My Father in Law is Lu Bu
Chapter 47 - Father-in-law?

Chapter 47 - Father-in-Law? (MTL, not translation checked yet)
Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by TyrLoki
After half a month of marching with his own training regiment, Liu Mang felt that his own strength was greater than ever.
Shouchun.... This Shouchun was once a thriving capital, it is also the place where Yuan Shu proclaimed himself as emperor. But now, this place is in shambles, its’ people are scattered, its’ condition is real bad even miserable word is not enough to describe it.
“Yuan Gonglu's actions are really inhuman!”Said Chen Gong while looking at the ruined city. He coudn’t help but express his feelings. Yuan Shu, third brother of Yuan family's fourth generation, he once joined the alliance together with the 18 warlords gathered by Cao Cao to attack Dong Zhuo. Originally he came to Yu Province capital Runan, to affirm Yuan family's superiority. At the same time, he also held Henan region, which consists of two Provinces, Yu and Yang Provinces, he planned to observe the nation's political power shift before he makes his move. But, during those times, Yuan Gonglu got muddleheaded and carried away. After being handed down the Imperial Seal by Sun Ce, he proclaimed himself as emperor in Shouchun.
TL: Yuan Shu's courtesy name is Yuan Gonglu. Yuxi is imperial jade seal, that was made by and handed down from Qin Shi Huang (First Qin Emperor) and is the symbol of sovereignty in Ancient China. For more information, right now, please tell me, do I need to write it down as Yuxi or Imperial Seal.
If Yuan Shu didn't get muddleheaded and proceeded carefully, perhaps in a few decades, he would have become one on top of everything. But Yuan Shu got greedy, and he thought after proclaiming himself as emperor, he will be able to command whole nation verbally. Damn, even daydreamers didn't have this much delusions.
Chen Gong could help but shake his head and think. This is time of chaos. What person or to be correct, what warlord who do not have a thought to proclaim oneself as emperor? That would be a lot of them. And also there is also who is still loyal to Han Dynasty even if only a few.
”Gongtai! What are you thinking?”Asked Lu Bu, while he beat his horse to move at the same pace as Chen Gong. Chen Gong's expression is full of lamentation and sorrow.
“Milord!” Chen Gong nodded and shook his head.
”Sigh!” While Lu Bu still did not understand what Chen Gong was thinking, another sighing sound could also be heard from behind. Lu Bu looked behind and found out that it was Liu Mang who made that sound.
”Does all the cities in this late Han Dynasty look like this?!” Liu Mang asked helplessly.
”Um?!” Chen Gong and Lu Bu's brow wrinkled, “Late Han Dynasty?” The Han Dynasty has not yet perished but it is currently in chaotic times, so they also do not speak.
Liu Mang also realized that he spoke incorrect words, he should have said “Does all the cities in this nation look like this?!” He saw Xiapi to Kaiyang also when resting along the way. Everywhere was similar to Shouchun. Common people’s eyes are bleak and blank, heartbroken and simply did not have any hope to live.
“The Majority of the cities in the whole nation probably looks same like Shouchun!” Chen Gong held back to say, entire nation,because there is one and only one province that has not fallen to chaos caused by war. That is Jing Province. Due to that peace state, many of scholars sought asylum in Jing Province.
"These damned warlords!" Liu Mang growled while biting his teeth.
"Damned warlords?!"Lu Bu looked at Liu Mang and ask this question subconsciously “Hanyang, do you really desire for peace and prosperity?!”
”Um! Why must people of Han kill each other, this is completely fratricidal!” Liu Mang does not know what these warlords are thinking. Is the position of emperor really that good?
"I got it! "Lu Bu seemed like have understand what Liu Mang had said previously, and nodded towards Liu Mang. "Do not worry, that day will come!"
"Eh?!" Liu Mang’s whole face was full of doubts, “Boss Lu, what part do you understand?”
Lu Bu patted Liu Mang at shoulder and then asked Chen Gong “Gongtai, you said Yuan Shu really have grain and provisions?!” One of the reasons that Lu Bu wanted to go to Shouchun is because there are grain and provisions there. Currently in the Lu Bu army, there is not enough provisions. What Chen Deng brought was not enough to go to Runan, let alone to Xinye.
TL: Xinye city, or Xinye County , this city always said as the only gateway for the north (Cao) to attack south (Sun-Liu and currently Lu Bu)
"He definitely has!" Said Chen Gong affirmatively. Around them are those common people who lacked clothes, lacked possession and did not even have enough to eat. “Even if these common people starved to death or freeze to death, Yuan Gonglu will have enough grain and provisions!”
