My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
Chapter 1095 - K-E5

Chapter 1095: K-E5
“I never understood what KE meant, but I do now. ‘Kill Eagle.’”
Chi Yang’s eyes narrowed.
“Big Brother Chi Yang, it’s obvious that KE has a grudge against the Chi family. Do you know what kind of grudge it is?”
Chi Yang shook his head. “I don’t know, but I’ve always known what KE meant because KE has been going against our Chi family since 20 years ago. However, at first, we thought that they simply wanted to destroy our country’s top special forces. However, later on, I vaguely felt that they have a grudge against our Chi family.”
Nuannuan was silent.
It seemed like even Big Brother Chi Yang did not know what kind of hatred it was that could last for more than 20 years. Perhaps only Grandpa would know about this.
However, for Grandpa to have never told Big Brother Chi Yang about it, it could only mean that it was top secret.
Chi Yang patted Nuannuan’s head. “Not only do they have a grudge against the Chi family, they also have a grudge against the Nangong family.”
Nuannuan nodded. “In the past, I also thought that they captured my mother, me, and Ling’er just to obtain the Nangong family’s supernatural abilities. However, after that time on KYC Island, I found out that they also had a grudge against the Nangong family. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have wanted the Nangong family’s young masters to leave their lives behind in Velmina.”
Chi Yang glanced at Nuannuan, a smile flashing across his unreadable eyes.
Nuannuan was stunned. “What kind of expression is that?”
The moment she asked, she recalled something.
She never told him about what had happened after she was kidnapped, but she mentioned Matchmaker. Now, she linked her own mother and Lil Ling’er’s matter together. Was this not the same as… exposing herself?
Oh, well. Forget it. She had no plans of hiding this from Big Brother Chi Yang anymore anyway. Moreover, she believed that even if Big Brother Chi Yang found out about it, he would keep it a secret for her.
As for the others, so what if they knew?
The fact that Nangong Nuannuan dared to stand so brazenly under the sun meant that she was confident that her enemies did not have any evidence to prove her real identity.
Without evidence, she could easily deny any allegations.
She did not know if there would be any evidence in the future, but if anyone dared to bring up any form of proof, she would make sure that they would not see the sun anymore.
With a cheat like Dan Qi around, even if evidence existed, he could get rid of this evidence easily.
Chi Yang was 100% tolerant of his wife’s clumsiness in his presence. Afraid that she would overthink this, he shook his head and said, “Nothing. I think you’re right. So, after the giant explosion and everything that happened on KYC Island, I went through the military files from 20 years ago. 20 years ago, my dad’s Eagle Special Forces joined hands with your Eldest Uncle’s three field armies to launch a fatal attack on King, the leader of KE, when they entered the country.
“King was killed in the explosion while all of KE’s higher-ups were killed. The impact from that battle could be said to have sent the entire international scene trembling, greatly elevating our country’s military position at the international level. ”
“Then, the current King…”
“Rumors had it that it’s his son. His son inherited his father’s career, but no one’s seen what King looks like now. He’s more cunning and cruel than his father.”
“Then, do you know how old was King when your dad killed him?”
“According to your Eldest Uncle, King was about the same age as my dad. When King died, he was probably only in his thirties.”
Nangong Nuannuan, “…!!!”
King died in his thirties and left behind a son. If his son had just been born then, his son would only be 20 years old now. If the old King had his son at the age of 20, then the current King would only be 30 years old at most.