Nobunaga’s Imouto is My Wife
Chapter 16.1

Chapter 16.1
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In front of me lies Oichi Hime whose arms are lying at her sides powerlessly even as she looks upwards at me, her lover, with moist eyes full of emotion .
I pushed her down then and there on to the futon without much ceremony . Her kimono was still wrapped around her exquisite form .
She made no complaints about this rude action of mine instead, her eyes dart away from mine in shyness .
Even as I tilt my head to bring my face closer to hers, her cheeks blush and she wriggles away from my grasp .
Yet she is unaware .
That it is these little gestures of hers that stir up the passion deep within my heart!
A raging fire that threatens to consume my entire being!
As I slowly stroke her chin with a practiced air she gives me an inviting glance with her beautiful eyes even as her lovely lips mumble an inaudible whisper .
I understand what it means and graze my lips gently on hers .
Oichi Hime was obsessed with kisses .
During our nightly extravaganzas, she often kisses me of her own accord, and especially when the throes of passion reach their zenith she takes an initiative to use her mouth creatively .
Thus, quite often what happens is that she kisses me in response to some action of me .
A kiss for this .
A kiss for that .

Her default response for any action of mine seems to be a kiss!
By the Way, Oichi Hime and I have been together every night except when the Rokkaku Invaded .
Even on those days of the month .
It was six days from when we married when she first met “that day” .
I still remember her apologizing profusely when I came to her room that night .
A painful day that a woman receives once a month for several days .
I had completely forgotten its existence .
To me who was from the modern era it was no big deal but to a woman of this age especially a newly married bride of a feudal lord it was a matter of life and death .
That was because in this era such an event was regarded as an affliction and a woman was considered to be “impure” during that period .
Quite often, Feudal Lords who were unable to be graced by their wives would march off in anger and indulge themselves with other women, and at the worst, they would punish their mates (wife) severely .
“Please do not leave me alone tonight … “
Was her plaintive cry as she tried to restrain me .
I simply responded by closing her mouth with mine .
My decision was the key to the further progress of my great “Wife Development Plan” .
In the head of Oichi Hime thoughts such as “I am impure” might be floating around, while it may be difficult to remove them altogether given the era, it was still possible to change them into “Even though I am impure, Nagamasa Sama still cherishes me the same . ”
Thankfully, I didn’t fail in my endeavor .
Since then till her Menstruation lasted, she did her best to satisfy me with her soft hands all the while saying, “I have to give my all for Nagamasa Sama !”
While I was unable to enjoy that sweet and blissful honey jar of hers which caused me to stress till no end, I was still altogether happy with the experience .
After all, my beloved wife had gained quite a deal of experience in the skillset of “Comfort” .
“Oichi “, I said softly, “I shall undress you . “ I whispered gently in her ear .
“……Yes” , she murmurs in assent .
I insert my fingers into the seam of the kimono and then gently trace the line of the thread as the cloth slowly unravels following the movement of my fingers .
As the cloth slowly falls away it is replaced by pure white skin of the same hue as moonlight blooming in front of my eyes like the graceful petals of a lily slowly emerging from a bud .
Shoulders that look so fragile as if they could be shattered with a touch .
A clavicle (collarbone) that emphases the delicate frame of her body .
Right below is a rising bulge like twin mountains which together with her slender body generates tremendous excitement within me .
I lightly kiss her soft, red lips even as I gently grasp her clavicle .
My eager tongue then moves on to her soft earlobe which melts into my mouth in response to my sucking .
Framed by locks of flowing black hair the exquisite outline of her ear is made even more apparent .
I marvel at the sight once more .
The ears are one of her sensitive points .
Even as I gently suck on her and move my tongue still glistening with a silver thread that is an epitome of our love and desire for each other, I could see her pupils dilating in response .
No doubt she was quite excited right now .
My actions have no doubt reached the most primeval depths of her soul, which is exactly my purpose .
Through my attempts at the development of her body, I wish to imprint deep within her being the following idea that, “Nagasama Sama controls my whole being . “
This is why I am so devoted to developing Oichi Hime’s ears but to her, it is nothing but a ritual through which she can dedicate herself to me .
Like the sensitive ears of a dog that controls its response, Oichi Hime’s ears act as a trigger for her response as well .
She begins to bring forth her thighs closer and rub them against each other in a rather erotic fashion .
It is quite cute if you don’t mind my saying so .
I paused for a fleeting moment to take in the scene .
My saliva wrapped around Oichi Hime’s ears gently dripping onto the futon downward even as my gaze followed its path it got to take in the appearance of my beloved wife writhing her figure rather erotically as her reason surely gave way to the desire that had emerged as a consequence of my actions .
My fingers gently crawl on the slippery surface of her ears drenched with a residue of my life .
Being so sensitive she is unable to stop her body from quivering to my touch or stop those two impressive mounds on her front from surging forth like waves in a chaotic sea .
Naturally just like anyone from the modern era I am in no way immune to such a sight .
The sight of breasts dancing against each other in harmony is always a moment of supreme bliss for me .
I let out an involuntary cry of joy .
Her response is left incomplete due to my action of placing my mouth within hers .
This time I don’t have to take the initiative as she does a fabulous job by herself .
Holding my cheeks with her hands, she moves her tongue all across my lips before wrapping mine in a gentle but firm grip .
Recently her tongue skills have improved significantly and now if my tongue is caught by her it is hard to break loose .
Not long before, it was I who was in the offensive and now she has usurped that role .
It is quite gratifying to see the rapid rate of improvement in her skills .
Recalling that lovely expression on her face as I took her for the first time my hand latches on to her rich breasts and gives it a strong squeeze .
Then reflexively, she wraps her arms around my neck and moves her face closer to mine .
Yet even though the insides of my mouth are within reach all she does is to gently tangle her tongue into my gums and slowly rub it all over .
A strange sensation pierces through my entire being .
An overwhelming feeling of satisfaction assaults me from all directions as I give in to the pleasure and sublimate my body, mind, and soul at the same time .
Oichi Hime has never put her tongue in my mouth .
She was always reticent and only willing to go so far as to wrap her tongue within mine and yet tonight she is licking my gums with joyous abandon .
This is solid proof of the fact that my beloved has begun to acquire sexual skills .
Such obscenity couldn’t be thought of when one observed her prim and proper demeanor during the day .
When I sucked her tongue with pleasure, she twisted and writhed her body to match my momentum so that she could continue to entangle my tongue within hers .
For her, sweet words from my side were testimony to the fact that she was “loved” and “cherished” by me thus without fear she could slowly abandon all the remaining reason in her body and give in to the lust that raged ahead with an indomitable force!
She is steadily transforming into the ideal image I had of a wife, a virtuous lady during the day, and a voluptuous whore during the night .