My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
Chapter 1222 - Cook For You Personally

Chapter 1222: Cook For You Personally
Although this place was comparatively small, it was much more comfortable than the back mountain of the manor that was devoid of the presence of humans.
Since Chi Zeyao was there, Da Bai did not dare act rashly. Chi Zeyao sat in his wheelchair and wheeled himself over to the old master as he said to Da Bai, “This is Nuannuan’s grandpa.”
Although Da Bai did not know what a grandpa was, it could understand “Nuannuan”. Thus, it understood immediately that this old man was related to his Little Princess Nuannuan. Da Bai then obediently sat down on the ground to express its friendliness.
The old master looked at Da Bai, who was now sitting obediently in front of him, even though it looked like it was ready to tear everyone into pieces just seconds ago. It triggered his affection that was reserved only for small animals. The old master chuckled.
“Da Bai is so obedient. Nuannunan has taught you well!”
Da Bai wagged its whip-like tail before turning to Chi Zeyao. Its eyes said, ‘I did well, didn’t I? Can you let me off now!”
After all, the pressure that Chi Zeyao exerted on him had not been removed. As long as this feeling remained, Da Bai would not be able to truly feel happy. After all, the idea that someone else had your life in his hands was not pleasant at all!
“Dad, Da Bai is new here and doesn’t understand our family rules. I’ll educate it. You should take a nap too!”
Chi Zeyao then looked at Feng Shengxuan. “Lil Xuan, your stomach is unwell. You must eat on time. I suggest you set an alarm in the future and get up for lunch.”
Did he just call Feng Shengxuan Lil Xuan again?
Who in the world agreed to let these two call him that?
However, other than agreeing, Feng Shengxuan felt that there was nothing else he could say.
Previously, Feng Shengxuan thought that there was no one left in the Chi family. He thought that everything would be over once he killed Chi Yang.
However, after arriving at the Chi residence, he found out that other than Chi Yang, there was also Chi Zeyao.
These two were guarding the Chi family—one was a fierce tiger, while the other was a poisonous snake. Each of them was harder to deal with than the next.
“Uncle Fu, quickly tell the kitchen to bring Lil Xuan’s food out. It’s time for him to eat,” ordered Old Master Chi.
“Yes, sir.”
When a table of light but fragrant dishes was served, Feng Shengxuan’s appetite was instantly whetted. However, he felt a surge of annoyance in his heart.
Feng Shengxuan did not like the idea of feeling warm and happy when he smelled the food.
However, the idea soon disappeared from his mind.
It was just a meal. The old man’s family owed him a whole lifetime. Therefore, he convinced himself that he was here to charge them some interest by eating this meal.
The old master went upstairs while Feng Shengxuan ate. Chi Zeyao remained seated in the wheelchair with a smile on his face and kept asking Feng Shengxuan if the food was to his liking—whether any of them were salty enough or otherwise.
As Feng Shengxuan ate, Chi Zeyao kept asking if his stomach was burning and if he felt uncomfortable.
Feng Shengxuan, “…”
Feng Shengxuan felt uncomfortable with Chi Zeyao’s excessive concern, but seeing that this was Nuannuan’s second uncle—ugh, bah—Chi Yang’s second uncle, he had no choice but to feign civility with Chi Zeyao.
However… the food was undeniably delicious, and it matched his taste perfectly for some reason Feng Shengxuan could not comprehend.
“Second Uncle, where is your house chef from?” Feng Shengxuan decided that he would hire a bunch of similar chefs with him when it was time for him to leave.
“Young Master Xuan, our master cooked this personally for you.”
Feng Shengxuan, “…!!!”
Feng Shengxuan’s first instinct was, ‘Is there poison in here?”
On second thought, with Nuannuan here, even if he was poisoned, his little girl would definitely find out immediately and proceed to expose the ugliness and hypocrisy in these people.