My Pet Is a Holy Maiden
Chapter 106

Chapter 106
During the hour when the sky was dyed red, a group of Parlows stopped and looked down from a hill at Lagine Village .
「Man–, I didn’t even think I would end up watching down on Lagine village for two days yesterday . 」
A group of over 30 Parlows… No, the soldiers refrained themselves in the background, and the young almost 20 year old man muttered and looked tired .
「We’ve finally reached Lagine village, huh . That was a really tiring round trip of a march . We should get Calsedonia to cast stamina recovery magic on us later . 」
That young man – Joruto, turned back to the man behind him .
「Now, we finally get to see in person the rumored big idiot . I’m sure you know this, but you’re not allowed to make any weird facial expressions?」
「Yes… . I’m very aware of this, your highness Joruto . 」
Answering in a grave face was of course Deagan Granbia .
And next to him you could see the figure of his father, the governor of this region, Laikam Granbia .
「Now, before we go to meet this big idiot, we should be going to meet up with Tatsumi and discuss our future actions about now . 」
「About Tatsumi, he should either be in this village’s Savaiv temple, or Calse’s parents’ house . 」
The red-haired young man, who said so while acting as a spare defense at Joruto’s side, and instead of wearing gold armor as the soldiers did, he equipped armor making use of magical beast material — Morgan . (TL: why does this author make us guess who he is, just say Morgan lol)
「Okay, we should use Morga’s opinion here . Lord Granbia, sorry but could we borrow your soldiers?」
「Go ahead, don’t be reserved . They are not mine but those who serve the Rezo household . As their master is not originally me but His Majesty the King as well as the Rezo Household, I should have no reason to decline . 」
「Is that so? In that case, could you have two soldiers take off their armor and sneak into the village, and ask for the Savaiv religious association’s 《Amaka (Sky Soarer)》-dono? If you say that you want to discuss the correct choice of action from here out, it should be conveyed to《Amaka (Sky Soarer)》-dono . Ah, also make sure you try not to get noticed by the village chief or his son, okay?」
「As you wish . 」
At Laikam’s gesture, two soldiers from the group come out, and dress themselves like travellers, heading toward the village .
After waiting a while for the two soldiers dressed like travellers who had gone toward the village, Joruto and co . could see something flying toward the hill they were waiting on at high speed .
「As expected of《Amaka (Sky Soarer)》 . He’s acts fast, don’t you think?」
「The exact same as his title implies, he appears by flying through the sky . That’s quite the flashy entry . 」
Joruto and Morgan look at each other at the same time and smile .
Just before that exchange, Calsedonia and her family head toward the village chief’s house .
「Shut up!!」
Interrupting Garudo in a sharp tone with those words, his eyes unknowingly become monochrome in front of Deagan .
While coldly looking down on Garudo, Deagan continued talking .
「The woman you call a slave, is Calsedonia Chrysoprase-sama… the already married Calsedonia Yamagata-sama given that name in exchange, is called even in the royal capital《Holy Maiden》, a high priest in the Savaiv Temple . Not only that, she is the adopted daughter of His Highness Giuseppe Chrysoprase, the highest priest in the Savaiv Religious Association, with enough authority to rival His Majesty The King, someone that you should never be able to even call a slave . I have even heard such from this village’s priest-dono, too?」
Deagan, looking down coldly toward Garudo, and it was as if he was not that of his affectionate friend, his coldness almost like looking down on a criminal .
However, even so Garudo did not understand the things he had messed up .
「Wh, What are you saying!? In the end, that priest boy’s boss is the great king-sama, isn’t that the same as what you’re saying? Right now you shouldn’t be making such jokes and get that black-clothed mercenary…… 」
「That’s why I’m saying shut up!!」
When Deagan yells again, Garudo unknowingly shakes, frightened .
「Be quiet and restrained, you shall atone for your crimes with your life, Garudo . You have already done such crimes toward Calsedonia-sama that they cannot be revoked . 」
Deagan makes a speech while his eyes are fluttering to a man who he believed was his friend .
「As I have thought you my friend up until now, I bestow you the last pity that I can manage . Your neck and my neck will be presented to His Highness Jortlion together . Let’s apologize for our impoliteness from up until now together . 」
Deagan turns to behind him, kneels in front of Joruto and bows deeply .
「Your Highness Jortlion . I have obviously misjudged Garudo’s nature… It’s my fall as a person . I’ll give you my head in peace, so please don’t blame the Granbia family and the entire village of Lagine . 」
「Dea, Deagan-sama…? Wh, why is such a person of Deagan-sama’s status lowering his head to a kid… . 」
「Good Grief . You’re really, stupid, you . 」(TL: yare yare daze)
「What did you say? Oi, kid, shouldn’t you say that to my face? In this entire region, there’s nobody who can go against me and live safely . To put it in words, I’m the king of this region . You’re saying you’re going to go against the king of this region?」
Garudo proudly declares himself the king . Due to the declaration, as if he was crushing his own neck, Joruto showily responds ‘Good Grief’ and drops his shoulders .
