My Senior Brother is Too Steady
Chapter 650 - Father!

Chapter 650: Father!
On a main street in the Shang Nation.
Li Changshou maintained the appearance of an old immortal with white eyebrows and white hair. He held his horsetail whisk and slowly walked forward. Behind him, there was a group of “young men and women”.
According to Li Changshou’s request, all the immortals restrained their auras, but they did not hide their whereabouts.
The fairies changed the clothes that were obviously not made of ordinary materials into ordinary long dresses. Youqin Xuanya was no exception. She changed into a green and white dress. Her hairstyle changed from her usual cool ponytail to flowing hair.
Quan Dong, Yang Jian, and Wen Zhong were also dressed in casual clothes. After all, no one was looking. They could just wear them casually.
However, after changing their attire and hiding their auras, this group of people was still too eye-catching.
Therefore, Li Changshou used some small spells and deliberately used them to spread his aura and Dao runes in the world.
If the mortals did not know who they were, they would think that a scholar had come to the capital to study.
He also let the Heaven Immortals and the big shots of the world know that he was treating the Chan School and Jie School fairly and giving them the same information.
It was basically a show.
When Li Changshou arrived, he naturally noticed Li Jing’s traces. Based on the principle of taking care of the disciples of Ren School, Li Changshou took the initiative to give Li Jing some hints and wanted him to come and expand.
However, Li Jing seemed to be focused on drinking and did not notice these small movements.
Fortunately, when Li Changshou was about to send a voice transmission to Li Jing, Li Jing finally noticed them and ran over excitedly.
Yes, the younger generation can teach. It’s just a little rash.
The future Grand Marshal of the Heavenly Courts’ army still needed to be polished and tempered.
Lord Taibai Jinxing was an old sharpener.
At that moment, Li Changshou thought that nothing would go wrong if Li Jing greeted him and greeted him simply.
Could he overturn the sky with one sentence?
Therefore, Li Changshou continued to use a calm tone to talk about the history of the human race, the power structure of the Shang Nation, and the social conflicts in the mortal world of the South Continent…
“After the Yellow Emperor defeated Chi You, the two great powers of the human race can no longer be changed. The immortals and mortals have separated, and the tribes have developed separately. There is a relationship between the two forces.”
“It was precisely because immortals and mortals were separated that mortals could not overcome the long distance. The connection between the tribes gradually decreased. This made the Human Emperor’s rule lack a key foundation. His political orders were not smooth, and he did not know the King.”
“The separation of immortals and mortals is progressively completed. Therefore, we can see that from the end of the ancient times, as well as the fact that the Xia Nation has not fallen behind in recent years, the mortals of the human race are constantly regressing. This is actually the inevitable result of the separation of immortals and mortals.”
“When they arrived in the Shang Nation, the stable transmission method became the foundation for the Shang Nation to rule a large number of territories.”
“However, the transmission of the decree still required a long process. This determined that outside the territory of the Shang Nation, the Fang Nation was in charge of autonomy. They would submit to the King of Shang and pay their respects to him at a fixed time. If they did not pay their respects, it would mean that they had rebelled and the King of Shang would send troops to attack.”
“The Shang Nation actually had two concepts. Firstly, with the capital city as the center, it spreads out to one-sixth of the territory of the South Continent. It is the core region of the merchant country, which could be understood as the largest square country. Apart from that, they are all vassals who had submitted to the Shang Nation. They are known as the eight hundred vassal states. They are led by the Four Marquises of the East, South, and North There are also ranks. This is the Shang Dynasty.”
The Goddess of Fire Spirit looked enlightened and smiled. “If one of the 800 vassals develops and takes over the central position of the Shang Nation, will it be a new dynasty, which is also the change that the Heavenly Dao foretold?”
“That’s probably the case.”
Li Changshou smiled and looked at the Goddess of Fire Spirit in admiration. The latter was confused…
He was a little proud.
Wen Zhong asked, “Uncle-Master, what’s going on in the Shang Nation? Don’t they respect the King of Shang?”
“Of course they respect the King of Shang but it’s not just him that they respect.”
Li Changshou deliberately kept them in suspense and continued to shop.
“The King of Shang is the core of the Shang Nation’s power. However, there are many restrictions around this core. The ministers, female sacrifices, the royal family, and even the various countries were restricting the King of Shang’s authority… Otherwise, wouldn’t he be lawless?”
The immortals chuckled. Youqin Xuanya and Quan Dong’s eyes were filled with light.
Even Wen Zhong and the female immortal of Chan School, who had just come into contact with Li Changshou, were filled with admiration.
In other words…
‘Why are you talking about the Shang Kingdom?’
Li Jing stood at the corner of the street not far in front of him. He lowered his head and waited for Li Changshou and the others to pass by. He muttered in his heart.
Are we really going to do that?
Why do I feel that something is amiss?
However, after thinking about it carefully, he felt that the instructions of the Grand Elders before he went down the mountain were reasonable and flawless.
At the end of the day, it was actually a problem!
Why is Lord Taibai Jinxing taking care of me?!
