Ninth In the World
Chapter 516 - Taking the Reincarnation Bridge Away and Not Reincarnate

Chapter 516: Taking the Reincarnation Bridge Away and Not Reincarnate
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Ping Ji smiled and declared loudly, “If that’s the case, let’s begin the second round of the summit. Since Zhangsun Huang has broken through to the Immortal Supremacy Realm, are any of the four remaining inheritors willing to challenge him? If not, I think that Zhangsun Huang should take first place.”
No one uttered a word. No matter how arrogant the four of them were, they didn’t think that they could beat someone of a higher realm.
Ping Ji continued when he saw that everyone stayed quiet. “Sect Masters, in that case, let’s begin the second round. The same old rules apply. The four remaining participants will fight against each other. Every win is equivalent to three points, and a draw is worth one point. No points are awarded for a loss. The final ranking will be determined by the total number of points.”
Even Xie Wanling and Yue Wuliang, who wanted to find fault with the rules, were at a loss for words when they heard Ping Ji.
They could get their inheritors to challenge Zhangsun Huang if they had any objections. However, although they were allowed to challenge him, the key factor was whether they dared to do that.

Xiangnu wandered around the outskirts of Wang Chuan Temple. Three years had passed since her grandfather had told her that he had something to do, yet he hadn’t shown his face ever since or left her any messages. She had already reached the second-stage Golden Core Realm in the meantime and even cultivated the Five-Element escape technique to a certain extent.
If he hadn’t told her otherwise, she would have really liked to go down there and find out what was going on.
Meanwhile, Di Jiu was sitting on top of a black wooden bridge. There was no life in his Ninth World yet, but the law of reincarnation was gradually taking shape.
A voice in Di Jiu’s mind was constantly reminding him that he needed to go through one round of reincarnation with the Reincarnation Bridge in order to fully control it.
‘Should I reincarnate…’
Di Jiu’s powerful willpower woke him up. Then, as he opened his hand, the Reincarnation Bridge appeared in the depths of his Spiritual Sea.
He didn’t want to reincarnate because that would take up too much time. How long would it take? Xiangnu was still waiting at the Wang Chuan Temple alone.
At the moment, he needed to bring Xiangnu to the Immortal World and find Xiuqi, as well as Wangchuan and Qiushui, both of whom he had never met before.
“Grandfather…” Di Xiangnu, who was bored out of her mind, instantly greeted him happily when she saw him.
“Not bad. You managed to attain the second-stage Golden Core Realm in just a couple of years.” Di Jiu smiled at Xiangnu as he spoke. Xiangnu must have worked extremely hard in order to progress from the fifth-stage Foundation Establishment Realm to the second-stage Golden Core Realm in just three years.
Di Xiangnu, who was joyous when he praised her, asked, “Grandfather, can we leave this place yet?”
“You didn’t go out in the past few years? You’ve been cultivating here all this time?” Di Jiu shot Xiangnu a puzzled look. As a young girl who wasn’t even 20 years old, her determination had to be formidable if she could suppress her desires and cultivate in the Wang Chuan Mountain Range for three years.
Xiangnu replied in an embarrassed tone, “I went out once a year ago when I had just reached the Golden Core Realm, but I came back because the people outside were too strange.”
Xiangnu had gone to the bustling city and seen many girls of the same age as her wearing revealing clothes, kissing in public, and doing things that she couldn’t comprehend. She had been taken aback.
She had become unaccustomed to such behavior in just a couple of days, so she had decided to return to Wang Chuan Temple and continue studying the escape technique in seclusion.
“Indeed, this place is unsuitable for you. I’ll bring you to the Immortal World. You might find your mother there.” Di Jiu lifted Xiangnu and tore open a crack in the void with his hand.
After Di Jiu entered the void, his Spiritual Force quickly located the Small Central World and he descended on the Five Continent Square of the Small Central World with just a single step.
The Small Central World hadn’t changed much. Although there were still a few familiar faces around, both his elder sister Di Di and Uncle Fu were gone.
What surprised Di Jiu the most was that the Five Continent Dao Pagoda that had always stood erect at the center of the Five Continent Square was nowhere to be seen. Without the Dao Pagoda, the Five Continent Square wasn’t the same way it used to be.
The only person that could refine the Five Continent Dao Pagoda and take it away was Di Feixue. However, she only possessed the Five Continent Dao Law. Didn’t she need the Five Continent Seal too in order to refine the Five Continent Dao Pagoda? Since he was holding on to the Five Continent Seal, how had Di Feixue refined the Dao Pagoda and taken it away?
“Grandfather, was this your training ground in the past?” Xiangnu couldn’t help asking when she saw Di Jiu spacing out on the empty square.
“Yes. However, it has changed. Eh…” Di Jiu was startled. He soon took another step and left the Five Continent Square with Di Xiangnu.