「That’s right . Sure, in this village you’re the king . But in the end that’s only the king of this miniature garden called this village . But if you step one foot outside of this miniature garden, you’re just another border town villager?」
「Geez, this child… It seems he has to meet a painful end or he won’t understand what he’s saying!」
「Isn’t the one who doesn’t understand what they’re saying you though?」
Per Joruto’s way of speaking that just makes fun of him all the way, Garudo finally got up and grasped his fist tightly .
But, faster than Garudo could throw a punch, Tatsumi according to this moved to cut in, seizing his head and violently throwing it to the ground .
「You’re even stupider than what I had heard . Getting all worked up from such a simple provocation . 」
「Shut up!! You black-clothed mercenary!! Let go of me this instant!! After I give him a good beating, you’re going to get beat up too!!」
Even though his head was being pressed against the ground, and blood was flowing out from his forehead, Garudo was still barking .
And, interrupting Garudo’s words which did not understand the entire situation he was in, was the governor Laikam Granbia .
「Restrain yourself, insolent commoner!!」
「Go, Governor-sama!! It’s the black-clothed mercenary and the kid who are at fault!! They’re attacking me when they don’t even know anything… . 」
「Do you not understand what restrain yourself means!!」
Laikam glares sharply at the continually yelling Garudo, and the village chief Nephro, Calsedonia’s family, and the villagers, who had heard the uproar gathered around .
「This man here is the Largophilli Kingdom’s true king, His Highness Bard Rezo Largophilli’s grandchildren, and is to be the king after the next, Jortlion Rezo Largophilli . All those in his presence, immediately refrain yourselves!!」
「The… . Royal… . Family…?」
Someone who had assembled over here, gulped their own breath .
The royal family .
To the town residents of this remote region it means… no, even for the normal commoner or the foolish noble, it is an absolute existence .
Such a royal family, the direct grandson of the current king and the future king, is right in front of the commoner .
The villagers, who had heard the uproar, collected around the village chief’s house, and being thrust with that truth, they began running around panicking in normal clothes, and their complexions paled .
There was no exception for the village chief Nephro, who was kneeling on the ground and bowing deeply .
Calsedonia’s family too, at first dumbfounded from the Governor’s words, but after taking in the truth in their head, they were also prostrating in a panic .
Laikam’s son, Deagan, too and the soldiers he led . Everyone hangs their head toward that one young man .
There was not an exception for Calsedonia or Morgan .
Revealing his position obviously as royalty, and as long as he stood there, they would kneel before him .
In the middle of everyone here wearing plain clothes, the one person standing, Joruto — with the exception of Tatsumi who was holding down Garudo — and the two standing meet halfway around those submissive in front of him .
「Now, Big Idiot-kun? You, have you finally realized there is no ‘after’ for you?」
Garudo, whose head was still being restrained by Tatsumi, moved only his eyes frantically while looking up toward Joruto .
「Big Idiot-kun, your life alone will not possibly be enough to apologize, do you realize that? What will you do?」
After saying all this and moving toward Garudo, he headed next toward the village chief Nephro .
「You’re the father of this big idiot? Exactly what did you teach your son? Even for a village chief’s position, one should know the relationships in the kingdom and religious association? And just now, he was spitting abusive language at me and trying to hit me, right? Is this legitimate treason?」
Causing fissures between the kingdom and the Savaiv Religious Association, as well as causing lese majesty against the royal family . Even so, it’s safe to say Garudo’s fate was already sealed .
The absolute majesty of the royal family collected around Joruto, while he coldly looked down on Nephro .
「…… By the way, who is your wife?」
「My, my wife… . After she gave birth to my son, her physical condition crumbled and she went just like that to god’s place… . My son was not being educated, it was also part of her death… . . 」
「Do not blame this crime on the dead!」
Nephro is startled and shakes from Joruto’s sharp rebuke .
「To put the crimes you committed yourself on the dead, do you have no self conciousness that you’re the worst as a human? Now, Tatsumi Yamagata . And his lady, Calsedonia Yamagata . Both of you come toward me . 」
At Joruto’s call, Tatsumi releases Garudo, who he was holding down, Calsedonia walks over from her family, and each walks toward Joruto’s side, standing up .
The two beside Joruto, following his instructions, go toward Garudo again .
