Ninth In the World
Chapter 660 - Fighting a Primordial Chaos Expert

Chapter 660: Fighting a Primordial Chaos Expert
Di Jiu laughed indifferently. He was not scared of being implicated.
“Brother Di Jiu, there are two Primordial Chaos Sacred Emperors in the Sea Clan and three Primordial Chaos Sacred Emperors in the Demon Clan. I have implicated you this time…” Upon seeing Di Jiu act indifferent, Kan Zitong was still somewhat worried.
Di Jiu knew what Kan Zitong meant. She hoped that he would leave the Void City soon. However, he had no intention of doing that. He still wanted to stay here for some time so that he could constantly leave all sorts of nomological array flags behind in the Void City.
Unless the five Primordial Chaos Sacred Emperors besieged him, he did not need to be afraid of them. As long as he left enough nomological array flags in the Void City, he could easily escape even if the five of them besieged him.
“Stay here and cultivate. I’ll go out to take a look.” When Di Jiu had killed the Sea Clan’s Primordial Dao Sacred Emperor with his fist move previously, he had sensed a Primordial Chaos expert nearby. Thus, he wanted to see this person.
If this Primordial Chaos Sacred Emperor was from the Demon Clan, he would secretly get rid of him. Although it was unlikely that he would face all the Primordial Chaos Sacred Emperors of the Sea Clan and the Demon Clan, it was better to be safe than sorry. Anyway, he would definitely have a battle with the Demon Clan. There would be one less person to kill if he killed one. With the mutated descendant of the Kun Peng with him, it would be strange if the Demon Clan did not make a move.

The Primordial Chaos expert seemed to know Di Jiu would come and was unexpectedly outside the Divine Phoenix Inn. Once Di Jiu came out, he turned to leave and rushed out of the Void City in a short time.
When Di Jiu saw this person leave the Void City, he immediately knew that this fellow had really stayed here to wait for him. It looked like this fellow had not paid any attention to him at all. Di Jiu laughed self-derisively at the thought of him wanting to join forces with the Primordial Chaos Sacred Emperors of the Demon Clan and the Sea Clan. The Primordial Chaos Sacred Emperors of both clans had not thought highly of Di Jiu. Instead, Di Jiu was the one who thought highly of himself.
After this Primordial Chaos Sacred Emperor left the Void City, his speed got faster and faster. Di Jiu did not use his Spiritual Force escape technique but he took out his high-grade flying boat to follow him.
If he used his Spiritual Force escape technique, he would definitely be much faster than this Primordial Chaos Sacred Emperor.
Half a day later, this Primordial Chaos Sacred Emperor stopped and sized up Di Jiu. Di Jiu also stopped and put away his flying boat before sizing him up.
This fellow was not tall. He was dumpy, had a full beard, and his hair stood up like steel thorns. The Dao runes on him carried a kind of distorted spatial order. Since Di Jiu cultivated the Nomological Dao, he could capture it without scanning him with his Spiritual Force.
Once this kind of distorted spatial domain bound the other party, it would be very hard for him to break this domain. Unfortunately, there was nothing special about this to him.
“You’re the boldest Primordial Dao weakling that I have met. Rumor has it that the Sacred Dao World’s Ye Mo was also very bold. However, he was indeed capable. He dared to fight with a Primordial Chaos Sacred Emperor when he was at the Primordial Dao. When he was at the perfected Primordial Dao, he killed five late-stage peak Primordial Chaos experts even though they joined forces. Unfortunately, he did not meet me. You must be the second Primordial Dao weakling who is not afraid of a Primordial Chaos Sacred Emperor. I believe I haven’t misjudged you. You are definitely a Primordial Dao expert, and it has not been long since you advanced.” The dumpy man sized up Di Jiu for half a day before he stared coldly at him and spoke.
When Di Jiu had killed the Primordial Dao cultivator of the Sea Clan with a fist move previously, he had seen that Di Jiu had just reached the second step of the Primordial Dao.
That person was called Ye Mo? Di Jiu then realized this was the name of Sacred Emperor Ye. Upon hearing that when Ye Mo had been at the Primordial Dao he had dared to deal with five peak Primordial Chaos Sacred Emperors alone despite the fact that they had joined forces, Di Jiu was very shocked.
How powerful was he? Even though he had reached the peak Primordial Dao, Di Jiu only had this combat strength.
If Ye Mo was truly powerful, this fellow was simply shameless to say that Ye Mo had not met him.
“Remember, I’m Jin Chengxun from the Demon Clan.” Jin Chengxun did not even ask about Lightning’s whereabouts before his distorted spatial domain swept toward Di Jiu. At the same time, a hint of a disdainful sneer appeared at the corners of his mouth.
Even though Di Jiu was a mere Primordial Dao cultivator and was more powerful than the people in the same cultivation realm, he did not know his place if he was challenging a Primordial Chaos Sacred Emperor. When he was in his domain, the other party knew what the word ‘terrifying’ really meant.
Di Jiu chuckled and did not move his body. He only took a few steps and all sorts of cracks appeared in that distorted space right away. At the same time, Di Jiu’s nomological domain extended. Jin Chengxun then shockingly found out that his distorted domain had started to get disintegrated.
