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Chapter 512 - The Salon Membership Card was The Real Black Platinum Card!

Chapter 512: The Salon Membership Card was The Real Black Platinum Card!
Lu Yang swallowed his saliva and said with difficulty, “Sister Mang, you… this is your house?”
“Mmhm,” Gu Mang answered calmly and walked into the area.
The guard on duty was the same one as when Gu Mang first came. When he saw Gu Mang, he acted respectfully and his face was full of flattery.
“Haven’t seen you in such a long time.”
Gu Mang nodded politely as a greeting.
Fatty looked at the attitude of the guard and lowered his voice to a strange level. Then, he told Chu Yao, “My family has a house at the Seal Palace as well. Sometimes, I come here too, but the guard’s attitude isn’t like this usually.”
Chu Yao shrugged. “Sister Mang is pretty and you’re ugly, so you’re treated differently.”
Fatty retorted, “F*ck off!”
For some reason, the person walking in front of them suddenly became irritable. Lu Yang and the others were rather curious about the guard’s attitude as well, but they did not say anything.
When they took the elevator to the top floor, they understood why the guard had adopted such an attitude. Their Sister Mang was the owner of Seal Palace’s Black Platinum Card.
It was quite a huge shock!
The others stood behind Gu Mang and they looked dumbfounded.
When Gu Mang took out her card, she accidentally dropped it on the floor. She bent over to pick it up before swiping to unlock the door. “Come on in.”
She opened the door to her apartment. The act of her dropping her card was very familiar. Fatty recalled that Gu Mang had dropped her Black Platinum Card when they last visited as well. When she had bent down to pick it up back then, she said had something.
He had fully trusted what she had said without a doubt back then. Now, he felt that he was too gullible and innocent.
Fatty blinked a few times and his voice shook. “S-Sister Mang, does the peculiar card stickers from the shopping street outside our school look good?”
He repeated the explanation that Gu Mang gave him when she dropped her card and almost exposed herself as a ‘big boss’ when she was trying to keep a low profile. Gu Mang did not say anything. She walked further in.
With Fatty’s reminder, everyone except Qin Yaozhi, who hadn’t been there at the time, recalled it too. Meng Jinyang, who understood, smiled, and did not say anything.
Based on their conversation, Gu Si could imagine the scene where his sister almost exposed herself, and the corner of his lips twitched.
Salon membership card…
His sister was really impressive!
Lu Yang reacted first. He sighed. “Damn! Sister Mang, you are the mysterious owner of the Seal Palace’s Black Platinum?”
Gu Mang looked at him with an expressioin that said, “What kind of stupid question is that?”.
Lu Yang’s expression was very complicated. The three words, “real big boss” were filling up his brain.
The others were even more baffled. If Gu Mang had brought them to another place, it was fine. But this was the Seal Palace!
Top floor, Black Platinum Card!
“The kitchen utensil sets are all complete. Jinyang, you prepare them first. I will come right away,” Gu Mang said as she carried her bag into the room.
In Qin Yaozhi’s heart, there was nothing Gu Mang was not capable of. She could accept that very quickly. So the moment she entered, she was very excited. She took Shen Huan to the panoramic window and looked at the legendarily spectacular ocean view of the first-line city.
The entirety of Ming City was beneath them. They overlooked the entire city and everyone in it. The night view of the city was totally unobstructed.
“Oh f*ck! It’s so pretty!” Qin Yaozhi expressed her feelings in an uncultured manner.
Shen Huan took out her phone and shrieked. “Ahhh! I want to take a selfie! Mom, I made it! I am standing on the top floor of the Seal Palace and looking at Ming City at night!”
Meng Jinyang did not disrupt them. She took Lu Yang and the others into the kitchen to start preparations for making food. Gu Si could not provide much help in the kitchen so he took out all the beverages and beers from their packaging and placed them on the table.
When Gu Mang came out, she walked to the kitchen and rolled up her sleeves to help them wash the vegetables.