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Chapter 1017 - Gu Mang, I Have Let You Down Back Then

Chapter 1017: Gu Mang, I Have Let You Down Back Then
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When Leng Xuan heard such arrogant words from her, her eyes were full of contempt.
She took two steps forward, “Gu Mang, I underestimated you. I didn’t expect you to have some standing in terms of medical skills. I didn’t expect you to be God Ji, and I didn’t expect you to be able to make the Dark Web betray Base 102.”
She glanced at Lan Sha and her eyes shrank slightly. The murderous intent in her eyes remained fully unconcealed.
Gu Mang took off the down jacket she had just put on again, and threw it to Lin Shuang along with her baseball cap and glasses.
She stared at Leng Xuan with her dark eyes and her voice was slightly suppressed. She sounded like a gangster. “A lot of things are unexpected when you have a mind like yours.”
“You!” Leng Xuan watched as Gu Mang took off her coat as if she was ready to fight her at any time. She narrowed her eyes and felt a little fearful deep down.
The people from the Leng family stepped forward immediately and they stared at Gu Mang warily.
The girl smirked and scanned the secret guards of the Leng family. The look in her eyes was rather sinister. “Are you so afraid of me?”
Lu Chengzhou tugged at Gu Mang’s shoulder and stepped forward to look at her. In a soft voice, he said, “You promised to control yourself.”
Gu Mang was silent for a second as if she was rather annoyed. In the end, she still stood in place.
Seeing that Lu Chengzhou was so defensive towards Gu Mang, Leng Xuan clenched her fists and glared at Gu Mang. “So what if you have Red Flame and the Dark Web behind you? Who are you to make these losers come against me? Ask them, who dares to?!”
All the families were infuriated when they found out about the psychotic operations that were undergone in the Biomedical Core Office.
They had all barged into Base 102 out of anger.
But the moment Leng Xuan and the Head Elder appeared along with Killer Alliance and Shadow League, it was as if a bucket of cold water had been splashed on their heads. It put out their fires.
They could still put on a tough front and risk it if there were only the forces of the Head Elder and Leng Xuan’s Base 102.
But with such powerful opponents like Killer Alliance and Shadow League, they had no chance to fend for themselves.
Everyone looked at the circle of fully armored and heavily armed men dressed in black with guns in their hands.
The fear that was suppressed by their impulsiveness surged crazily.
Even if some of the patriarchs were fearless, they had to take into account the juniors in the family.
At this moment, when everyone looked at Leng Xuan, they all felt angry and desperate. Their eyes were all bloodshot red.
“I do!”
Bai Zhang and the people from the Bai family took Gu Mang’s side without hesitation. “Even if the Bai family falls from the four major clans and is expelled from Jijing Island, I will risk this life of mine to make you pay for the deaths of these children whose corpses cannot even be found!”
“Alright,” It was just the Bai family. Leng Xuan didn’t even care about that. “Since the Bai family wants to die, I will grant you your wish.”
The Head Elder put his hands behind his back and he looked at the various patriarchs of the big families who had not moved. Among them, there was the Ye family.
He laughed and said, “I will give all of you a minute to consider. Would you rather scoot off with your men, or do you want to have your whole family be buried with Gu Mang.”
In other words, the Head Elder was going to kill Gu Mang tonight.
All of them looked up at Gu Mang and they were in a dilemma.
Ye Junci had already calmed down from the anger that she initially felt.
She glanced at Black Eagle who was leaning against the tree, then she looked at Brahma who stood there with one hand in his pocket. Then, at Huo Zhi.
This was originally the territory of Base 102. She was just afraid that there were snipers all around at the very moment.
With the addition of Black Eagle and Brahma’s men…
The Head Elder and Leng Xuan had not taken any action now merely because they did not want to create a big issue out of it. They only wanted Gu Mang to die.
Otherwise, all these people who have long been shot by the snipers.
It was obvious who was going to win.
How could people like Gu Mang and Lu Chengzhou fight against those on the Head Elder’s side?
Even if they had the Dark Web, they were still fighting against heavy odds and sacrificing their lives in vain.
Gu Mang was too impulsive. She did not even have the drug prescription in hand and yet she exposed the issue about the Biomedical Core Office. She even made all the people come here. How is she going to clean up this mess?
The Ye Family cannot fall in her hands.
Leng Xuan won’t do anything to Lu Chengzhou. She was only after Gu Mang.
Ye Junci looked down and pondered for a few seconds. Then, she sighed softly and looked at Gu Mang. “Gu Mang, I’m sorry.”
The girl tilted her head and pinched her wrist. There was no movement in her eyes at all and she looked completely indifferent.
Lu Chengzhou had no reaction either.
“Auntie!” Instead, Ye You looked at Ye Junci with reddened eyes.
Ye Junci clenched her fists hidden in her coat and she did not answer.