My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
Chapter 575 - Rescue

Chapter 575: Rescue
The woman who wanted to bed him failed to reach her goal, yet he slept with the woman’s younger sister instead. Old Master Chi felt uncomfortable at how things turned out.
Firstly, he was unhappy with the family who plotted against his grandson. After all, being able to raise such a daughter said plenty of the bad values within her parents. At the very least, they were undeniably guilty of spoiling their children.
However, after some deliberation, he realized that his grandson had never been involved with any woman.
With his increasing old age, he merely wanted to have a grandson. Yet, there was not even a hint of shadow that it was happening.
Therefore, when the marriage report arrived in Emperor District, Old Master Chi approved it without any hesitation.
After all, there were not too many women who had the opportunity to be close to his grandson.
Wrong, not ‘too many’—he meant to say that there were none.
After all, his grandson had that weird habit. He would have goosebumps all over his body if a woman who liked him approached him, much less touch a woman.
At long last, Chi Yang finally found someone he could live with. Although Old Master Chi felt that it aggrieved the daughter from that family since she was only 17 years old after all. However… His Chi family wanted to go forth and multiply too!
Therefore, after much consideration at home, he decided to make a trip to Jiang District himself.
He was supposed to arrive a month earlier, but he heard that his future granddaughter-in-law had been implicated in a murder.
This angered the old man greatly.
He did not like this family to begin with. After all, her elder sister had drugged his grandson, and now that the younger sister had committed a murder. The old master felt nothing but extreme discomfort at the entire ordeal.
Thankfully, he heard that his grandson had gone around to collect evidence for the girl. Eventually, he finally obtained the victim’s family’s approval to conduct a medical examination on the victim. In the end, he found out that the victim had fallen down the stairs because of a seizure during the incident. Only then did the old man calm down.
Once his anger dissipated, he insisted to see his granddaughter-in-law, and he secretly rushed over just for that.
However, the old man was overjoyed in this encounter.
Not only was she charmingly beautiful, but she was also skilled! Not only was she skillful, but she was also quick-witted and had a loving heart!
In that move earlier, not only did his granddaughter-in-law save him, but she also saved this woman. This meant that she was a kind-hearted person. This made the old man very happy. He could not help but agree that his grandson was amazing—he found a treasure worth keeping on his first try.
“Sir, are you alright?”
Seeing that the woman had steadied herself, Zhong Nuannuan hurried to check on the old master.
After all, the old master was aged. No matter how much he loved bouncing around, it was easy for problems to arise with his old limbs.
She used her X-ray vision to check on the old master. After confirming that he was fine, she sighed in relief.
The old master looked at his granddaughter-in-law with eyes full of affection and excitement. He kept shaking his head. “I’m good, I’m good, I’m good! Thank you, Miss!”
“You’re welcome.” Zhong Nuannuan smiled. The moment she saw the old master, she felt like it was as though she had seen her real family.
Therefore, no matter how pretentious the old master was, she would still indulge him and play along with him.
In her previous life, she was tricked by Jiang Shuwan and drank the tea that she gave her, ending up unconscious. After that, she was taken away by the organization, and Chi Yang came to save her. When they realized there was no escape, she asked him, “What will happen to Grandpa if we both die?”
Chi Yang’s answer still shocked her to this day.
“Grandpa said that if I can’t save you, there’s no need for me to go back.”
In the end, they did not return indeed.
That was because she and Chi Yang had both died in her previous life. She did not know how devastated the old master was when he heard about their deaths.