My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
Chapter 1006 - Everlasting Love

Chapter 1006: Everlasting Love
Gu Mingzhe had only hatred left for Zhong Qianqian and her family the moment he found out that Zhong Nuannuan was the real little princess of the Nangong family.
Now, knowing how much suffering the woman he loved went through, Gu Mingzhe felt sad and heartbroken.
When he saw Zhong Qianqian was still thick-skinned enough to beg him, the anger in his heart merely rose, not subside. He kicked Zhong Qianqian in the chest, sending her flying over a meter away.
“Scram! Disgusting woman! Do you know that the woman I really love is Nuannuan? If you and that disgusting mother of yours hadn’t tempted me from the start, would I have fallen for such a disgusting and brainless idiot like you? Zhong Qianqian, let me tell you, the person I, Gu Mingzhe, love in this lifetime is Zhong Nuannuan. This is something that my whole family knows. Yet, you and that vicious mother of yours actually treated Nuannuan like that. Forget about saving your mother, based on my anger toward you, I’d help Nuannuan send your mother to prison even if the Nangong family hadn’t done that already.”
Then, Gu Mingzhe said to Zhong Nuannuan righteously, “Nuannuan, you know how I feel about you. Don’t worry, I’ll never side with Zhong Qianqian.”
This time, not only did Zhong Nuannuan laugh, even the guests snickered in spite of themselves.
This was…
Could he be any more shameless?
Gu Mingzhe knew that he would hear Zhong Nuannuan reject him.
However, the regretful Gu Mingzhe still wanted to fight for himself.
If Nuannuan reciprocated his love, then he would not only win the Nangong family, but also his love.
He had never fallen in love with any woman before. Zhong Nuannuan was the only woman that he wanted to love and care for before he had any power.
“Nuannuan, I know it’s a little late for me to say this now, but I believe you know how I feel about you. Even when I was together with Zhong Qianqian, I thought only of you. Also, I can show you my marriage contract with Zhong Qianqian. We only had an agreement to get married. The contract stated very clearly that I would help her hook up with the Nangong family and get them to get her out of jail. If she were to marry me, she could file for divorce only if she paid me 200 billion in compensation. I told her then that the person I loved was you, so I wouldn’t touch her.”
Everyone was stunned.
A marriage agreement?
Was it true that Gu Mingzhe played such an elaborative game? It was only after he realized that Zhong Qianqian was the eldest daughter of the Nangong family that he decided to pursue Zhong Qianqian, instead of Zhong Nuannuan, the girl he liked.
If that was the case, everyone would really like to applaud his actions of abandoning a watermelon and went for sesame seeds instead.
No wonder he looked so convoluted right now.
How could the little princess of the Nangong family fancy a lowly young master from a third-tier wealthy family like you?
Dream on!
Sure enough—
Zhong Nuannuan smiled.
“Brother-in-law, do you know why I insist on calling you Brother-in-law the first time you started dating Zhong Qianqian, even though I’m disgusted with Zhong Qianqian? That’s because I think there’s a saying that best describes you and Zhong Qianqian. How does it go again? Oh, right. A b*tch and a mutt make a good rut!”
Nuannuan’s words drew an explosion of laughter from the crowd.
Gu Mingzhe did not think that the woman he loved would say something so hurtful to him in public. His face turned deathly pale.
Everything was Zhong Qianqian’s fault.