“Huh?” This was the first time Jin Chengxun had seen a Primordial Dao cultivator easily tear apart his distorted spatial domain. At that moment, he did not dare to look down on Di Jiu. His distorted domain frantically layered and his Divine Essence rushed forth.
Di Jiu’s voice was heard in time. “Bold Ye Mo is still alive, right? Then where are the five Primordial Chaos Sacred Emperors who surrounded and attacked Ye Mo? Is the grass on their burial mound very high? I think I’m wrong about that. They did not even get a tomb…”
When he uttered his last word, Di Jiu’s Heavenly Aqua Saber swept up countless saber patterns and slashed out.
At first, the distorted domain had been stabilized by Jin Chengxun’s intensive layering. It once again disintegrated because of Di Jiu’s saber move. Saber flares, which carried the distorted Dao patterns, seemed to know where the gap was in Jin Chengxun’s distorted space and slashed toward it.
Jin Chengxun’s face changed, as Di Jiu was really not wrong. Where were the five Primordial Chaos experts that Ye Mo had killed back then? Although he was not inferior to any peak Primordial Chaos experts, he was now a mid-stage Primordial Chaos expert after all. If Di Jiu was really as sick as Ye Mo…
Upon sensing his domain shattering faster and faster, Jin Chengxun did not dare to be careless. He took out a huge spike and countless Void Spiky Wolves came rushing out at the same time.
These Void Spiky Wolves had sharp spikes on their heads. When they opened their mouths, their teeth were also like sharp spikes. The strongest one was a level-four divine beast, and most of them were level-one and level-two divine beasts while some were level-three divine beasts.
Di Jiu was shocked, as this was the first time he had seen someone raise so many Void Spiky Wolves. How many resources did one need to raise over 10,000 Void Spiky Wolves?
Di Jiu then thought that this fellow definitely had a pile of cultivating resources. Otherwise, he could not have raised so many Void Spiky Wolves.
Di Jiu felt happy right away. Even though other people were afraid of being besieged by countless Void Spiky Wolves, he was definitely not. After the huge success of his Saber Dao, he had rarely used it. He could finally use it today. Apart from his Saber Dao, his Primeval Thunder Pattern and the Sky Screen Saber Move were Saber Dao divine powers used to mass kill as well.
Just as Di Jiu was about to take out his saber array, he could sense his domain, which he had crushed Jin Chengxun with, instantly weaken before immediately shattering. Furthermore, Jin Chengxun’s domain became increasingly swifter and more powerful.
Di Jiu was astonished. He had not expected that these Void Spiky Wolves would besiege him as well as also layer the domain. This was not just a simple layer-by-layer process. If his domain had not been strong enough, it would have completely shattered by this point.
Crack! A 10,000-feet-long void spike ripped apart Di Jiu’s weakened nomological domain. When a killing aura instantly enveloped Di Jiu, he sensed an aura of death.
Roar! A roar swept over, followed by over tens of thousands of sharp spikes that were spurting toward Di Jiu. These spikes were the innate divine power of the Void Spiky Wolves, the Void Wolf Spikes.
At that moment, not only was Di Jiu’s domain torn apart, but he was also locked by Jin Chengxun’s tens of thousands of Void Spiky Wolves.
Di Jiu let out a roar and slashed with his Heavenly Aqua Saber by using his Order Severance Saber Move.
The reason he could move within Jin Chengxun’s distorted spatial domain was not because he had really crushed Jin Chengxun’s domain but because his Nomological Dao had sensed the Dao law of Jin Chengxun’s domain. He now slashed with his Order Severance Saber Move and ripped apart this Dao law.
Boom! Boom! Boom! Crack! Crack…
Among the explosions, endless cracks formed continuously.
Due to Di Jiu’s Order Severance Saber Move, the Void Wolf Spikes that swept toward him constantly shattered, shocking Jin Chengxun. He had not expected Di Jiu to be so powerful as to break apart his layered distorted spatial domain and Void Wolf Spikes with one saber move.
This was clearly a divine power that could shatter the Heaven Earth Law. Even the entire Demon Clan did not have a top-notch Primordial Dao expert with this divine power.
At that moment, Jin Chengxun did not regard Di Jiu as a Primordial Dao expert whose cultivation had far surpassed the cultivation base of anyone in the same cultivation realm. He frantically ignited his Divine Essence and Blood Essence and dealt with Di Jiu as an opponent whose strength surpassed his.
Under the circumstances, no matter how strong Di Jiu’s Order Severance Saber Move was, he could not tear apart this kind of terrifying domain layer. Even though the Void Wolf Spikes were turned into nothing by this saber move, countless Void Wolf Spikes were still attacking Di Jiu’s body.
Because of Di Jiu’s Sacred Body, he was covered in injuries all over due to the attack of so many Void Wolf Spikes.
Pfft! Di Jiu finally ripped apart Jin Chengxun’s huge spikes. At the same time, Di Jiu’s domain once again condensed and blocked Jin Chengxun’s layered distorted spatial domain.
Di Jiu lifted his hands and waved. Over tens of thousands of saber weapons rushed out. In the blink of an eye, they formed a level-five Strangulation Saber Divine Array