My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
Chapter 1315 - Provocation

Chapter 1315: Provocation
Kitano Satoshi’s face had already turned as dark as the bottom of a pot. Originally, under his plan, the Yamato team would have been more ahead of the Camino team by a lot of points, but Nangong Nuannuan ruined it again!
He was so angry!
However, this was a national livestream, so he could not fly into a rage. He could only swallow this loss. In his heart, he had already thought it through. Since Nangong Nuannuan gave him so much suffering, so he would definitely let her know the consequences of offending him.
Since the offense was now too great to dismiss, there was no need for them to leave.
Kitano Satoshi looked at Nangong Nuannuan with a gaze dripping with venom. However, Nangong Nuannuan reciprocated with a casual smile.
That was a serious provocation!
The real second round of the competition finally began.
Other than the disgusting schemes and plots, the Yamato team was actually pretty good. Unfortunately, they had utilized their smarts in the wrong aspects. In other words, this match might have been nothing but a cover to something else.
The questions were obviously much more difficult than the ones that they had to answer in the first round. Whether it was answering in advance or answering wrongly, all of them would be counted as a point.
R gave some free points to Z, and Z gave R some free points as well.
In this round, Nuannuan still did not answer much. Unless she noticed that the opponent’s score had 2 more points than them, she would not take action.
After all, this was a competition for the whole world to see, and teamwork was what it was focused on. Even though these questions could not be any simpler for her, she must not steal the limelight from her teammates.
Therefore, this round ended. Out of the 30 questions asked, Camino scored 16 points, and Yamato scored 14 points. The difference was very small.
The third round’s objective was to test the students’ memory.
Many students had always wanted to know how good a brainiac’s memory was. To explore this mystery, the program team summoned 300 workers and gave them a number each, ranging from 1 to 300. After that, the program team would get these 300 people to take out their phones and draw a pattern to unlock their screens.
Everyone would have five strokes for their screen lock patterns, and differing screen lock patterns for each person. The brainiacs not only had to remember the screen lock patterns of those 300 people, but they also had to remember the order of the strokes. Otherwise, even if the screen lock pattern was drawn correctly, they would lose if the strokes were drawn in the wrong sequence.
While these 300 people were displaying their patterns, Nangong Nuannuan noticed the look of absolute confidence on Kitano Satoshi’s face.
After the 300 people slid through all their screen locks, the host gave everyone five minutes to recall the patterns and sequences.
To deal with such a task, the students from both parties were delegated their parts. Each person would memorize a group of 30 pictures.
Thirty was not a lot, but because they were all answers that required five strokes and some of the patterns were very similar, it was quite harrowing to memorize all of them.
However, this was nothing to those students on Z’s side.
“Nuannuan, do you remember the answers?”
“Uh-huh, don’t worry.”
“That’s great.” The students exchanged happy glances. After all, Nuannuan was their team’s dark horse, and her memorizing skills were amazing.
After Nuannuan told Wang Geng what Kitano Satoshi said, Wang Geng immediately went to look for Guo Zhennan.
Guo Zhennan quickly went to negotiate with the host.
Kitano Satoshi had a bad premonition, but he could only give up after realizing he could not hear what the other party was saying.
While they were resting, the reporters that they arranged for suddenly ran up to interview the students on R’s side—