My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
Chapter 1007 - Impressive

Chapter 1007: Impressive
If Zhong Qianqian had not misled Gu Mingzhe from the start, Nuannuan’s impression of him would not have been as horrible.
“Zhong Nuannuan, it’s all your fault! Why must you exist in this world? Why must you fight me for everything? You steal my father, my fiancé, my life, and now you’re even trying to rob me of my husband. We have the same father, and we share the same blood. How deep is your hatred for me that you have to force me to die?”
“What’s wrong with you? Has your integrity been eaten by dogs? When did Miss Nuannuan snatch anything from you? You and your disgusting mother were the ones who tried to steal her life, weren’t you?”
“Hehe, come on. She doesn’t have any sense of morality, yet you’re still telling her this.”
“Get this straight. The miss of the Nangong family is your father’s first wife, okay? What do you mean ‘stealing your father’? If it weren’t for that damned mother of yours who caused the death of Miss Nangong, would you have a father? You’d just end up an illegitimate child!”
“It’s fine if you say that Miss Nuannuan stole your father, but you actually have the nerve to say that she stole your life? You have no sense of shame, fine. Yet, it seems like you want to lose more than your face. If your mother hadn’t killed Miss Nangong, would you have become the Miss of the Zhong family? If your mother hadn’t tried fighting to give you a better future, would she have made a deal with the human traffickers and sold Miss Nuannuan when she was three years old? If Miss Nuannuan hadn’t used her bone marrow to save you, would you still be standing here and criticizing her? If it wasn’t because you knew Miss Nuannuan was the real Miss of the Nangong family and wanted to take over her nest like a cuckoo bird, would you have brought shame to yourself?”
“This woman is crazy, isn’t she?”
“I think the Gu family is the crazy one. Even if this woman is the young miss of the Nangong family, it’s impressive that Gu Mingzhe manages to withstand accepting her despite knowing how distorted her world views are!”
“The thing is, he has already taken advantage of such a disgusting woman, and now he is showing his love to Miss Nuannuan. It’s so disgusting that I feel like puking.”
“Truly, there’s no such thing as the most disgusting—it’s just downhill from here onward!”

The guests were disgusted by Zhong Qianqian and her daughter, along with the Gu family’s shamelessness.
Even though they knew that it was unbecoming of them to insult these people like that, they could not hold back the suppressed disgust and anger at these immoral people.
As for Zhong Nuannuan, she had never bothered to fight for anything with Zhong Qianqian. After all, there was no point in being serious to a mad dog.
However, there was one thing that she must clarify.
“What do you mean I stole your fiancé? Zhong Qianqian, are you nuts? Big Brother Chi Yang liked me from the start, not you. You were the one who drugged Big Brother Chi Yang, and he ignored you even when he was under the drug’s influence. Yet, you have the guts to accuse me of stealing your fiance?”
Zhong Nuannuan looked at Nangong Renyi and said, “Grandpa, I feel that this woman is cuckoo in the head. Shouldn’t we send her to the mental hospital for treatment?”
Everyone, “…”
It seemed like Miss Nuannuan was focused on something else altogether!
No matter what Zhong Qianqian said, Miss Nuannuan would not get angry. However, when it came to her fiancé, she raged immediately.
It seemed like… Miss Nuannuan truly cared for her fiancé!
Miss Nuannuan’s fiancé was that captain in Jiang District, right?
What a lucky man to be adored by such an excellent woman.