「Calse is already not the Calse this big idiot had well known . Now Calse is the adopted daughter of the Savaiv Religious Association’s highest priest, and is the wife of the hero who saved this country from the threat of a dragon, 《Amaka (Sky Soarer)》Tatsumi Yamagata . To make this Calse a slave? I would hope you are joking . 」
Joruto lifted a foot and slammed it on Garudo’s hand, laying on the ground .
At the normally calm Joruto’s unimaginably violent conduct, Tatsumi is inwardly surprised .
However, after seeing the small burning thing deep in Jourto’s eye, he once again realized .
He was angry .
Joruto was very violently angry at Garudo .
「Calse, she’s… . Not only my best friend’s wife, but also a precious friend to me, too . You’re saying to make that Calse a slave? Yeah, if you can make her a slave I’d like to see you try . I am… . In the name of Joruto Rezo Largophilli, I will do everything I can to stop you . If you still say you want to make Calse your slave, that means making the entire kingdom of Largophilli your opponent!」
「Joruto… No, it’s not just His Highness Jortlioin . I, too, will protect my wife, will kill even a dragon, and will not remember hesitation when I swing『Amaryllis』 . I swear that… on the title given to my by His Highness The King《Amaka (Sky Soarer)》 . 」
Continuing on Tatsumi and Joruto’s speeches, there was someone else who added on .
「It’s not just His Highness Jortlion and《Amaka (Sky Soarer)》-dono . The Highest Priest of the Savaiv Religious Association, His Highness Giuseppe Chrysoprase cherishes his adopted daughter Calsedonia-dono very much . If His Highness hears about this case, he will be no doubt angry . Again, the high ranking priests who take care of the temple have taken a liking to Calsedonia-dono . No doubt, the Savaiv Religious Association would move to protect Calsedonia-dono . 」
Morgan declared in a clear, well-carrying voice .
Morgan had already left the temple, but he well knew the detailed circumstances of the royal capital’s Savaiv Temple .
To the unfamiliar observer, his regal demeanor and heroic appearance would make him look like nothing more than a priestly warrior protecting the temple, the home of the gods, and the priests who serve them .
The future king, the dragon-slaying hero, the Savaiv Religious Association’s highest priest, and the high-ranking management of the Savaiv Religious Association .
It was not an exaggeration to say that there was nobody who would in this country still now defy those who just gave their names .
「Tatsumi . 」
Turning around and looking at Joruto who had called his name, he was not looking at him but rather just staring fixedly on one point .
Finally understanding the seriousness of what he had done, a certain man slumped onto his back .
Even for Garudo, he knew what a crime it was going against the royal family .
He was now slumping over and even got incontinence from his fear .
「Tatsumi, I’m sure you have a lot you owe to that big idiot, but could you leave it to me here?」
「Yeah . This is the Rezo family’s jurisdiction, and Joruto judging him would be the normal flow of events . But is it okay? Without giving His Highness The King any notice?」
「We’ll report to my old man about this place once we return home to the royal capital . It would be reporting after the fact, but, well, there’s not much to do about that . 」
After nodding once toward Tatsumi, Joruto calls out to the kneeling Laikam behind him .
「Lord Granbia has no objections, correct?」
「I believe there is nothing wrong with His Highness Jortlion judging the guilty in the name of His Highness The King as he cannot currently be present . As the governor put me, Laikam Granbia in charge from His Highness to take care of this land, you have my official approval . 」
Normally, for someone that would not even be considered 20 years old such as Joruto, to do anything in the name of the King Bard would never happen .
And, as Laikam, the one entrusted with the care of this region by Bard recognized this, Joruto officially was acting as Bard’s representative .
Joruto, who had gotten Tatsumi’s and Laikam’s approval, once again stands in front of the village chief Nephro .
Currently, Nephro was still completely prostrating, minutely trembling and shaking .
「Was it… . Nephro? Of course, there’s no way you aren’t innocent too? Your crime is that of not correctly guiding your successor, your son . Normally, favoring your relatives in this position would be fine . However, you should have still properly taught him the difference between good and bad things . From you spoiling your son… . No, not properly guiding your son, that would have been the cause of an unrepairable fissure between the country and the Savaiv Religious Association . I’m going to have you properly make up for these crimes, you know?」
Joruto takes one breath, and announces the verdict gathering his attitude as a ruler again .
「Lagine Village, village chief Nephro . I sentence you to be stripped of your position and to be put in prison for 10 years . In addition, after you are released, you are not allowed to return to this village . You must live in a different place . 」
After hearing the judgement, Nephro was astonished and he lost the strength in his body . As a matter of fact, it was pretty much correct to say that his life was over with this .
Joruto, who had given Nephro’s sentence, calls out to the surrounding villagers .