In terms of heritage, the Galaxy Master Sect was definitely the weakest in the Small Central World. However, it was one of the most powerful sects.
Even after Di Jiu, the founder of the Galaxy Master Sect had ascended to the Immortal World. His elder sister Di Di and his best friend Geng Ji were still the strongest people on the Small Central Planet.
Even the Prophecy Pavilion and the True Dominion treated the Galaxy Master Sect with respect.
At the moment, a one-armed man was standing outside the Galaxy Master Sect. He asked the disciple who was on guard duty excitedly, “May I know who the Sect Master of the Galaxy Master Sect is?”
“Who are you?” The disciple stared at the one-armed man and replied in an unfriendly tone.
“My name is Xiang Tianyi. I was the Sect Master of the Polar Night Continent’s Galaxy Sect…”
Before Xiang Tianyi could finish his sentence, the disciple on guard kicked him and said, “You’re courting death! How dare you impersonate the Sect Master of the Galaxy Master Sect? How could the Sect Master of our sect be a disabled man like you?”
Xiang Tianyi immediately tried to avoid the kick. However, he hadn’t expected that the disciple would be capable of controlling the restricting array at the gate. As the array restricted his movements, he actually failed to evade the kick.
Bam! Xiang Tianyi was sent flying backward by the kick.
However, he didn’t fly far before he was stopped by an external force and landed safely on the ground.
“Sect Master Xiang, it’s been a long time,” Di Jiu said with a smile as he cupped his fists.
He had a good impression of Xiang Tianyi. Back when he and Geng Ji had killed those members of the Qi Family, Xiang Tianyi had wanted to protect them simply because they were the Galaxy Sect’s disciples, even though he knew how powerful the Qi Family was. That showed that Xiang Tianyi was definitely a Sect Master with a backbone rather than a coward.
However, he had heard that Elder Liu had somehow reached a pseudo-Essence Soul Realm and forced Xiang Tianyi, who wanted to continue protecting them, away.
“You are…” Xiang Tianyi felt that Di Jiu seemed somewhat familiar but he didn’t dare ask. In reality, he hadn’t actually seen Di Jiu before. He had only seen footage of him and Geng Ji.
“I am Di Jiu, and I was a member of the Galaxy Sect. All things considered, I came from the same sect as Sect Master Xiang,” Di Jiu quickly replied.
Xiang Tianyi was pleasantly surprised. “So you are Di Jiu. I didn’t expect you to come to the Small Central World too. This is wonderful, this is truly wonderful…”
He had been drifting around the void all these years, so he hadn’t even heard that Di Jiu had wiped out the Qi Family.
At that moment, Xiang Tianyi suddenly remembered something and asked, “Di Jiu, are you the founder of the Galaxy Master Sect?”
Di Jiu nodded and replied, “That’s right, I am actually the founder of the Galaxy Master Sect. Let’s take a seat inside.”
Di Jiu wanted to find out what had happened to Di Di and Geng Ji before leaving. He also needed to go to the Polar Night Continent before returning to the Immortal World and saving Qian Fenghua. Given his current understanding of Heaven Earth Law, as well as his cultivation of the Nomological Dao, he should be able to somewhat repair the laws of the Polar Night Continent.
“Who is your Sect Master?” Di Jiu asked coldly as he walked up to the disciple guarding the sect.
He had seen everything clearly when he had activated the restricting array and kicked Xiang Tianyi.
This disciple had tried to hurt Xiang Tianyi even though he had done nothing wrong. Di Jiu didn’t like such behavior.
Overwhelmed by Di Jiu’s aura, the disciple couldn’t help replying, “Our Sect Master is Di Xizeng…”
However, the disciple soon regained his composure after telling him the Sect Master’s name. He wondered why he was treating this man so courteously.
“Di Xizeng?” Di Jiu repeated. Although they shared the same family name, he had never heard of this name before.
“Who are you? This is the Galaxy Master Sect. How dare you address our Sect Master by his name?” The disciple soon reacted to Di Jiu’s question. He wanted to kick him, but he found it weird that he had uttered the Sect Master’s name for no reason.
Di Jiu ignored this disciple as his Spiritual Force permeated the entire Galaxy Master Sect.