My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
Chapter 1220 - : I Told You To Sit Down

Chapter 1220: I Told You To Sit Down
Therefore, the guards could only stare nervously at Da Bai, who stood up gracefully after failing to land on its target and locked its gaze onto Chi Zeyao once more.
Chi Zeyao stared at Da Bai and ordered, “Sit down.”
This was detestable to Da Bai. A cripple in a wheelchair dared to challenge him? However, after Chi Zeyao said “sit down” for the second time, Da Bai felt an indescribable pressure surge from above him.
Da Bai feared getting pressurized this way the most. Therefore, under Chi Zeyao’s scrutiny, the initially arrogant and unyielding Da Bai gradually calmed down due to its fear of some unknown power. In the end, its frustration turned into dismay, and dismay into submission (defeat). Even though it was extremely indignant, it did not dare to be arrogant anymore.
He snorted a mouthful of foul air and slumped to the ground on its rear.
As soon as his buttocks touched the ground, he felt a wave of icy coldness shooting up his spine through his buttocks. Da Bai, who had never been so aggrieved before, cried out and got to its feet again.
“I told you to sit down!” Chi Zeyao repeated.
Da Bai felt the pressure from the aura intensify, and it cowered before plopping down pitifully on the cold ground.
The weather in the north was about -20 degree-Celsius outside the city. Da Bai felt as if its eyes and nose were already starting to freeze. It wondered how many licks it would take to melt the ice.
The guards would not understand Da Bai’s world. At this moment, their mouths were slightly agape as they looked at the old marshal’s son with admiration.
It was rumored that this gentleman was a good-for-nothing, but they were convinced otherwise after interacting with him today! After all, none of them were able to intimidate the lion with their guns, but the old marshal’s son managed to calm the raging lion down with just a few shouts.
“Da Bai!”
Seeing that Da Bai was unable to chomp down on Chi Zeyao and Chi Yuancheng and send them to an early death, a hint of lament flashed through Feng Shengxuan’s eyes before he hurriedly walked down.
Old Master Chi remained at the door the whole time, ensuring that he kept a far distance from Da Bai.
It was not that he did not want to help Chi Zeyao, but just like what happened at that critical moment earlier, protecting himself and not becoming his son’s burden was the best he could do for his family.
Seeing Feng Shengxuan come out, the old master’s eyes darkened slightly but he greeted him with a smile, “Lil Xuan, you’re awake?”
Lil Xuan…
Who allowed this old man to call him that?
However, Feng Shengxuan nodded and said politely, “That’s right, Grandpa. Da Bai’s roar woke me up, but I didn’t expect Da Bai to escape its cage. Thankfully, Da Bai likes Second Uncle. Otherwise, based on what I know of this lion’s temper, it’d tear people apart whenever it’s angry.”
Then, he walked towards Second Uncle Chi.
He pretended not to know anything and asked, “Second Uncle, how did Da Bai come out of its cage?”
Da Bai turned around to look at the Demon King. Realizing that the person who would help it was here, Da Bai got up from the ground immediately, wanting to show how much affection it had for Feng Shengxuan.
After all, it never had to suffer when it was still in the manor. Once it suffered, the Demon King would kill the servants that caused Da Bai any suffering.
Now, it wished that the Demon King would kill this man.
However, just as Da Bai’s butt left the ground, Chi Zeyao’s demonic voice traversed into its ears again.
“I told you to sit down!”
Da Bai had just stood up and was about to take a step forward with one of his paws. However, before he could even take a step forward, he was scared out of his wits by the sinister voice. It glanced pitifully at Feng Shengxuan before dejectedly withdrawing his paw.