My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
Chapter 870 - Treatment

Chapter 870: Treatment
“Elder Chi, you’ve mentioned how wonderful Nuannuan’s expertise in medicine that she can fix you up so well. You can even walk in the thick of winter now. Why don’t you let Zeyao try her acupuncture?”
Chi Zeyao smiled. “Elder Xu, Nuannuan just arrived at noon today. She has already started giving me treatment after lunch. I feel much better now.”
Elder Xu was surprised. “Really?”
“It’s true.”
Elder Lee nodded at the side. “The temperature outside has dropped drastically today. If it was in the past, Zeyao would’ve gone back to his room feeling ill. Look, he still has the mood to chat with us today. It seems like he’s really feeling much better.”
Only then did Old Master Chi smile and say, “That’s why I invited the three of you to come over first. Seeing that you guys are on good terms with me, I’ll let you guys have the first look. In the future, if anyone else comes over, I’ll ask our Nuannuan to charge them a number of fees. After all, she can’t treat them for free, right?”
Then, he looked at Nuannuan. “Little Girl Nuan, since the three of them have agreed to help you, you should treat them with acupuncture today. In the future, they can also serve as living proof of your handicraft, right?”
Nuannuan did not know whether to laugh or cry at Old Master Chi’s pettiness.
“Grandpa, I’ll treat anyone that you want me to treat for free. As for others, I won’t treat anyone that you don’t want me to treat, no matter how much money they offer me.”
Touched, Old Master Chi nodded in agreement. “Yes! Our Nuannuan doesn’t lack money anyway.”
Zhong Nuannuan asked the three old generals to remove the blanket on their legs. Although she could see through them with her X-ray vision, she could not expose her supernatural abilities to outsiders.
Therefore, she could only pretend to look at the three old men’s knees and thighs before saying, “The three grandfathers’ situation is very similar to my grandfather’s. Everyone suffered gunshot wounds to their legs when they were young that left a long-term effect, in addition to not treating those wounds properly. Now, they have developed severe varicose veins due to their old age. Coupled with their recurring illnesses, the blood clot in their legs can’t be removed. If you’ve considered surgery, firstly, you’re old; secondly, illnesses like these can relapse very easily, so you’d rather sit in a wheelchair. Doctors won’t recommend putting you through surgery either.”
Nuannuan’s words triggered repeated nods from the three old masters. Everyone looked at her expectantly.
“So, Little Girl, can our legs walk like your grandfather’s even in winter?”
Zhong Nuannuan nodded. “Yes.”
The three elders were overjoyed. Elder Xu asked, “How many acupuncture sessions will we need before we can stand on our feet?”
“If I do it now, you’ll be able to walk back later.”
The three elders were overjoyed when they heard that.
Following that, Zhong Nuannuan used the same method to treat the three elders’ legs. The only difference was that the three elders’ legs were injured in different places, so she applied the needles and fire cups at each corresponding position.
As Nuannuan extracted the fire cups, the small cups were dripping with blood. The few elders who were used to seeing blood—as they plowed through the most terrible storms life could ever offer—they did not even do so much as blink as they continued chatting with each other.
After not seeing each other for so long, it felt as though someone popped their chatty lids and words poured out from them in all directions.
Nuannuan’s final step in her acupuncture treatment seemed to have completed simultaneously for everyone.
After wiping the bloodstains off the elders, Nuannuan reminded them not to shower at night before asking them to try standing up.
As expected, after receiving their treatment, the three elders managed to stand on their feet. Moreover, they could feel strength that was surging in their legs.