Mao’s sister.
“Lady Cai!” Pang Tong thought of her. She had a close relationship with the Cai Family and her words held sway. If there was a person Cai Mao could not go against, that person would be Lady Cai.
Pang Tong thought about Lady Cai’s status as he looked at a message detailing Lady Cai’s location and her actions. He then sneered and said, “Good! So this is your plan! Let us see who can convince over Lady Cai!”