「There should be a few of those here who have followed that big idiot… . Garudo . Immediately capture them and bring them here . 」
Causing some noise, the collected villagers looked around them here and there in a ring .
However, absolutely nobody was pushed forward as one of Garudo’s followers, and the noise from the villagers slowly grew bigger .
And, suddenly Tatsumi raised his right hand overhead .
A vermillion gold brilliance surged from his right hand, passing through the air and entwining itself around a few men, transferring them to infront of Joruto .
「These people had been sneaking around at the back and trying to escape . Also, these people were definitely with Garudo . 」
「Nn . Good work, Tatsumi . 」
Tatsumi’s《Instantaneous Transmission》literally dragging them out in front of Joruto, they shook while frantically bowing .
「Pl, Please forgive us!! We only did as Garudo had told us… . . 」
「Th, That’s right… there was none in this village who went against him and lived peacefully… Please, pity us…… 」
「I have no intention of listening to your excuses though?」
Joruto interrupts the men’s words flatly .
「Whether he told you to or not, the things you did were wrong . You have to receive the correct punishment, correct?」
Joruto orders the soldiers to capture the men .
「We’ll have you meet up with those captured in the governor’s mansion, and have you all perform 3 years of forced labor . Lord Granbia, I will leave these persons to your care . Make sure to take the proper measures and make sure they spend the whole three years working . 」
「It will be as you wish . 」
Garudo’s followers, their shoulders falling, dejectedly get dragged away by the soldiers to a faraway place .
「Now, it’s finally our favourite . 」
「… . . Hey, Joruto . Could it be, you’re actually enjoying this?」
「Eh, that’s not true though? I’m just fufilling my job as a statesman punctually? I would never be having fun while judging the guys who spouted abusive language at Calsedonia and Tatsumi?」
「…… . Is that true?」
While looking at the backs of Garudo’s followers who were being dragged away, Tatsumi and Garudo whisper in a low voice as if nobody could hear them .
He’s definitely enjoying it . Although Tatsumi had the intention of confirming it, he wouldn’t say any more with that .
Since Joruto was still doing his job as a statesman, judging the lawbreakers .
「Garudo . 」
「Hii… . Hiiii… . . !!」
Just by calling his name, Garudo cowered with fright . His appearance showed no sign of the arrogant and haughty attitude he used to have .
「The things you messed up, should be placed as a capital punishment… . But I will show you just a little bit of pity . 」
「O, Oi, Joruto?… . 」
At the Joruto , who had just said he would give pity, Tatsumi was bewildered . However, he didn’t think Joruto would just say he would give him mercy, so here he left it to him .
「It seems you have a keen interest in what slavery is? In that case, take that body of yours and taste slavery to your heart’s content — Garudo . Your social status will now be reduced to that of a slave . I will find you a suitable owner myself, and give you to your new master… . . No, either way while we’re at it I will let you choose . Which will you chose, a mountain mining slave or a manure-scooping slave?」
Joruto’s saying of mountain mining slave is literally a slave that works mining in the mountains .
The contents of that job were harsh .
Deep in a cellar, with bad air, where it’s humid and dim, you dug a hole for the rest of your life .
Within the working environment of a slave, there was one more even harsher job .
There was one more slave worker who carried out night soil, bailing out the gathering toilet filth .
In a world without even a wish for flushing toilets, when every house and institution uses a method that accumulates filth, of course scooping out the filth would have to be routine .
In large cities such as King’s Landing, there are contractors who perform sewage fetching on behalf of house members, but only those who had gone broke would be forced to do the job . For that reason, these contractors bought slaves, but despite the importance of the job nobody pursued it .
Incidentally, in a small village such as Lagine Village, the house members threw out the filth themselves .
「Whichever you choose, you’ll have a fitting fate, right? Now, which will you choose? Spending your whole life in a cellar excavating at a hole? Or living while being smeared in other people’s waste? Whichever you choose, your freedom left will be little . Make sure you enjoy the last of your small freedoms left in Toga city . Lord Granbia, take this man to Toga city, and throw him into jail until you decide for him a master . 」
「As you wish」
As Laikam points at the base of his finger, the Garudo who is being whipped by a rope is surrounded by the soldiers and taken away from this place .
Tatsumi, who had reconfirmed this, gave a large, relieved sigh .
The person who had ruled over this village, the「King of the Miniature Garden」had at him swung the sword of judgement down at him at long last .
「…… . This should end it . 」
「No… . There’s still some left」
WIthout thinking Tatsumi turns back toward Joruto, and then moves his sight toward where Joruto was pointing .
And where he was pointing was,
Deagan’s figure, which was kneeling and in a position bowing deeply .