My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
Chapter 1092 - Killing In Style

Chapter 1092: Killing In Style
Yet, what was the meaning of this painful sensation coming from his entire body?
Scorpion thought about the needle that Queen had inserted into his head.
Scorpion’s eyes widened in shock.
No way…!!!
The intense pain nearly crushed Scorpion. Before Nuannuan and Chi Yang could do anything else, Scorpion had already curled up and collapsed to the ground, moaning in pain.
Ever since he went through the experiment, he no longer felt pain. Now that pain from every inch of his body overwhelmed him so suddenly, how was he supposed to endure it?
Thinking that Queen was not paying attention to him, Scorpion raised his left hand and removed the needle from his forehead.
He thought that after removing the needle, the bug in his brain could resume its function.
“I’ve frozen the bug in place,” Nuannuan bent down and whispered into Scorpion’s ear.
Scorpion widened his eyes in disbelief.
How did Queen know about the experiment? Did King tell Queen about this?
How could this be?
An armored vehicle arrived at the most impeccable timing. Chi Yang ordered, “Capture him.”
The capture was very sudden and it took place on such a large campus.
It was a military operation—the most confidential and authoritative military operation in Camino—with many witnesses. Yet, many fearless ones recorded videos of the incident. All thanks to drones and their surveillance, they managed to find the students or teachers and got them to delete all videos and photos.
The chancellor of Emperor District University also gathered these people together and taught them how to think. If anyone caught wind of any bad comments about this, thus causing the criminals to be slip through the nets of justice, the Chancellor would have all of them expelled or fired. It was not a joke.
Therefore, even though this matter had caused quite a stir in every corner of Emperor District University, it quickly died down.
While Nuannuan and Chi Yang worked together to capture Scorpion, Aiden and Dan Qi also inched closer to where KE’s top hacker was.
There were more than 20 computers installed in Aiden’s car with no less than 30 windows on each computer. Each screen had a red dot on it, and Dan Qi had been sitting at the computer, controlling it.
Dan Qi’s fingers flew across the keyboard at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye. A blue dot appeared beside one of the windows’ red dots, like a gluttonous snake. The two dots blinked a few times before the red dot disappeared. He closed the window.
After that, the blue dot quickly reappeared in the second window, consumed the red dot, and closed.
After three red dots disappeared, an extra red dot appeared on another interface.
However, no matter how fast the red dot increased, the blue dot would still destroy the red dot at a speed that was more than twice as fast.
When Aiden arrived at a central street area in the northern area of the city with Dan Qi’s instruction, many of the computers had already been shut down, leaving only the main computer with more than 20 windows left.
These twenty or so windows displayed images of different places in this area.
20 images became 10, 5, 3…
“Get off.”
As soon as Dan Qi finished speaking, Aiden and Dan Qi, who were prepared, got out of the car gracefully.
One of them looked suave in a custom-made British suit. Meanwhile, the other looked clean and neat in his school sports uniform and a backpack.
The two of them were both extremely good-looking foreigners, attracting a lot of attention when they suddenly walked into the old alley.