Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts
Chapter 2275 Mysterious Killer

Chapter 2275 Mysterious Killer
Following Long Chen’s shout, the flame lotus being held back by the seven blood giants began to inflate.
“You want to detonate it? Keep dreaming!” One of the seven laughed, and the blood chains burst out of the seven giants, wrapping up the flame lotus tightly.
Working together, the seven of them actually managed to seal the flame lotus. It shuddered inside but was unable to explode.
Long Chen formed hand seals, controlling the flame lotus. He suddenly smiled. “You’re too naive.”
Just as he said this, a dagger stabbed through one of the seven’s butts, causing that elder to let out a pained cry.
That was Dong Mingyu. She had never chosen to target someone in that spot before.
An assassin’s goal was to kill the target in one blow. Stabbing the Cruel Dagger into someone’s butt was definitely unprecedented in the Bloodkill Hall’s history.
This was naturally what Long Chen told her to do. These extremely terrifying old existences in control of Samsara power had a sharp sense of danger. Even for an assassin, once they initiated a killing blow, it would definitely be sensed.
However, what Long Chen wanted wasn’t for Dong Mingyu to kill them. All he needed was the slightest distraction, and Dong Mingyu had done that.
With the immense pain from being stabbed by the Cruel Dagger, that elder was distracted. He instinctively kicked behind him, only to kick thin air as Dong Mingyu had already vanished. His comrades shouted at him.
That slight distraction was all it took for their control to be thrown out of balance. The flame lotus once more began to inflate. The seven of them turned green and used all their power to suppress it.
Regretfully for them, they were too late. The flame lotus exploded. Their blood giants instantly collapsed, and the seven of them were sent flying.
Other than the seven of them, the other experts of the Blood race had fled into the distance. They had only stopped when they were safe and the flame lotus had been stopped. But even at that distance, the flame lotus’s explosion reached them.
The World Extermination Flame Lotus was the most powerful technique Long Chen had currently. However, it had its own fatal weakness, which was that it took too long to accumulate energy, so it was easily interrupted.
The power of this flame lotus was on par with the one that Sovereign Mo Li had suppressed. It was a five-star flame lotus, Long Chen’s current limit.
At that time, Long Chen had wanted to use it to wipe out the sea demon race, but Sovereign Mo Li had appeared and erased it. Even Long Chen had never gotten to experience just how powerful it was.
Now, he saw it. This attack broke all laws. Even as the laws tried to fuse back, they were broken once more.
Everything within a hundred thousand miles was turned into a domain of death. Within this range, it didn’t matter if it was the elites of the Blood race. It didn’t even matter if it was one of their young kings. They were all incinerated.
Just at that moment, the void split open, and one old figure after another shot out. The seven fourth step Netherpassage experts were badly burned and covered in blood.
As soon as they came out, they looked around, only to see the Blood race experts standing outside a giant hole like statues.
If they had been within the radius of the explosion, they would have forever vanished from this world.
“Bastards, where do you think you’re going?!”
Suddenly, one of the seven of them roared because he noticed two figures rushing away within the twisting space.
BOOM! The elder sent a giant fist-image smashing into the two of them. Those two wretched figures were Long Chen and Dong Mingyu.
After detonating the World Extermination Flame Lotus, Long Chen had used Huo Long’s power to block a portion of its explosive power, but even then, he had received quite the blow. Furthermore, for Dong Mingyu, he could only receive it head-on.
Although the World Extermination Flame Lotus was his technique, when it was released, it didn’t differentiate between friend or foe. Even with Huo Long blocking a portion of it, Long Chen’s bones had been shattered.
Dong Mingyu had activated the aura concealing art to help them escape at this time, and if it was during an ordinary time, perhaps they might have escaped right under the eyes of the fourth step Netherpassage experts. However, those Netherpassage experts were actively searching for them, so they quickly noticed the spatial fluctuations. That elder’s attack instantly exposed them.
Lightning wings appeared on Long Chen’s back, and they sped away. At the same time, another flame lotus appeared in his hand, and he sent it flying toward the elders.
“There’s another one?!”
The Blood race’s experts were horrified. That flame lotus was definitely much smaller than the first, but it still terrified them.
“No, it’s a fake!” One of the seven elders noticed something wrong and smashed it apart with his fist. It exploded, only unleashing a wave of weak flames.
The other fourth step Netherpassage experts were humiliated at their fear and charged after him.
Seeing that Long Chen was already too close to the Martial Heaven Continent for them to block his path, they unleashed attacks. Seven giant hands slammed toward Long Chen. If struck, not even ten thousand lives would be enough for Long Chen and Dong Mingyu.
The giant hands slammed down upon Long Chen and Dong Mingyu. The earth exploded from the impact.
The Blood race’s experts cheered, but then their voices were cut off as if severed by a blade.
In the distance, lights flickered. Long Chen and Dong Mingyu’s figures reappeared.
“How is that possible?”
“Are they ghosts?”
“Why didn’t they die?”
The Blood race’s experts were dumbfounded. They had clearly seen the two of them being struck.
“That was close.” Long Chen took a deep breath, wiping off some sweat. That really had been dangerous.
Dong Mingyu was also pale. While holding onto Long Chen just now, she had really thought that they were about to die.
A formation disc beneath Long Chen’s feet shattered. This formation disc was used for short-distance instant transportation formations.
Upon entering the Yin Yang World, Long Chen had set up a dozen of these discs that were linked to each other. Upon stepping onto one, he would be instantly transported to the next.
The range of such formation discs was not very long, but the good thing was that it could be activated in an instant.
Just as the Blood race’s experts had thought that those two had been struck by the giant hands, Long Chen had managed to reach the location of the first formation disc. Activating it, he had teleported just as the hands slammed down on him. He had been a hair’s breadth from dying.
“Damnit!” One of the fourth step Netherpassage experts furiously unleashed a giant blood sword.
“Don’t!” His comrades shouted at him, holding him back. Long Chen had calculated his position perfectly. His current position was within the range of the Sovereign’s will.
If they attacked, it would trigger a counterattack from the Sovereign’s will. Then all of them might be killed.
The elder stopped. He could only furiously glare at Long Chen as he left.
“Hahaha, no need to send me off. I’ll definitely return.” Long Chen arrogantly laughed at them.
The Blood race’s experts gnashed their teeth furiously. One of the young kings roared, “Despicable human, we’ll let you be arrogant for a few more days! Once your damn ghost’s will fades, we’ll slaughter you all!”
Long Chen didn’t reply. He and Dong Mingyu went through the exit. They saw that a large group of experts had gathered on the other side. Most likely, the large movements on this side had alarmed the Heavenly Dragon Legion.
Suddenly, Long Chen’s expression changed. With a shout, Evilmoon slashed toward the earth. The earth exploded and a figure flew out, attacking Dong Mingyu with a sword.
Long Chen blocked with Evilmoon and sparks flew. Long Chen’s arms shook, and Evilmoon almost escaped his hold. This expert was incredibly powerful. Long Chen staggered back.
That person was wrapped in a black cloak. His black sword was like a specter, and after knocking back Long Chen, he once more attacked Dong Mingyu. Space froze.
Dong Mingyu was locked down by her opponent’s killing intent. She raised the Cruel Dagger, only to be sent flying as well. Her arm had been shattered.
That person seemed to have come for Dong Mingyu. He followed up, appearing beside Dong Mingyu and sending his sword slashing toward Dong Mingyu’s neck.