"Is that right?!"Hearing Chen Gong's words, Liu Mang brows wrinkled deeply. He also felt the disdainful feeling coming out from both of their hearts.
If only a group of official benefits from common people due to chaos, Liu Mang cannot say anything, after all this is how the world works. But this, common people is in a desperate state, but you still can eat well and also have enough provisions? This is a very big issue.
“Let's go! We go to Yuan Gonglu!” Lu Bu also could not tolerate this. Even though he Lu Fengxian is not a competent warlord, he still cannot oppress people to this extent, not until no one can live properly.
After Old Cao hit Yuan Shu severely. Yuan Shu only barely managed to grab the last straw. Shouchun become an undefended city, four gates opened and the defenders are only starved veterans or young soldiers who no longer have any hair due to malnutrition.
Lu Bu halted his army and instructed them not to enter the city. Lu Bu brought only Chen Gong and Liu Mang instead and passed through Shouchun’s front door.
”Do we not need any soldiers?!” Liu Mang asked a little worried. Although Old Yuan forces already crippled and scattered, but he still had at least 10.000 troops in the city. After all this is Old Yuan's homebase, even if they are annihilated, at least they can still breakthrough.
“They can’t do anything!” Said Lu Bu while looking the conditions surrounding him.
"Eh?!" Liu Mang's voice was choked. Fuck man, Boss Lu, you have such self confidence because you are the God of War, right? What about me??? My battle strength is only 5 points? Chen Old Man’s battle prowess is 70 points and if you guys lose, the one who is most hapless is me.
“How about you both go? I'll stay with the army” Said Liu Mang with low voice.
"Humph!" Lu Bu coldly humph.
"Fine, fine, I’ll go too!"Liu Mang reluctantly followed.
"Ha-ha!" Chen Gong laughed at this pair of father and son-in-law. A strong father-in-law and weak but resourceful son-in-law.
The pair along with Chen Gong go into the city. At the city gate, there was a dozen of cavalry soldiers meet up with Lu Bu and company.
The Dozen of heavy cavalry, their body and their head was covered by a cloak hiding their malnutritioned body. This does not make Liu Mang and company feel strange, after all Yuan Shu’s army although ruined, still had teeth.
The strangest thing is, what the soldiers wore was black imperial robes with a dragon claw showing four fingernails which represents clothes of royalty? Also those banners? They were Imperial guards?!
Old Yuan is still daydreaming?
“Orders from the emperor, Grand General Lu Bu slowly dismount and kneel!”That arrogant command came from a royal messenger who came from behind the cavalry soldiers. In his hand, was a golden-colored silk scroll denoting royal command.
Grand General?! Old Yuan's gift was not small. The Grand General position can be considered as the one who commands the nation's soldiers. It is a really big position that can compare with Three Ducal Ministers and it can also be said that in chaotic times, this position becomes even more important than those of Three Ducal Ministers.
TL: Three Ducal Ministers
Old Yuan,who assigned Lu Bu as a Grand General, did he really not care for his own subordinates opinions?
Liu Mang was not in the mood to think about this matter, because Lu Bu was also silent the whole time and did not do anything, let alone kneel, he didn’t even care to dismount at all..
”Does Grand General Lu Bu not want to dismount and kneel?!” Imperial guards have gotten angry, although Grand General is a big position they also had their pride, they are Imperial guard after all.
Lu Bu do not want to pay any attention to those imperial guards, but now Chen Gong just went forward leisurely and said “Only the Official Imperial Government can assign our lord as the General Who Pacifies the East, which emperor assigned our lord as Grand General?!”
”That is of course, Emperor of Great Zhong!” The imperial guard said casually.
TL: Zhong Dynasty was built by Yuan Shu after he proclaimed himself as emperor.
"Emperor of Great Zhong? This is still the Han Dynasty’s world, where the hell did the Zhong Dynasty Emperor come from? Rebellious traitor, do you think my sword is blunt?!"Chen Gong angrily refuted.
”You!” Imperial guard want to draw sword, but stopped by the crown prince. This crown prince greet with a smile “This is my Father-in-law General Lu! Son-in-law Yuan Yao Comes to represent his Father the Emperor, I greet Father-in-law.”
His Father the Emperor was Old Yuan! Wait, Wait, Wait! Liu Mang thought suddenly stopped, “Father-in-law?” What the hell? Did Boss Lu have a second daughter?