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Chapter 352 - This is Simply Humiliating Country K

Chapter 352: This is Simply Humiliating Country K
Noelle pinched her fingers and smiled softly. “We did not find the Miracle Doctor. Perhaps someone had misinformed you.”
They had cracked their brains to find the Miracle Doctor only to offend them. If this matter was spread, it would only be humiliating for the President’s House and Country K.
Lu Chengzhou looked at her and smiled. His tone was very lazy. “Perhaps.”
Noelle’s expression remained and she answered calmly, “You searched for the Miracle Doctor for two years and you could not find him, how would the President’s House be able to find her?”
Lu Chengzhou did not answer. His smile became even more meaningful.
Noelle did not know if he believed her. She bit her lip and lowered her posture. “My mother cannot wait any longer. I hope that Young Master Lu can pass this message to Ms. Gu.”
Lu Chengzhou’s clean fingertips rubbed the tea cup casually. The atmosphere was silent and repressed. Old Madam didn’t speak either and she was really calm.
With this attitude, Noelle guessed what they wanted to do at a glance. They just wanted to take the opportunity to earn some money.
She took a brief breath and smiled gracefully and generously. “If the Lu family helps us persuade Gu Mang to come to the President’s House we will surely prepare a generous gift of gratitude.”
After speaking, the two people still didn’t say anything and Noelle felt even more insecure suddenly.
“Young Master Lu?” Noelle couldn’t help but feel nervous.
The man finally moved. He put down the teacup, leaned back with his legs up, and his eyes fell on her. “What are you willing to offer to get Gu Mang to come here?”
The quotation was easily accessible with some checking. Noelle answered honestly. “300 million.”
“Twenty times of that.” Lu Chengzhou answered expressionlessly. “Excluding the Lu family’s share.”
Hearing that, Noelle frowned immediately and she was no longer able to keep her cool. Her tone became sullen. “Young Master Lu, isn’t the price a little too high?”
Twenty times! That was basically daylight robbery!
He said to give Gu Mang twenty times that. Would Gu Mang be able to handle it? Wouldn’t it be taken by the Lu family? It was known that the Lu family did things like robbers. She finally understood today.
Sen Te, who had been standing behind Noelle, was even more disturbed. His face was tense.
Was the Lu Family nuts?!
Lu Chengzhou put his hands on the armrests of the sofa and he smirked. His beautiful face was even more glamorous. “We have stated our offer. It is your choice whether you want to accept or not.”
Noelle’s eyes shrank.
Granny Lu smiled kindly. “Miss Noelle, there are only two things to consider when it comes to trades, whether it is worth or not worth. Just like when we bought machines from your Country K, even if you demanded an exorbitant amount, we would have been able to afford it if we were sincere in purchasing it.”
In other words, “Isn’t daylight robbery Country K’s favorite hobby? Do you think we have learned from you well?
They were humiliating Country K.
Noelle’s chest rose and fell slightly as if she were angry, but she did not dare to attack them. She took a sip of coffee and suppressed her anger.
After a long while, she finally felt relieved. She put down the cup and her voice calmed down. “Okay, fine. Twenty times, then. Can Young Master Lu tell me where Miss Gu is now?”
Lu Chengzhou smirked and looked at Noelle. “Depends on you.”
Noelle did not quite understand him. “What do you mean?”
Lu Chengzhou was still smiling in a soft and light manner. He said, “When the finances are settled, anything is possible.”
Noelle was speechless.

In the living room, there was a computer on the coffee table. Noelle had already transferred seven billion to the Lu family’s account just now. 6 billion was for Gu Mang and 1 billion was for the Lu family.
Lu Chengzhou tapped a few keys on the computer and all the money went into his private account.
Old Madam felt sorry from looking at it. She looked at him with cold eyes. “No wonder your dad left early. He didn’t want to see you behave in such an obsessive manner.”
He even transferred the money that the President’s House gave to the Lu family to Gu Mang.