Li Jing firmly believed that there was no hatred in the world without a reason.
The elders had used their connections to go to the Netherworld to investigate. In Li Jing’s previous life, his previous life, and his previous nine lives, he did not do anything to save the Primordial World. He did not have much interaction with Ren School.
He had even been a donkey in his fifth life.
How did he, who was born poor, gain the favor of Lord Taibai Jinxing?
Back then, when he went to the Immortal Du Sect to become a disciple, he was not qualified to enter the Immortal Du Sect. Why did Taibai Jinxing spend so much effort to open up a new path for him to become a disciple through luck and accept him into the Immortal Du Sect?
Why would the reincarnation of the late Sect Leader, the Qi Refinement cultivator of Kunlun Mountain, Zheng Lun, say those meaningful words to him, who had gone to visit him?
Everything was under the care of Lord Taibai Jinxing.
Taibai Jinxing and the others were less than 100 feet away from him.
Li Jing took a deep breath and stood upright. He put away his sword and pressed his hands on his robe. There was only one last hesitation in his eyes.
“Ah, Li Jing, you have to appreciate me. Although Lord Taibai Jinxing was from the Immortal Du Sect, the Immortal Du Sect had only given him the care of an ordinary disciple. He had already given the Immortal Du Sect too much. He did not owe the Immortal Du Sect anything. Moreover, why did Lord Taibai Jinxing give you pointers when there are so many other disciples? Why did he give you so many hints? If you are a woman, we will not make such a guess. Lord Taibai Jinxing is only a young Daoist who is more than a thousand years old. We understand that he is a little agitated. However, you are a man, Li Jing. Look at the books left behind by Lord Taibai Jinxing. Do you really not understand? Grand Pure One, why are you still putting on airs in front of the Lord Taibai Jinxing? You are much younger than the Lord Taibai Jinxing!”
Li Jing was speechless.
100 feet, 90 feet, Lord Taibai Jinxing was getting closer and closer to the alley.
Li Jing recalled the names of the books and the lines of meticulous words in the book that explained the principles of a father.
“Father’s Love Is Like a Mountain”
“How to Be a Successful Father”
Be a patient father.
Li Jing, Li Jing, everything that you have now, your immortal destiny, was given by the Lord Taibai Jinxing.
Lord Taibai Jinxing had already made it clear that he was prepared to become a father. It is common knowledge in the Primordial World that it was extremely difficult for mighty figures to bear children…
Lord Taibai Jinxing treats me well!
In fact, Lord Taibai Jinxing had already done the most part and was just waiting for him to take the initiative. Lord Taibai Jinxing was an important minister of the Heavenly Courts and a mighty figure with great mystical abilities in the world. He was a ruthless person who could compete with the Saints. He had to give some respect.
Father, Mother, I have not forgotten my flesh and blood.
Uncle, Aunt, the reason I could meet the two elders was because of Lord Taibai Jinxing’s arrangements.
30 feet!
Li Jing suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes were filled with determination. His determined face was shining with glory.
I must step forward!
I’m fearless!
I cannot repay his kindness, so I naturally have to follow his instructions!
I’m going to do something big today!
Li Jing strode out of the alley. He, who had already been noticed by the immortals, ignored them completely. He shuttled through the crowd and looked firmly at Li Changshou’s face!
Li Changshou was puzzled. He did not know why Li Jing was “angry”. He did not seem to have done anything to let that fellow down. The young lady from the Yin family had also made arrangements. Elder Moon was fighting the Dragon and Phoenix Cry’s death knot. He was just short of suffering…
Li Jing suddenly knelt on one knee and cupped his fists at Li Changshou before bowing!
Li Changshou subconsciously wanted to dodge. The immortals who were about to attack stopped. In the next moment…
“Father, please accept my bow!”
Li Jing knelt on one knee and lowered his head to kowtow. His movements were extremely firm, revealing his strong will.
What did he just shout…
Li Changshou’s paper effigy was stunned. Youqin Xuanya, the Goddess of Fire Spirit, and a female immortal of Chan School behind him tilted their heads in unison.
Wen Zhong pondered when he saw that, but Yang Jian frowned and remained silent.
Quan Dong’s eyes were filled with light. He even nudged Li Changshou’s paper effigy with his shoulder. His expression seemed to be saying, “Not bad. You secretly messed with such a big son.”
Li Changshou was rendered speechless.
It was very square.
What’s going on? The future father of Nezha suddenly wants me to be his father?!
Who am I going to reason with!?!
If word got out that Li Jing’s surname was Li, and Li Changshou’s surname was also Li, and his alias was Li Changgeng, things would be completely unclear!
What if Yun Xiao gets the wrong idea?
Wouldn’t Ling’e cry again because she’s been wanting to have children with me?
If Teacher is watching the current situation, based on Teacher’s eagerness to have a grand-disciple, he might just adopt him!
Li Jing looks harmless. How could he have such a father?
If you are the Primordial Lu Bu, can this be considered murder?
Calm down, calm down.
