My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots
Chapter 872 - Heart Attack

Chapter 872: Heart Attack
“That girl from Soaring Clouds Pavilion kept calling our Nuannuan a country bumpkin and insisted on making a bet with her. Eventually, Nuannuan chose the biggest raw stone in their family store. When they cracked it open, it actually contained imperial jade. Do you know how ugly the expression on the girl’s face was back then? Hahahaha!”
Old Master Chi observed the looks on those old things as they seethed with jealousy. The looks on their faces said nothing but a suppressed urge to kidnap Nuannuan back home and make her their granddaughter-in-law instead. Thinking of that, Old Master Chi beamed.
However, he did not notice that after he said those words and took out the green imperial jade, Old Master Nangong’s pupils constricted.
As Old Master Chi guffawed loudly, Old Master Nangong could not hold himself back anymore. He clutched his heart and collapsed face down.
Everyone in the room went into a panic immediately.
“Oh, no! Nangong’s having a heart attack. Call the doctor!”
“Elder Chi, is your family doctor here today?”
“Yes, yes, yes! Quick! Call Old Hong over!” Old Master Chi quickly ordered the servants.
“Let me see!”
Zhong Nuannuan walked over to Old Master Nangong and examined his heart.
It was a myocardial infarction that was caused by a sudden surge in blood flow, resulting in a blockage of blood vessels.
Without another word, Zhong Nuannuan pulled Old Master Nangong’s clothes open. Just as she was about to insert a needle, Old Hong, the Chi family’s family doctor, arrived.
“Stop! Where did this girl come from? Do you think that you can simply insert a needle into a place that’s as important as the heart?!”
Even though Old Hong was only a family doctor, he used to be a professor at Emperor District Military Medical University before his retirement. He had quite a reputation.
After retiring, Emperor District Military Medical University was prepared to hire him again. However, when he heard that the Chi family was looking for a family doctor, Old Hong, who was Old Master Chi’s admirer and fan, turned down the university’s offer. Instead, he became the Chi family doctor.
As a senior professor, he definitely knew these reputable elders.
Seeing that Zhong Nuannuan was about to insert needles into Old Master Nangong’s heart without any form of disinfection, he was so scared that he shouted without a second thought.
“You old man, what are you saying?! This is my granddaughter-in-law!”
Old Hong, “…!!!”
Old Master Chi rebuked him and a flash of redness surged over Old Hong’s face. “Old Marshal, even if she’s your granddaughter-in-law, you can’t just let her randomly administer acupuncture on Old General Nangong’s heart! It could be lethal!”
Elder Xu became sarcastic immediately. “If you continue to stop her, he’ll really die!”
Elder Li also butted in. “You old antique, don’t you know that the girl’s bracelet can disinfect wounds automatically?”
Old Hong, who had been showered with insults for no reason, “…”
What did he do?
He was merely trying to prevent the girl from touching the old general’s heart because of his professional ethics in medicine. Even a normal person could understand that, right?
However, what was wrong with these three elders?
Were they trying to kill Old Master Nangong?
How could they allow a girl who was still wet behind the ears to perform acupuncture on General Nangong so casually?
As everyone was attempting to stop Old Hong, Zhong Nuannuan had already inserted the needle into Nangong Renyi’s aorta.
“Stop! You can’t…”
Old Hong was shocked by Zhong Nuannuan’s bold acupuncture technique. He shouted for her to stop and extended his arm to stop her.
“Shut up!”
However, before he even extended his arm, the three old generals shouted in unison.
Old Hong quickly pulled his barely extended hand back and looked at the three angry generals fearfully.