Nobunaga’s Imouto is My Wife
Chapter 15.3

Chapter 15.3

Translator: BlueBamboo
Editor: soraTime seemed to pass swiftly for soon twilight had set in .
Once I was done with my meal, my feet which seemed to possess a will of their own headed towards Oichi Hime’s room . [1]
In front of her room stood one of her maids, Tsubaki who upon seeing her master bowed deeply .
Finally, it seemed that Oichi Hime’s maids have started to be less wary around me and they even have smiles on their faces sometimes too .
I’m quite pleased to see this .
After all, a world where everyone is smiling and without conflict is quite a pleasing prospect, No?
“Are you here today as well?”
Tsubaki nodded with a serious expression on her face in response to my inquiry .
“By the way, my lord, “she began to speak with a shy expression on her face, “Today Oichi Hime is going through that time of the month . “
“What’s wrong with that?”
When I asked that, the maid whose face had turned red stared down at her feet for a moment before asking .
“My lord, don’t you have any concubines? “
“No, not really . ”
I responded .
Tsubaki blinked her eyes in surprise at my declaration .
“Oh…Is that so…”

She then bowed before asking anxiously, “My lord, was it rude of me to ask about my lord’s private affairs?”
“No, that’s fine really . No need to get so worked up . ”
“Even so, please forgive this humble one . ”
“Don’t worry . ” I waved my hand nonchalantly at the maid who bowed deeply to apologize and then pulled the sliding doors of Oichi Hime’s room and entered the room .
The futon had already been laid for me and I can thus clearly understand Oichi Hime’s ‘expectations’ for me .
However, it was difficult for her to say so explicitly being of shy nature .
A woman’s heart is like a summer breeze often meandering about in uncertainty .
She would think to herself that “I want that for sure “ but the very next moment, she would wonder “Is it right of me to want that?“ and so on .
What a man must do in such situations is to be firm and show her exactly what she desires .
“Ah- Nagamasa Sama”
Upon recognizing me, Oichi Hime bowed her head while resting on her thighs[2] as usual .
I usually would start teasing her after this and move on to the “night battle” rapidly however, tonight was destined to be different .
Oichi Hime proceeded to take a letter out from her desk and handed it over to me .
I opened the letter nervously .
The letters of the Warring States Period are different from those used in modern times . Firstly, what is used is mostly “Kanji” . [3] Secondly the “Kanji” of this time, is vastly different from what is used in the modern age, the characters of this era are called “Kuzu Shiji” .
When my “8th-grade disease” was at its peak I had memorized the contents of a “Kuzu Shiji” dictionary in its entirety thus I could somehow manage to understand the characters that were written in the letter .
A brief summary of the letter was as follows:
“To the Guardian of the Azai Territories
We hope that thou are doing well .
Well, the other day we got a letter from our dearest sister .
We were afraid that our dearest sister was being harassed at her in-laws, but it seems that thou are taking good care of her .
As an older brother, we are most relieved .
It appears that thou, the Guardian of the Azai Territories wishes to exchange a Flourite Weapon from our collection .
Thou are most free to do so .
By the way, We would like to hear of our dearest sister’s affairs from thee in person .
It shall not take long for us to capture Mino in its entirety thus we can meet soon after .
Azai Clan Head thou might head to Mino or We shall head towards Omi as per whichever is convenient for thee .
We are looking forward to meeting you soon .
Till then, take care .
PS: Do not forget to take proper care of our dearest sister .
Yours Sincerely,
The Lord of the Odas .
By the way, Nobunaga’s letters were polite to everyone .
And naturally, he was a man who inserted interesting anecdotes, valuable proverbs and even terrible threats into his letter .
The letter sent to me was ostensibly quite polite . However, there was a subtle under-text running throughout, especially in the parts dealing with Oichi Hime there is an attitude of “If you do anything to her, you would have to face my wrath in its entirety . ”
Historically it is a famous fact that Nobuyasu the eldest son of Ieyasu Tokugawa[4] was forced to commit seppuku thanks to Nobunaga .
The story runs like this, his mother didn’t get along well with her daughter-in-law, Tokuhime who was the daughter of Nobunaga, out of frustration Tokuhime wrote to her father about how her mother-in-law meddled in her affairs leading to Nobunaga confronting Ieyasu about it . Ieyasu who didn’t wish to antagonize Nobunaga executed his wife and ordered his son to commit seppuku .
In other words, if I dared to have a dispute with Oichi Hime I would be facing the full wrath of Nobunaga – an extremely scary prospect .
“What did Respected Elder brother have to say in his letter to Nagamasa Sama?”
“Hmm… get along with Oichi Hime… otherwise . ”
“Fufu…My elder brother seems to be a bit worried about me…”
Oichi Hime giggled while saying so .
“And did Elder Brother have something to say about the Fluorite weapon?”
“Oh, it seems that he is willing to exchange one… Thanks a lot, Oichi”
Oichi Hime had asked Nobunaga directly through a letter to exchange Ishiwari Kanemitsu, the ancestral Heirloom of the Azai Clan and a sword that I had to hide urgently with an armour made of Fluorite from Nobunaga’s personal collection .
I put the letter away and then proceeded to hug her tight .
“That’s… since I am Nagamasa Sama’s wife… I am willing to do whatever is needed by Nagamasa Sama . “ She said softly with a shy expression on her face .
On hearing my beloved wife say such a thing I was unmistakably thrilled .
The kimono that she was wearing then was a cherry blossom colour which suited her calm and gentle atmosphere very much .
When I whispered my thoughts in her ear her face turns red and she slaps me gently with a coy expression on her face .
It only served to excite me further .
As I gently pushed her down the cuteness she showed earlier starts to drift away and gets replaced by the mature sex appeal of an adult .
I took the hand of Oichi Hime which was still shying away from me, and then gently placed it on my chest .
Oichi Hime’s hair fluttered softly, and that slender, big-breasted body slipped into my arms melting against my body as it did so .
A lovely fragrance drifted from her form as I laid my face against her nape, the scent wafted into my nose and then through it into the entirety of my being .
My blood surged and a certain lower part began to rise towards the heavens .
I muttered softly, my voice but a gentle flutter like a breeze drifting across an empty plain .
“Yes…Yes…” she responded in an equally soft tone, her melodious voice resembling a gurgling brook drifting across in abandon through the mountainside .
She seems to have noticed the quite prominent bump in my crotch for she met my gaze shyly, her cheeks dyed in the same crimson hue as the setting sun .
I smiled back at her and laid her down gently on the futon .
Whilst pushing her down, I realized one thing .
Even though I and Oichi Hime have been married for about a month, I had entirely forgotten about that .
(I’ll do it tonight…)
While clinging to Oichi Hime’s nape, a dark desire begins to rage within my heart like a berserk beast .
1 . TL: Nagamasa keeps calling his wife Princess Oichi .
2 . TL: dogeza .
3 . TL: Chinese syllabic script used for abstraction throughout East Asia, Japanese Kanji and Korean Hanja are actually similar to the traditional version used in Taiwan, Mainland China uses Simplified Characters owing in part to the Cultural Revolution and the difficulty of mastering traditional characters . While Japan continues to use Kanji especially in signboards, traffic stops etc South Korea has mostly moved on to the indigenous Hangul script though Hanja continues to be used for traditional purposes .
4 . TL: Ieyasu was the future shogun of Japan who started the Tokugawa Shogunate which lasted for about 200 years . He is also responsible for the development of the city of Edo (modern-day: Tokyo) and the Edo Period is synonymous with the Tokugawa Shogunate .