In the past hundred years, this was the first time Li Changshou’s Dao heart had experienced such a huge wave. It was like a clap of thunder.
He said slowly, “Disciple-Nephew…”
At this moment!
A wisp of Dao runes circulated. Li Changshou felt some enlightenment in his heart. The enlightenment condensed into two huge words.
“Take him.”
Senior Brother, do you really think that you can’t recognize me by pretending to be a teacher?!
It was revenge!
Li Changshou did not stop. He continued, “What are you doing? Disciple-Nephew, please stand up and reply. I’m still… ahem, how did I become your father?”
From Li Changshou’s “harsh tone”, Quan Dong understood that Li Jing was not related to his beloved minister.
As the Heavenly Emperor, he had to firmly stand on the side of protecting his ministers.
Quan Dong smiled and said, “Dear nephew Li Jing, it’s easy for others to misunderstand you if you call me Father directly. You have to call me Godfather. Godfather.”
Li Changshou’s smile froze.
Li Jing seemed to have woken up from a dream. He stood up and kowtowed again. “Greetings, Godfather!”
Li Changshou was about to reject again when the Grand Pure Dao runes appeared in his heart. This time, they condensed into two words.
“Not bad.”
I descended to the mortal world to start a small class and I had inexplicably acknowledged a son?
Where did Li Jing come from? Could it be that I have misjudged Li Jing’s character? This fellow looks honest on the surface, but he is scheming in his heart?
Uh, could it be that the books I gave him had given him a reverse understanding…
Forget it.
Li Changshou stared at Li Jing’s back and continued to observe.
This fellow’s position as the Heavenly Courts’ Marshal was stable.
Hence, half a month later.

“Hey, have you heard? Lord Taibai Jinxing has taken in a foster son named Li Jing.”
“Fellow Daoist, you just came out of seclusion? Was there no communication in the Cave Abode? This is a conversation that happened a few days ago. Li Jing said that he is your foster son. Perhaps he is the biological son that Lord Taibai Jinxing cannot admit to.
Otherwise, why is his surname Li?”
“Why can’t I admit it?”
“Fairy Yun Xiao is the Dao companion of Lord Taibai Jinxing. Have you forgotten? What status and Dharma powers does Fairy Yun Xiao have? Does Lord Taibai Jinxing not care about Fairy Yun Xiao’s pride?”
“Ah… There’s a lot to think about.”
At the banquet at Kunlun Mountain.
The Heavenly Courts used a wide-open bottle and the in-name disciple of the Saint of Ren School. They paid attention to Perfected Du’e. Not long after he arrived, he heard the news and hurriedly returned to his Cave Abode on a cloud.
In the Eight Treasures Cave, Du’e woke up his disciple, Zheng Lun, who was trying hard to comprehend the Dao. He explained the matter in detail and asked Zheng Lun,
“Disciple, what do you think about this? Your memories from your previous life have mostly been recovered, but what does Li Jing have to do with Senior Brother Changgeng?”
Zheng Lun muttered to himself for a while. He was trying to recall some things. After a while, he said in a low voice, “I’m 80% sure. They’re really related.”
“Oh? Really?”
Perfected Du’e’s eyes lit up.
“Master, don’t tell anyone about this.”
“Don’t worry, don’t worry. I’ll keep my mouth shut… My lips are sealed!”
“How did Li Jing become your in-name disciple, Master? Behind this, Changshou had actually secretly arranged it. He even brought over a luck-testing Dharma treasure for that.
Changshou is really concerned about Li Jing.
Especially one thing, Master.
Back then, Changshou had instructed me to arrange a pair of Perfected Immortal Dao companions who do not have a long lifespan, to be Li Jing’s foster parents. He also asked that Perfected Immortal Dao couple to give Li Jing the most warmth and let Li Jing feel the warmth of home.”
“Is that true?”
“Yes.” Zheng Lun’s eyes were filled with emotions. “Everything is true.”
At that moment, Zheng Lun even felt enlightened.
He reminded worriedly, “Master, don’t tell anyone about this. This is a secret that only I, the previous Sect Leader of the Immortal Du Sect, know… Ah, where’s Master? Master! Come back, Master! Master, a life is at stake!”
At the same time, on the Three-Immortal Island…
Yun Xiao shouted softly. Qiong Xiao’s legs turned weak and she subconsciously knelt down.
Li Changshou, who had just been put in a spot by the two of them, smiled bitterly. He took out a Life and Death Book that he had borrowed from the Netherworld. Li Jing’s background, which was recorded by the Heavenly Dao, was written on it.
Although Yun Xiao probably would not follow the crowd, it was better to be safe than sorry.
Li Changshou focused his attention on the paper effigy and scanned Li Jing’s current situation. The corners of his mouth twitched.
This fellow is really lucky.
This was the tenth time. An expert passed by and patted Li Jing’s back. He said kindly, “Fellow Daoist, did you drop this Postnatal Merit Numinous treasure? Oh, no. It should be fated with you. Why don’t I give it to you and let it form a good relationship with you?”
In the Primordial World, it was abnormally realistic.